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Paradise Papers, Says Sanders, Expose 'Rapid Movement Toward International Oligarchy'

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What’s with this “percieved”? They have sold us out to BIG MONEY! There is no changing the lust for money and the power it lends in our corrupt government; the stinking smell of power overcomes the fragrance of doing the right thing for society. The only way for the vast majority of people to go is a people’s political revolution. There is nothing “perceived” about what has been caused by this coup by the plutocratic-oligarchs, it has happened! It is time to wake up.


Too late. We are on our last round of wars & greed. We have run out of time, as a species.

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The US is going the path to unadulterated fascism…

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You hit the nail on the head with precision. What has been made legal to benefit the few was made legal by the few by owning and having absolute control over “our” government. Congress has been a practically useless branch of government for many generations. It has passed laws such as we are discussing (off shore tax havens have been created by laws passed by Congress and the long discussed “reform” of these laws has become a stale subject to be passed over for the sweeter fruit offered up by court jester lobbyists). Congress has also absolved itself with long neglect of any say in our nation’s long running criminal wars of empire which are surely going to spill over onto our own shores when people finally rise up to face the corruption; which, is surely coming. The world turns and history repeats itself. Capitalism was a worthy experiment which has run its failed course. One would think an educated populace would realize this before history surely does repeat itself. Oh, and, by the way climate change, the totally new enemy is marching ever faster our way. A new, common enemy that could just be the one to bring all people together under one roof. Climate change could just possibly be our savior! Stranger things have happened.


“Rapid movement toward international oligarchy”? Nah! We’ve already arrived!

I can understand despair, and you are here and participating on commondreams.org. I am here to find the dreamers, those who are looking for possibilities and solutions, to see what might be. I am looking for the realists who tell me clearly with as little distortion as possible what is happening. I am looking for the pragmatic people who can take the work of the dreamers and the realists and with that work to make change happen. Even if what you say is true we, as a species, have choices to make in how we face our end as a species.

No argument from me.

Look at this article on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The same as the royal family: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/the-case-of-wilbur-ross-phantom-dollar2-billion/ar-AAuxD8d?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=DELLDHP

I can’t help thinking, as the Paradise Papers link to 3000 families in Canada as well, that perhaps there’s not that much separating obscenely wealthy people from one another. Russian, Canadian, Syrian…who knows? Maybe the 1% long ago transcended the petty nationalism that keeps the rest of us in place.

Three of our former prime ministers implicated…as well as the Queen herself. Short of passing a law that says no wealthy person can run for office, but shall be confined to unpaid volunteer work in old folk’s homes…I don’t know what can save any of us.

In Capitalist globalism, who doesn’t love money…and the monied?

Whether they love money or not, a fairly strong contingent of people–yes, worldwide, united to take power back from oligarchs–can fight to do things like collect taxes from those that have gamed the system to avoid coughing up what everyone else is obliged to pay.

That’s just basic justice. And even after they pay their fair share, the rich will still be plenty rich.

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I couldn’t agree more…if we could raise that contingent of people world wide. Not sure there is the will or the energy though, given all the issues that confront us daily.

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Someone like you can help others–people who never get involved in movements–to motivate and start making politicians miserable.

Me and 500 others just gave my state Attorney General an earful on Monday, regarding an aging pipeline that needs to be decommissioned. I talked to my City Councilwoman about the local deer cull last Friday. Last night I partied with fellow supporters to celebrate a resounding victory for a county millage proposal dedicated to better mental health services. My state rep was there, he once again kindly refused to switch from D to I as I suggested–but I’m working on him.

Citizen power only exists to the extent that we exercise it.

By the way, do you live in GA? The wife and I spent 7 years in the ATL.

It depends on what we mean when we talk about money. When I take out a mortgage, I don’t walk out of the bank with a suitcase full of cash, but rather with a credit created out of thin air by the bank; however, when I have to make a payment, I have to sell irreplaceable hours of my life for cash. I would argue that that makes the cash real.

Yes. Nations are useful for keeping the working class divided against itself. How they benefit us is questionable.

Very interesting. You are complaining about faking something, money, that isn’t real in the first place. It’s a bit like claiming the current Emperor’s new clothes are fake ones instead of the real ones that didn’t exist from the start. How does that even work?


The Democratic Party establishment has the mission of directing our focus on a “Russia did it” narrative. It’s just another of the false narratives little different than “yellow cake” and the others.

If the Democratic Party rank and file knew the true level of greed and corruption in “their” party they would abandon them for some as of yet uncreated alternative.

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That’s one of the good things about the bible—we can pick and choose the passages that we will apply to our lives and ignore the rest.

By expressing your warped and disgusting conviction (“one of the good things about the bible – we can pick and choose the passages that we will apply to our lives and ignore the rest”) as if it applies to everyone, you exposed and revealed your darkest core.

First, the quote from Jesus Christ is wholly relative to the article as it regards the predominant evil of those who are rich beyond imagination, but still can never be satisfied; whether it is millions, billions, or trillions, many (as evidenced endlessly) will go to any extremes necessary to avoid even paying taxes – though they would have enough afterward to live five or ten lifetimes in opulence. That is called “context.” Ever heard of it? What was the message, in context, of the article? What was the message, in context, of the quote? The answer to the latter and former is that they each intertwined, completely. But, you could never admit to the truth of the clarification, for those areas are not of your concern. Thus, to relegate this to “pick[ing] and choos[ing]” is to purposely incite and viciously denigrate as a saboteur – without informed relevance or respect to anything or anyone.

Next, do you know me, at all? Do you know any of my history as a human being, activist, progressive, or dedicated Christian? You know nothing about me, which makes your accusation, lacking any basis whatsoever, twice (at least) as ignorantly foul and malicious. If a passage from the Bible is appropriate in a response, it may be referenced – yet, only with/through reverence. But again, you know nothing about me, nor do you give a damn. To someone like you, it obviously makes no difference, for the main goal is to tear down at every opportunity (however primitive your knowledge) through premeditated goals of creating needless chaos and havoc.

Further, beyond being a basic saboteur, are you also an atheist who trolls while hypocritically attacking others who have different belief systems? Don’t bother answering (any of the questions), for nothing you could say would justify your obscene filth of denigration to such a magnitude. When you reach into the lowest, despicable gutter by openly denigrating the Bible (as if it is joke material), therefore Christians, Jesus Christ, God, and what is overall Holy, your vile voice is no longer welcomed – in any manner.

P.S. In case “Don’t bother answering” and “your vile voice is no longer welcomed” was above your head, there will be no further replies.

Whatever. If it makes any difference I was directing my comments toward those that would ignore the scripture for convenience sake, not at you.

Do you know me, at all?