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Parades and Trump and Women

Parades and Trump and Women

Christopher Brauchli

Now comes the mystery.
— Henry Ward Beecher, Last words

When are the 19 women who accused the Presidunce of improper conduct going to get THEIR ‘due process’?

And I’m betting Rob Porter was kept around as long as they could get away with it so that he could be a decoy pretending to be “dating” Hope Hicks in order to distract attention from her very close relationship with Tweetle Dumb.  After all, Melania’s been gaining weight lately, and is well past Tweetle’s usual ‘use by’ age criteria . . .

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Trump wants a Military Parade for only one reason.

To make people fear him.

Here at home, and abroad.

I have always thought Hope Hicks was going to be Mrs Trump #4!

. . .  And I’ve wondered for quite a while whether Mrs. Trump #3 might be one of Putin’s agents and thus part of the web entangling Tweetle-Dumb on Russia’s behalf.  She is from eastern Europe, and could easily have been recruited and carefully trained many years ago.  There was a lot of noise last year concerning whether Melania had even remained here legally after her initial permit to work as a model expired.  Was that ever resolved, or was it just forgotten about and buried by all of the other brou-ha-has that have happened since?

Trump can’t be in a military parade. His heel spurs wont allow it.

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Although Trump’s desire for a military parade might have been spurred by his experience in France, I’m still trying to figure out whether he would regard it as a May Day-styled Red Square spectacle fit for the politburo and the proles or as a Nuremberg Rally-styled salute to the fuehrerprinzip. Or perhaps both. All while oblivious to the (not so) ironic realization that his nemesis Kim Jong-un does the exact same thing in Pyongyang . . .