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'Paradise Papers' Reveal Tax Avoidance, Shady Dealings of World's Rich and Powerful


'Paradise Papers' Reveal Tax Avoidance, Shady Dealings of World's Rich and Powerful

Jon Queally, staff writer

From multiple members of Trump's cabinet to the British Royal Family, document dump of offshore dealings shows how political leaders—joined by wealthy celebrities and the ultra-rich—shelter their assets, keep shady relationships secret, and game the tax systems of nations around the globe


The bigger they are…
Thank you so much to the staff at The Guardian!
Real investigative journalism, a dangerous business, all around the world. Takes guts
Maybe our last hope to set things right


Trump’s tax plan: The two biggest ways the Trump family could benefit.
[(http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/28/news/economy/trump-tax-plan-trump-benefit[ Apr 28, 2017] Video embedded · President Trump’s tax plan outline … The two biggest ways the Trump family could benefit from his tax plan.

Lincoln’s government ideal was “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Trump’s government ideal is "of the Trump, by the Trump and for the Trump."


The Google definition for 'Mafia" is : Any organization using extortion or other criminal methods.


Quick addendum: Still, my thanks to The Guardian, but I just found that,“The files were first obtained by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, and shared with the ICIJ and partner media outlets,” ICIJ being International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.


The sad god-awful truth is, we put them in power and don’t seem to care. With the exception of a few brave souls we sold our government out for the promise of a few imaginary gold coins. At least Judas got the coins. Blood money is a kind word for this horror show.


Will FOX cover this? Naw some blond bimbo in a short skirt or some borderline mental will declare this fake news. Fox and the administration asswipes wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the behind. They are so far from honesty that they believe their anal gases is expensive perfume from France.


Oh, you mean like Churches, Korporations and Governments.  There are many other examples, of course – like Unions – but those are the Big Three.  And no, I have not forgotten Political Parties – but they are really
just a subset of Governments.   ALL organizations are subject to corruption, and the bigger the organization
the bigger – and more fetid – the turds that rise to the top.


The assembled Corporate State has been in the works for over 40 years. It has been a concerted and deliberate attack on the majority of US citizens. If you really think that US citizens have been given the scoop by these wretched money grabbers, such that voters can be completely held accountable, then I’ve got an offshore account to set up for you.


Great that Appleby’s computers were hacked and this information came out, fantastic journalism. But what has happened in relation to the Panama Papers leak some years back, f@ck all. What will happen in relation to this leak? Probably, also, f@ck all. It’s outrageous yeh now back to business as usual…Now what time is the Kardasians on?


Prior to WWI, the ruling classes of most countries were inter-related by marriages and blood,as well as by money. Today, little has changed in that the ruling elites are all interconnected in business and banking. Individual leaders come and go, money rules. There are historic lessons for us where the overthrow of money is concerned and unless we overthrow it soon, and change our way of living,it will be too late.


When Trump said “Drain the swamp,” he wasn’t referring to government corruption, he was referring to the US treasury. He has brazenly surrounded himself with corporatists who have made careers of ripping off the US treasury to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Anyone who says the US can’t afford schools, food stamps, and genuine healthcare isn’t paying attention to the corporate theft of our tax dollars, and our democracy. A perfect illustration of what happens because our Constitution protects property, not We the People.


Many in the wealthy class are economically irresponsible which is actually actively bad for the rest of us to lead healthy, fulfilling, and successful lives


Simply history repeating itself,ever see V For Vendetta? This cake is baked.


It’s pathetic that finding ways to assure that all the ‘goodies’ go to the very top, at the expense of everything else, has become an ‘elite sport.’


Is any mainstream, corporate owned “news” channel going to cover this?


Criminal activity by our Congress has legalized these criminal offshore deals.

And if we don’t do something about it, this criminal activity will increase and
compound –

while taxpayers pick up the bill for it.


Uh Oh: Trump Named In The Panama Papers 3,540 Times!


This is the offshore shell company scam. Companies are incorporated offshore, therefore all money invested in these companies are off limits for U.S. Taxation. It isn’t just Trump. The Fortune 500 corporation was recently discovered to hold TRILLIONS of dollars offshore for the rich and super rich where it is not taxed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could move these rich and super rich Americans offshore where their money is and revoke their US Citizenship? And what do the Republicans have to say about this other than indulging the uber wealthy with tax breaks, cuts and loopholes. So why are the nauseating Republicans giving them tax cuts when they have already given themselves huge tax cuts through this scam.


I LOVE IT …I LOVE IT …I LOVE …I LOVE …I LOVEE IT …I VB LOVEE IT … I LOVE IT… !!!..oh …come on …how could this be in clear


Yes another paper that outs the rich and governments around the world and nothing changes. We’ve know this from Panama Papers and there was another paper released around that same time but I’ve forgotten because it has been forgotten.

Always great investigative reporting but it doesn’t matter anymore cause the lamestreet media across the world are them, the rich and powerful. Filthy rich greedy sycophants run the world and they determine all.

Do we not have people of integrity? certainly not Jeff Flake, good words, but no deeds as he continues to vote with his very corrupted party.