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Paris Agreement Will Not Stop Climate Change, But People Power Can

Paris Agreement Will Not Stop Climate Change, But People Power Can

Jagoda Munic

PARIS, France – The most inspiring moment of December 12 was not the adoption of the United Nations Paris agreement but the sight of more than 20,000 people on the streets, building the power of the people, demanding climate justice and an end to dirty energy.

The COP21 agreement is an insult to the intelligence of the people.

Businesses are not going to stop using oil or change their “anything for money” stratagem, and governments are not going condone tanking their respective economies in the short term to enforce climate regulations. Neither is the US military, Russia, or China.

The goal of our businesses/governments cannot be to make money for the sake of making money. It’s a race to the bottom from the start. Any good done by capitalism is a mere byproduct of making money and not the goal. Capitalism is a total dismissal of all the actual needs of humanity, as it only focuses on what can be commodified, and this is capitalism’s great lie - It never intended to help humanity in any way, its sole amoral intent is to grab as much money as possible and subsequently will guard against anyone else that might try to take its claim. War and environmental destruction are built in to this construct.

This system never had a chance of working, and it will never find stability, peace, or give the slightest shit about humanity. It’s fundamentally broken at its very core because its goals differ from that of humans. As a result, killing the sustainability of the environment is just an inconvenient hurdle that capitalism will try to mitigate, but won’t do anything that might interrupt their profits.

Global citizens need to organize and strike en masse, stop paying bills, and refuse to join the military or police forces. Reject the system and it will fall peacefully and quickly. How to reorganize it peacefully is a more complex issue, but solvable, however we cannot cede power to “leaders” or private interests, it will only lead back to the same place. The people must rule using local direct democracy underpinned with a philosophy of basic rights for all people, which would protect the people from being preyed upon in situations where leverage is unbalanced.


Even with the stark reality of multiple threats to Mother Earth’s natural systems and sustainable, healthy environment that life depends on becoming more apparent daily, we are presented a charade designed to calm public fear and continue business as usual, but do little or nothing to stop, much less reverse, the threats human greed, arrogance and ignorance have created - implementing “solutions” by 2050 or whenever inthe far future will not cut-it. A bandaid on a ripped-off arm or leg…


Before this meeting some people said that it was essential that any Paris agreement include a global price on carbon pollution. That didn’t happen. Climate scientist James Hansen spoke at the conference and said without a fee on carbon the whole UN process is a fraud. People power obviously is not the answer. That seems to make little sense. Unless people around the word are willing to pay much more for fossil fuels so a price can be put on carbon the transition away from fossil fuels simply cannot happen fast enough to achieve the 2C target and probably not fast enough to stay below 3C.


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Probably and then just pass on the costs of storing the waste FOREVER. Good luck with that idea.

I agree, threats aren’t enough. It will only be after those threats become ugly murderous reality will they act. By then it will be too late. It’s probably already too late.

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Here we go again, more rah, rah.
I remember when hundreds of thousands marched against the Iraq invasion.
Did it do any good?
I remember all the mobilization to stop the TPA fast track for the TPP
(most big unions included).
Did it do any good?

Wake up my fellow hopefuls – it will take millions occupying the major
capitol cities of the empire and its minion states to grind everything
to a halt – then, maybe then, they will take us seriously.

Excellent analysis RB.

Viva Zapatistas!

According to the writings of SC Marcos:

The “Cold War” was the “Third World War” between capitalism and Stalinism.
We are now in the “Fourth World War” – in which corporate multi-nationalism,
neo-liberalism and globalization wage a financial war against the working class,
the working poor, the marginalized populations, and the planet itself.

This current manifestation of unbridled, predatory capitalism, and its war
against the have-nots ( justified for the sake of profits ) will wreck havoc
on our planet and our fellow citizens.

In Zapatista schools, the history of colonialism is taught, and the capitalist
values of individualism, competition, consumerism, and profits-before-people are
seriously questioned, – and replaced with the values of communalism, solidarity,
and stewardship of nature and our planet.

Stay Vigilant Comrades.

“People Power”?? It’s the consensus of the world’s climate scientists that global warming (climate change) is ongoing, and that we humans are powerless to stop it. So…the focus on stopping global warming is futile – what we must do, in addition to quit extracting, processing and burning fossil fuels, is to plan how we can best ameliorate the impacts of global warming and learn to live with them for as long as possible. Sad, isn’t it? Despite our hubris and sense of privilege, Homo sapiens is a failed species.

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Unless “People Power” beats down Obama’s TPP, TTIP, TISA and whatever other “free trade deals” we don’t know about, we won;t have any opportunity to “plan how we can best ameliorate the impacts of global warming”.

These “deals” will empower corporate tribunals to determine response to climate impacting activities.


I agree that in the final analysis, we are the ones who support the energy industry and it is our standard of living that will need to change. So these are the specific changes that we ought to be pursuing in our countries and communities

. Reorganize cities, building taller residences with a smaller footprint (the end of suburbia); institute a carbon tax; end our love affair with the automobile— promote car pooling subsidize and expand mass transit, walk and bike more; expand bike paths;, and have shareable (zip) cars, ban gasahol; turn off the air conditioner in the summer and dial the thermostat down in winter; rein in the militaries for defense only and outlaw war; ban night baseball; ban electric outdoor signs; shift from long distance truck to rail transport; ride more trains and buses, fewer planes; promote conference calls and web cams; promote zero population growth with free condoms and family planning world-wide; many more people would become vegetarians or vegans; phase out the cattle industry; discontinue bottled water and drink tap water; discontinue aluminum cans with and without carbonation; maximize reusable bags and products; minimize or ban disposables (Pampers, Ikea furniture); limit endless gadgets; end yearly auto model changes; limit all the advertising, junk mail, most retail, etc.; eliminate “fast junk food”; go to “slow food”; replace “fast fashion” with “slow fashion”; bring back mending, alterations and local tailors; completely redesign production of appliances, electronics, house wares, furniture, etc to be as durable and long-lived as possible; bring back appliance repairmen and such; design and build smaller housing to last for centuries and to be as energy efficient as possible, to be reconfigurable, and shareable; recycle maximally, especially aluminum cans; maximize solar and wind power; drive and accelerate more slowly; practice regenerative agriculture; reverse deforestation, plant more trees; climb more stairs; restrict spray cans;; eat and farm organic; use manual tools instead of power tools, use rakes rather than leaf blowers; push rather than power small mowers; replace lawns with vegetable gardens; compost as much as possible; more stairs, fewer elevators; promote subsidies for renewal energy, eliminate approximately 50% of all street lighting and office lighting in unoccupied buildings, motion lighting, where appropriate, and high efficiency LED and solar powered lighting. Stop fertilizing and mowing lawns

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