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Pandemic Living

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/06/pandemic-living


We are going through “The Storm Before the Calm.”

It’s part of the Overhaul of humanity ,it won’t stop until the process is complete.Life is inviting us to change our Old Cultural Story it never served us.The Functionality of Life has been threatened its reached its limit of sustainability under present conditions.
All life forms will be adapted to render Life once again sustainable.

Basically Life is changing in order to continue.
If Humans do not adapt to the changes or make the adaptations necessary , we will create Hell on Earth.

Life is prime value we are all Life ,everything is connected.


“My own vision for such a plan in response to COVID-19 would be the passage of universal basic income, robust worker protections, and Medicare for all. But that’s just me…well, actually, it’s probably the secret dream of the majority of Americans and it’s certainly the opposite of the position of trump and his ilk.”

Frida don’t forget to add our other choice to the “opposite position” list. In the middle of a pandemic, neither candidate supports the important protections for people, you bring up.
Glad to know New London is still alive and kicking, I spent quite a few summers years ago, visiting family in Groton, across the river from your city.

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And no matter the facts on the ground, and the bodies below the ground, the president’s supporters regularly deny there’s the slightest need for masks, social distancing, shutdowns, or much of anything else. So, it’s a pandemic plus lunacy, too—a politically manipulated lunacy spiced with violence and the threat of violence heading into an increasingly fraught election, which could even mean a pandemic plus autocracy or a chaotic American version of fascism. In other words, it’s a lot.

Thank you, Frida Berrigan: “politically manipulated lunacy spiced with violence and the threat of violence” about sums up the presidential situation. Every day brings us further astonishing evidence of Orangeman’s total disregard for everyone – they’re literally running out of Secret Service and White House staff, burning through people like kindling. That orange scourge is just one brick too many, imho.

Just watch how much of that Belladona you take. I did enjoy, sort of, your Pandemic Living piece. I’m not as resolved as you are (I didn’t garden. Heck, I have eaten worse these 8 months.) I have driven thru your town. If I’m back, I’ll stop. TY