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Pandemics, Climate Change, Nuclear War, and Existential Threats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/25/pandemics-climate-change-nuclear-war-and-existential-threats

Fear motivates more effectively than Hope. That’s the premise of the 2004 BBC Adam Curtis 3 hr documentary The Power Of Nightmares - The Rise of the Politics of Fear
It’s still out there to watch. And it is worth your time.

There will always be something to Fear. The Oligarchy will make damned sure of it. The question becomes, how much longer will we fall for it?

Are you saying that the novel Corona virus and climate breakdown are not threats??

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True, and the list is a long one. The American Natives were demonized with fear as " SAVAGES" in order to steal their lands and it has never stopped since. Fear the German’s; fear the Wobblies; fear the
Japanese, Americans; fear the Communists; fear the Viet Cong; fear the terrorists; and now fear the Corona virus!

Fear has been the way to control nations populations clear back to Roman times: “Odert Dum Mutant” ( let them hate; provided they fear )

That is a quote from Caligula

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