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Panama Papers Offer More Evidence That Free Trade Isn’t Really Free


Panama Papers Offer More Evidence That Free Trade Isn’t Really Free

Michael Winship

You might wonder what the connection is between a friendly game of golf last summer in Martha’s Vineyard and the Panama Papers. Read on.

As anyone who hasn’t been in a cave – or otherwise away from the Internet — knows, last week the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, working with more than a hundred publications around the world, broke news of the biggest data leak in history, from an anonymous source tapping into the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.


Had Sanders not entered the race and made TPP and Wall Street reform his top issues, no other Democrat or GOP candidate would have ever addressed these issues in the entire 2016 campaign.


Good writing Mr. Winship. Maybe sometime you could shed light as to whether the cia or nsa or some other booahman is responsible for the panama papers leak and that the leak is a false flag to cover up the las vegas tax evasion scam I read about that may be even larger than the panama deal. The problem reminds me of the coyote that gets its leg caught in a trap and then chews it off to get away. We may have to chew off somethin' soon.


Ah, ... OK. Now the broom used to sweep things inder the rug makes more sense.


I suspect that the avid readers among us know that there are states that hid money also, Nevada, Delaware, South Dakota, and Alaska. We need to find ways to boycott these states. They are damaging our country. Where is their civic pride and patriotism?


I think it is important to note that the main reason there are so few U.S. names in the Panama papers is that you don't have to go offshore for tax havens. Delaware and Reno are working just fine.