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Pandemic As Love Fest: Over 396,000 Dead But None of Them Named Trump, So It's All Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/12/pandemic-love-fest-over-396000-dead-none-them-named-trump-so-its-all-good


And so, here we are…the Rethuglicans are not even bothering with pretension. They are now just nakedly displaying their contempt and cynicism of the people of the country they claim to love. As this seems to be playing out like a Greek tragedy, I might remind them that the gods Always punish hubris. Oh, to see the Kraken released!


But we gotta save all unborn babies!!! Cognitive dissonance at a psychotic level. If you want to see a MAGA’s eyes go back in their head, simply ask, “If you’re so gung-ho on making all abortions, even those for women who are survivors of rape and incest, why aren’t you against war, the death penalty, homelessness and hunger, slave wages and working conditions? Why aren’t you against factory farming in all its horror and monocrops that are killing the very land?”. At this point, they’ve already climbed into their huge new Ford 150 that eats other pickups for breakfast and speed away, mowing down pedestrians who dare to try to cross a street.

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Sociopaths and psychopaths lack humor entirely, unless it is at someone else’s expense. Their only ability to laugh is at the humiliation and suffering of others.

Mitch McConnell’s sadistic laughter is due to his own power and everyone else’s powerlessness - the humiliation part. He’s a true sadist.

I just simplify it and ask the “anti’s” “how many children have you adopted?”, when they answer zero (that’s the usual number), I tell them to go f**k themselves.

Correction: RethugliKKKans.

Otherwise, yes!

How else would you make cannon fodder ? Don’t you know that life begins at conception and ends at birth ?

Watch the following for free, dream and put foundation under it and get ready for the good fight:

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Abby, I have been so enjoying your columns lately, you have been the first thing I turn to on CD for quite a while now… Which is why I was so disappointed to see you use the “Moscow Mitch” labeling in this one. Someone else here in the commons has been advocating against this name-calling, and I agree: it is just falling prey to the Democrats’ new Cold War nonsense, and disparages Russians by association with Mitch the sociopath. If one of my high school students said “that’s so gay” and couldn’t understand why that is wrong, I would tell them that using “gay” to mean something bad is offensive to all people who happen to actually be gay – and in the same way, “Moscow Mitch” demeans all who happen to be actually Russian, and have nothing to do with our toxic politics. I expected better of you!