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Pandemic Failure, Vaccine Success Indict American Monopoly Capitalism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/14/pandemic-failure-vaccine-success-indict-american-monopoly-capitalism

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Contrary to other industrialized nations, US life expectancy has been dropping since the dawn of the 21st century and Covid-19 is creating a more precipitous drop going forward.



Calling the vaccine an “enormous success” is premature at best, hell calling the vaccine a “vaccine” is a stretch at best. It really should be classified as a “virus treatment”, that minimizes the symptoms. How does that translate to “herd immunity”?


"in coming up with effective vaccines in record time "
Safe & Effective, we shall see…
And, if truthful data on side-effects is made public.

Warp-Speed, in record time…yes that is true…when there is money to be made, time is money.


We don’t know if the vaccine is successful. There are already reports of people experiencing allergic reactions so bad they have to be rushed to the hospital.

It takes well over one full year of continuous studies to determine if a vaccine is both effective and safe. A couple months of study on a small group of people just doesn’t cut it.


we are witnessing a large-scale evaluation of different Covid-vaccine platforms under the guise of an effective and safe vaccine… This is the final trial period, a large-scale human phase x trial. Unfortunately most of the side-effects will not be published nor revealed, except for the ones that slip thru the cracks, as one could say.


Great column!
Mange capitalism, capitalism manged us.

But another point:
Americans as a whole failed.
And to those who think this was an attack, you failed. If a country had attacked us with bio-weapons, we failed.
Now a vaccine may bail us out.

on and on you all can fill in the gaps please.
Thank You!

Warp-Speed actually had nothing to do with the first vaccine to be accepted by the FDA for emergency use. That one was developed and tested with no help from the US at all, other than an agreement to buy some of it if it proved out.

Vaccines are soon to be in the same boat as Antibiotics.

It was a little over 60 years ago that the first antibiotics released. It was once though this would simply eliminate death due to infections forevermore. Scientists understood would adapt but felt that this would be a slow evolution under the survival of the fittest meme with gradual mutations building resistances.

This is not what happened. Virologists now claim that we have seen the most rapid changes in Bacteria in 2.5 billion years. This is because Bacteria are in fact learning to adapt and changing their genome on the fly. They are in fact giving this information to other Bacteria. These “learned traits” are then being passed down to offspring. In other words antibiotics will be useless in a few years.

Viruses prevented by vaccines adapt and mutate as well. They too are learning and while Vaccines are harder for a virus to beat they can be made useless when the virus mutates. COVID is one of the fastest mutating viruses on record so I expect there will be a never ending need to develop new vaccines.


Monopoly capitalism is barely effected the ultra rich are still getting richer. It’s their game, we are their pawns.


My question is this: Would anyone with a full bag of marbles board an airplane for a cross-country flight if said airplane was only 90% effective at takeoffs, landings and remaining airborne in between? No? Good answer.

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The greatest irony of this situation is that there is a treatment for the disease that is being ignored by the CDC et al. Its effectiveness has been documented by various world wide trials. It is being promoted by a group of emergency room doctors who have done trials, and have documented the reasoning behind their work. Google Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance for more information, especially if you have symptoms, or anyone you know has them. Early treatment is important.

Wow! The article is so much clap trap. Picking and choosing stats to support an argument that really isn’t an argument at all. This is a PANDEMIC. It is world wide. There’s no mention of the collateral damage that lock downs have caused. The Chicago Teachers Union which I’m sure shares similar values with Common Dreams isn’t interested in getting teachers back in class even knowing full well what desperate straits preschool and elementary students are in and how much school is a necessity. There arguments against returning to class make as much sense as this article.

This argument would be sound if we were utilizing the early treatment that is available. Unfortunately we are not. We need to be utilizing the available treatment and prevention technology that is at hand, so that shutdowns are not necessary.

The CDC et al have been appraised of this technology, and have not responded. What is the reason for this?

This is not the first deadly virus out of Fort Detrick, Maryland.
We sent it to China. They caught on fast. They sent it back to us.
The german firm moved very fast. suggest our CIA provided data, recipe and finance.

600,000 dead is true.
Please review the money spent for this disease and the dollar savings as elderly in rest homes. 120,000 so far are dead, and handicapped die. This makes room for the older boomers. And reduces the workload for understaffed. (sarcasm)

Nearby rest homes are killing off 3 residents each week. We know by church funerals, only 7 can attend, social media and phone calls.

The various vaccines, promptly and fairly distributed to billions of people should be a valid progressive goal.

Just to be clear I am not saying who “attacked” us with this, I am saying that Americans failed. A large number of Americans were told to pass this on. A large number could not be bothered to hunker down and fight this. That is why I used those words. The same “militia” or red staters, who would boast of fighting the enemy, failed. So I posed it as an attack. Either way, America as a whole could not get its act together.

Who caused it probably you right. It seems that they wanted to make sure that we were infected. Not just the blue areas, which was deliberate. Not just the non privileged, Asians, color, etc. But they needed this to flourish enough to make sure that we would have to take the vaccine. What is that all about.

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Supper news this evening, local.
2nd shipment into Illinois of new virus is now cut to half of previous allotment.

Some one asked why.
I replied, ‘it is a blue state’.

Wednesday evening.
TV Cable opinion network CNN and MSNBC guests proposed that the ‘herd’ solution was true white house intent although denied - except by trump, who mentioned many times.

Vaccines so quickly is absolute astounding.

So quickly or were they ready. Cause yeah it was way too fast, untested too.