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Pandemic in the Pacific: US Military Bases Are Hot Spots for More Than Just Covid-19—They Also Make Island Territories Targets for Climate Disasters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/12/pandemic-pacific-us-military-bases-are-hot-spots-more-just-covid-19-they-also-make

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There is no place this nation will not despoil. None. But it won’t be televised.

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Realizing that more indigenous people around the globe have died from Europeans’ communicable diseases than all other causes combined during the past 500 years, many tribal gubmits in the US shut down their reservations as soon as Covid-19 escalated early this year. Fortunately, most have successfully kept their rates of infection low. With the highest indigenous population % of the 50 states Hawaii appears to also be succeeding by requiring real 14 day quarantines.

It is unfortunate that Guam has been a US military colony unable to govern itself.


Not being much reported on is that there a Military base in the US where some 12 soldiers have went missing or been found murdered in the past year out of Ft Hood. Some of these soldiers were subject to sexual abuse and torture before they were killed. This the same base that saw some 13 soldiers killed in a mass shooting a few years back.

The President of the Philippines recently pardoned one of these thugs for murder. The Philippines once kicked the US Military had due to the negative effect they had on Communities there.

US Military bases are also hot spots for sociopaths. There a whole lot of reasons to shut down those bases down.


Anybody joining the US military today has no excuse. Trump has made it clear that they are “suckers who can’t get a job anywhere else”…expendable people. Those of us who protested the Viet Nam occupation a half century ago and were subjected to second class citizenship for the subsequent decades knew that the 1% and the politicians they own felt this way all along.

Although we always knew we were correct, we also learned early on that being correct plus two bits bought a cup of coffee back then. The only thing that has changed in 50 years is the cup of coffee now costing two bucks, more in high rent districts.

COVID in the US military is a vastly underreported story, with historically immense implications for each one of the hundreds of overseas bases currently maintained by “the world’s sole superpower.” Now we’re the world’s principle source of infection, and an anemic toilet-paper tiger to boot, scared shiteless of hostile information? – It doesn’t take a psychic to foresee this Empire tumbling. Who the hell wants to invite a morally reprehensible and epidemiologically hazardous US American to the party?

That’s the good news. The bad news is the scorched Earth ecology entailed in USA’s demise.


An interesting feature of this article is that the rape and violence of the military culture is almost completely elided, presumably because Na’aputi correctly assesses that it is not news. She mentions it here, but in passing.

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A friend of mine living on the BIg Island says there was a wedding with about 500 guests that has become a super spreader event:


Ah U.S. Military, will there ever come a time where you don’t find ways to turn the world into a worse place?


lock the bases down , no one in or out and let them rot .

Probably an hour or so after the last buttons have been pushed and they find there is no way left to turn the world into a worse place. They can cower in their bunkers for a while, until their air goes bad, too.
Hopefully, Gaia will have a little bit left to rebuild with after we are gone. Might take a few million years, though if Cockroaches are the answer, it might be shorter. They are very radiation resistant and can subsist on just about anything. I doubt there will be any roach Einsteins, Mozarts or Shakespeares showing up in the mix.