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Pardoning War Criminals Is a Monstrous Way to Honor Memorial Day

Pardoning War Criminals Is a Monstrous Way to Honor Memorial Day

Peter Certo

How are you spending Memorial Day? Ordinary people may attend parades, host cookouts, or take the long weekend to visit loved ones.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, may pardon a few war criminals.

The president recently requested the files of several accused and convicted U.S. war criminals, a possible step toward expedited pardons for individuals who’ve done unspeakable things.


Trump is a coward, a bully, a pervert, and a sadist, along with myriad other pathologies. There is no surprise to be experienced with these proposed pardons. National shame, yes, but surprise, no. Comic book villains are not funny in the least when they are among us in the flesh. When Trump’s time comes in whatever form, I shall not be embarrassed by the schadenfreude it will induce in me. I owe him no respect nor sympathy as he expresses no humanity. I reserve my respect and sympathy for those that do.


As was shown in Nuremberg, the “I was just following orders” defense failed. Here and now under the morally malignant and depraved trump regime, war crimes and killers are lauded in a sickening and very dangerous mindset to pardon war criminals, that threatens our entire military, morale, and effectiveness…

The racist bigotry and criminal torture of manufactured “enemies” and entirely innocent civilian men, women, and children is alive and well under the trump regime of hate and mental illness.

Lest we forget what our “volunteer” army, that evades the draft and accountability, made of soldiers - brainwashed and indoctrinated to hate - to kill the “sand-people”,and “towel-heads” - showed what some were capable of that metastasized thru the ranks, but none of the senior officers or politicians ever paid the price the leaders of the Third Reich did

The hideous racism of Iraq and Abu Ghraib was representative-of and made us into the image of what Nuremberg exposed.

https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_prisoner_abuse The photos that show war crimes and what the military turned people into and/or tolerated!


Corporations, their media and politicians continue to become more expert at blaming victims while rewarding perpetrators.

Its no surprise that charges against Julian Assange are being amped up concurrent with rewarding sadists and psychopaths.


One of the first actions by Donald Rumsfeld after Abu Ghraib revealed , was to instruct the Military to restrict the use of Cameras by the troops. He was not so much offended at the torture. He likely knew about it and authroized it. He was miffed that people took pictures and the fraud that was the US Military exposed for what it is.

There are other photographs still not released for National Security reasons as they detail crimes worse than the ones linked to.


Another thing establishment Republicans and Democrats agree on, is prosecuting those who leak government, or Party, information while overlooking the crimes revealed in those leaks.


As far as Hugh Thompson goes, it took the US Military almost 30 years before they formally recognized him for his noble act. The people of My Lai Village were honoring him long before.


This country is being run like the mafia. The only way to stop a rogue government is to arrest the traitors and install new leadership. Voting might work, but I think it will take a more bloody resolution to succeed.
Our citizenry is too fat and happy, and comfortably numb.


As a veteran, I have a big problem with this. No only is it wrong to pardon these people, it is highly inappropriate to do this on Memorial Day, a day to honor fallen veterans.

I also want to explain the issue surrounding Chief Gallagher. Unless you’ve been a part of the special operations community, you don’t understand how big of a deal it is for his team to turn him in and testify against him. It’s huge, and most likely means there is more gruesome information surrounding this case we are not privy to. Think of the relationship between yourself and your best friend, now up that feeling about 10-20 times, this is how close these guys get. It’s big, and I can’t imagine how bad it was for his team to turn on him.


you and me both, brother.

the good news is that so far, most veterans I’ve talked to (we have a lot in the pain patients movement) are not happy with this development. Contrary to popular belief, most soldiers do not like serving with psychopaths with rank. They paint targets on their mates, they screw up operations, and they wreck reputations of entire units.

Worst of all, they encourage enemies to return the favor by committing war crimes against American combatants.

Trump is not making anywhere near the friends he thinks he is in the military community.

Edit: Want to second your terrific explanation of how big of a deal the Gallagher case really is within the fraternity.

As a veteran of special ops in the Army, it takes an extraordinary dillbag to scare soldiers of that caliber enough to think their own leader is a danger to them.


The Chickenhawk in Chief is giving our soldiers a bad name.

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Trump has a wicked heart and an evil soul, and he is surrounded by more like that in Bolton, Pompeo, Pence and the rest.

It’s almost like out of an Orwell story…such dystopia

You bring up a good point about war crimes.
The Bush Clan and every administration since have failed to grasp this point as it relates to torture of POW’s. Since chicken hawks never serve, they don’t understand why we don’t torture, not because we’re morally superior, but because we don’t want our own troops tortured if they are captured by the enemy.
(I know you understand this, but the rest of the posters might not)
I forgot about you’re pain management, hope that’s going well for you.


BINGO! I do not condone what these soldiers have done. But to me… the real war criminals are the ones like, Cheney, Bush,Obama, Abrams, Bolton, Kissinger, and Trump, that wear suits and are the Fascists and warmongers that sent these soldiers to so many illegal and undeclared, wars, in the first place. And if Amerika was a true democracy instead of a military,dictatorship they and many more like North and their ilk…WOULD HAVE BEEN INDICTED AND LOCKED UP AS WAR CRIMINALS A LONG TIME AGO!

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