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Panama Papers: The Hypocrisy of the Ruling Elites


Panama Papers: The Hypocrisy of the Ruling Elites

Remi Piet

The Panama Papers leak offer for the first time a clear understanding of how world elites engage in shady financial mechanisms to avoid paying taxes and thus contribute to the financing of their national welfare system and development efforts.

More importantly, the colossal sums mentioned shed doubt on the way those sums were accrued in the first place and the probity of 140 senior officials - many of whom are heads of state - from 50 countries.


Interesting to see the name of Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, come up in connection with the bank in Russia and Saudi Arabia. I guess he is the lobbyist for these two as well. He has been close to the Clinton's since he worked for Bill's administration and several other spots for the Clinton's. But they can always say it's him, not them. Seems all the ones involved are involved because someone close to them has been mentioned. Plausible deniability I guess.


The author, Remi Piet, lays it out and ties it together, thanks to the action of "John Doe", the activist who gave a priceless gift to the world!! Bravo!

"More than 100 news outlets from around the world worked on the largest journalistic leak in history, dubbed the Panama Papers, which is exposing the secrets of how the global elite often find workarounds to hide their wealth."

"The world is plagued by elites who ask citizens to tighten their belts while they go on with their lavish lifestyles."
"The Panama Papers leak offer for the first time a clear understanding of how world elites engage in shady financial mechanisms to avoid paying taxes and thus contribute to the financing of their national welfare system and development efforts."

How Panama came into being and who controls it!


If these revelations surprise anyone, I suggest they pay more attention.


I assume that names of additional offenders are forthcoming ?


According to the original leaked report, this one law firm represents only an estimated 10% of international tax sheltering scheme.
Literally the tip of the iceberg


I hate to be the one to break it to you Remi, but the oligarchy DOESNT GIVE A SHIT! Today, they still sit in their lavish estates without a concern in the world. Why, because they know, at the end of the day, that they still control everthing. They live by Jay Goulds old axiom that he could indeed hire half the poor to kill the other half. That is how far we have fallen.
In one of his final interviews, Gore Vidal stated what many of us already suspected, "the rich don't look upon the poor with pity or distain. It's far worse than that. They don't look upon them at all."


Gould and the 21st century robber barons have never had a need to "HIRE half the poor to kill the other half", they just create an environment that fosters that outcome. They "fund" the Democrats and GOP for that purpose.

Gould's 19th century axiom addressed the poor because there was no middle class as we know it prior to the 1920s. Today's robber barons target the poor and middle class, which is most of the 99%.


Thanks for this piece, Professor Piet. I noticed, however, that your editor missed an error, which I will be happy to help correct:

The Panama Papers leak offer for the first time a clear understanding of how world elites [correction: sociopathic, criminal, super-rich hypocrites] engage in shady financial mechanisms to avoid paying taxes and thus contribute to the financing of their national welfare system and development efforts.

There, that's better.


Thanks for posting that; it's well worth reading. For example, this:

There was clearly a conscious effort to go with the Putin bashing, North Korea bashing, sanctions bashing etc. I didn't think that was necessary for that story, it's not as if the blowback from the US DoJ or the US State Department needs that kind of political protection but for some reason some papers, like The Guardian, thought that that was necessary.

And this:

Now what you have in practice at the moment is basically a two-tiered tax system where the middle class and the working poor pay income tax and the wealthy essentially don't pay anything. That's a question about the structure of society and that big picture angle is not being engaged with in the journalism that it's done.

Much appreciation to Mr. Assange.

And much appreciation to Bernie Sanders, who is engaging with that structural issue.


The Truth is there if you dig deep enough. Thank you for drilling to China. Pepe's understanding of this is Key in my opinion, Key.

Wage Peace.


Has anybody trademarked "Panama Papers" so they can create a new brand of rolling papers ?


right from the get-go it seemed curious that those exposed by this massive 'leak' were all western neo-con or neo-liberal (i still get confused over the distinction) targets. and so the wikileaks conspiracy theory would ring true, except for the fact that, if the conventional ignorance is to be believed, over a hundred independent news organizations would have had to co-ordinate the suppression of all but selected data. this seems more than unlikely, and may suggest that filtering may have taken place by USAID prior to sharing with those organizations. if the independent organizations do all, in fact, have the entire trove, we can expect the other thousand shoes to begin falling in short order. if not, at least its' existence should provide an unresistible target for the next wave of whistleblowers and hackers.


Smells like another attempt by the West to tar Putin.


Thanks for that article by Pepe Escobar.

That the author of this piece went out of the way to insist this release of the Panama Papers was a legitimate leak having no links to Government agendas raised my own suspicions.

This IS an attempt to de-legitimize BRICs as Mr Escobar suggests. In going after other jurisdictions as tax havens for the wealthy even as the use of the same mimimized in the USA the US will position itself as the destination for all of those monies.

The end result will be twofold. The corrupt and bankrupt US banking systems will control more wealth and foreign governments will be held hostage by the same.

I would use Iran as an example. US and western Governments froze literally billions of dollars of Iranian funds held within their banking systems. When the treaty recently signed with Iran over its nuclear program these funds . The Republicans claimed that the agreement resulted in " the us giving billions to Iran"

This is a power play nothing more. Remember Gladio and operation Northwoods. Those working behind the scenes do not care if people seen as allies are sacrificed.



Ellen Brown and others have alluded to these changes in the banking system. It my belief there many more banks to follow and the ones left standing will be those able to best "acquire" Capital from other sources.

I sense there a link between the Panama papers release and the state of the Western based banking systems.


The big boys use Rothschild's in Reno.


Ya, I agree. This article from Bloomberg has made me think that there's some kind of war for control of dark money, this leak having the effect of driving it to the US.


The release of US names is supposed to be this week or next, right? Hope that happens.