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Paradigms Take Years to Shift

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/09/paradigms-take-years-shift

This paradigm shift threatens military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenues and they are working hard (albeit quietly) to make sure there is NO paradigm shift. Unless the protests continue from now until the election MIMIC will succeed.

Although the protests have focused on police mistreating the public, the protests need to morph into pushing back on voter suppression and other inequality issues. There are more inequality issues than there are days between now and November, so you won’t run out of issues.

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The street team that helps train police officers might be able to do a lot more good if they could develop some computer skills and use virtual reality to help train police around the country in order to fix our broken police situation. We could create a new paradigm - and save an awful lot of jobs from being outsourced to people who might not have much of a stake in the communities they were policing. Please pass this idea on to them. There is an urgent need for street smart activists and police to figure out some protocol to stop people from getting killed and hurt and stick by it, then anybody who is crossing the line will stand out and not be able to do this stuff any more, while the concerns of police for their own safety can get addressed too. (occasionally people get shot because of police fear- Virtual reality and motion capture technology has quietly been getting much cheaper - making this technology affordable for even the smallest town. It can be used to train cops. It creates an immersive experience people remember as if it was real life. We need to save jobs. Right now its cops, next week it will be teachers, nurses or postmen. Alliances need to be built, not adversarial relationships. I am talking about the “General Agreement on Trade in Services” agreement and “Government Procurement Agreement”. we need to save US jobs, there is no way to sugar coat this, we’ll lose them if we let ourselves be divided, we need to build solidarity. Thats the only way to bring about lasting change and transform enemies into friends. We need to watch each others backs, not stab them.

Actually, if we are to believe Thomas Kuhn, paradigms take generations to shift (Structure of Scientific Revolutions). The mechanism is that the generation holding on to the particular paradigm has to age and die.

I’m not religious but the Bible says Paul was changed in one moment.
All it should take is watching that 18 min video on police violence elsewhere on common dreams.