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Pandemic Capitalism’s Cruel Absurdity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/21/pandemic-capitalisms-cruel-absurdity

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Good summary Mark, but not to forget that corporate media:
NYTimes, WaPo, Fox, et. al. brought down Bernie because
the corporate elite ruling the Democratic Party prefer a second
term for Trump than a partial Green New Deal agenda.
Yes, it’s that’s ugly.


Medical Experts: Remove the U.S. President

I agree, but in my view, removing Trump will not do any good what must be removed is the Fascist, Republican, Party that enabled Trump to become POTUS in the first place! The Miasma of the Republican Party is the problem, much like Covid-19 and the only antidote is to destroy the virus before it destroys us!

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Yes, a quarter century after Newt’s contract on America elevated the GOP to a full organized crime syndicate there is now scant evidence of anything resembling democracy in the US.

The Democratic Party’s addiction to corporate money ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation indeed “set the stage for the rise of Trump and mainstream far-right politics” and another Democratic Party POTUS addicted to corporate cash will result in more murkins joining “armed militias”, getting their news from OAN, a GOP POTUS more fascist than Trump emerging victorious in the 2024 election, and worse.


The World Socialist Party of the United States offers a truly alternative vision for a post-pandemic future.

Not just free access to health-care but also to all the necessities for living a decent and comfortable life, which we already realise is the path-way to well-being for all.


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The number 1 priority of any government is to protect its citizens from enemies and anything that would do us harm. Our tax dollars are supposed to be used for this purpose more than anything else. A 100,000 dead with over 1,500,000 infected is screaming that this government - meaning both ruling elite and disconnected parties - is simply a massive failure whose continuing mismanagement is putting ever greater numbers at both health and economic risk by this uncaring incompetence. It is time for a radical and immediate change - our lives depend on it.

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Trump’s confession that he doesnt want to know how many cases of COVID-19 there really are is a sad commentary on how bad things have become but its by no means new as the US private health insurance system has for a very long time had that point of view that by making access to disgnostic tests difficult they make getting treatment difficult, with their goal often being to delay diagnostic testing for costly illnesses until its too late to effectively treat them. But unfortunately, except in an absolute emergency, we were locked into this system when we joined the WTO. This is why it was easy for the government to pay the bills of people who got this contagious disease during the period of time when people could not work and earn money, but only if they had no other insurance, and only for the duration of time when we literally had no other choice but to let people die. However because its expensive, it seems too many, including Trump, apparently preferred not to know the fact that would get the sick admission to the hospital leading to a great many dying at home. Also there has been pressure on government employees to not count cases that were known to be COVID-19. It’s a real mess.

An even bigger mess is the situation revolving around DRUGS and drug pricing. We really are on the wrong side, and its worse than shameful, its a scandal.

If one looks at how we have steadfastly refused to commit to the idea that drugs should be affordable to all or indeed to make any kind of commitment apart from our positions in the past, which are by all descriptions extreme ones that have caused massive amounts of death and misery for the poor people of the world, the WHA73 and the IP and drug pricing situation around as yet undiscovered COVID-19 drugs and vaccines being a case in point. It really is horribly evil the way we’re pushing for drugs to remain so expensive or get more expensive.

Bernie Sanders was the only candidate who had a sensible policy, so of course he cant be allowed to run, God forbid that he might WIN. .

We did something similar during the AIDS crisis, an incredible story that is told in the film “Fire in the Blood” by Dylan Mohan Gray, I think. << really a must see film, Write its name down…

Its on streaming sites, it also has a web site. Please see that film, it really left me thinking.


This essay struggles under the false assumption that rump and his cronies truly want the COVID-19™ lockdown to end, and that rump’s entreaties to that effect are not mere duplicitous pandering to his putative “base.” Given that rump and his predatory oligarch cronies are increasing their wealth exponentially under the cover of the COVID-19™ pandemic and associated fear and hysteria, they are probably content to just leave things indefinitely as they are. Fear and lockdowns are great opportunities for them to accelerate the ongoing dispossession of U.S. peoples and the ongoing evisceration of democratic oversight.


Thanks for the horror story rayd, I thought I
was depressing enough

"Then again, Trump is counting on the unwavering loyalty of his base of right wing supporters, a group at apparent peace with their Dear Leader’s endless lies and whose demands for “freedom” come increasingly colored in violent, fascist-tinged sentiments. "

I suppose these individuals at peace with their Dear Leader’s demands for freedom, are the agents of the free who love their Orange Crush.

Orange Crush by REM