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Paris—and the World—Is Burning


Paris—and the World—Is Burning

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

PARIS—The candles still burn across this city at the massacre memorials to the more than 130 people killed by armed militants identified with the Islamic State (which, many Muslims point out, is neither Islamic nor a state), from the Bataclan theater to the restaurants attacked nearby and the national stadium. Flowers, messages, French flags, photos and mementos of the dead, reproductions of the now-iconic peace sign with the embedded Eiffel Tower—all are arranged in a heartfelt outpouring of grief where these acts of violence occurred.


Thank you, Amy Goodman, for being a steady, clear, crisp voice daily through what is increasingly looking like yet another US noisy contribution to yet another noisy chattering fest accomplishing nothing by the so-called world's leaders. The sad truth is that today's real leaders are systematically silenced by those arrogant, pretentious clowns, like Barack Obama and his contemporary global cohort of anti-leadership almost all of whom, at least in the so-called 'developed world,' are religiously antagonistic to any semblance of leadership appearing in their midst.

And, yes, there is good news in this. These clowns are teaching the peoples of the whole world what the US was founded upon and has forgotten: established power is established corruption, and the more established power is concentrated, the more rotten and extensive the corruption. What better lessons has history ever offered its always-present and almost always silent majorities?


I don't think we will get a legally binding agreement but I hope we at least get an agreement. From what I can tell things are not going well as the as the US is calling for transparency in emissions review and tracking from all nations while the developing nations are demanding continued differentiation from the developed countries by being held to a lesser standard on emissions reporting. I don't believe Obama is willing to compromise on this point so how they are able to deal with this dispute remains to be seen.


Obama is pushing legally binding reviews of emission targets, but is pushing voluntary emission targets since he knows he cannot get more than that approved by the Republican Congress. Legally binding anything from these climate talks is meaningless, anyway, since there is little in the way of enforcement and most countries, including the U.S., have a dismal track record of observing agreements or treaties they do sign. To be sure, Obama is no shining example of respect for international law. COP21 will be another display of political grandstanding and little more, as have the twenty that preceded it. On to Cop 22 and 23 and 24 and 25 and ...


What the US was founded upon was European traditions and elite rule in those nations--up to and including "imperial adventures" and the use of force to commandeer the resources of other lands; and it is hardly just a symptom of our nation's history. It's important to recognize this since France, U.K. and Germany are also part of the global elite that is fomenting war, rescinding Civil Liberties, spreading terrorism, selling weapons, and enabling the 1% to amass phenomenal wealth on the backs of the world's workers.

Obama is a sell-out, but so too are the vast majority of so-called leaders.


Also wise and pertinent to include the TIPP and TPP since if these treaties--which Obama is pushing--are ratified, they essentially render ANY national rulings made to protect ecosystems or preserve public health--moot.

It's like Obama smiling while insisting that the economy has recovered. Recovered for whom? Just the 1%.

Or Obama smiling while applauding his health "care" bill... which as sentient persons understand is little more than a guaranteed give-away to Insurance usurers.

Obama smiles and takes applause for not endorsing the Canadian Tar Sands with the full knowledge that Canadian companies can use the TIPP or TPP (or another such trade pact) to completely override these seeming protections.

Oh, and add in all those smiling assurances that drones never kill civilians and are, like "smart bombs," incapable of erring in ways that would kill innocents.

It's ALL dangerous smoke and mirrors. Truth is missing utterly from these contemptible, contemporary political positions and related policies.


Studies of climate history have shown that it has been "warmer" in the past than it is now. The last interglacial was a bit warmer than today. Further back there have been higher temperatures yet. At the time of the Permian extinctions, the estimate is that atmospheric CO2 reached somewhere between 1000 parts per million and 2000 parts per million. The survivors were all animals that could tunnel beneath the surface of the Earth as the surface became one massive desert. The continents at the time also appear to be far more closer together than today. Look up the books by Peter Ward, Ph.D for further information as he has made a very thorough study of this time in Earth's history.

On the other hand pushing atmospheric CO2 beyond 500 parts per million will create serious problems, especially for those living at low attitudes and latitudes. And we are already at 400 ppm.


I agree. These meetings would be more productive if the topics under discussion were about how to cope with the changes.


Hello everyone, my name is Dusty Hinz. I am the co-founder of a nonprofit called the Experimental Farm Network. We are building a grassroots, collaborative, open-source plant breeding and agricultural research network that is focused on developing perennial crop plants and agroecology systems that sequester carbon and fight climate change. We are also doing regionally-based breeding programs to adapt to climate change by location.

This year we mailed seeds out to over 200 volunteer growers in our network and we facilitated several other breeding projects. Vandana Shiva and William Woys Weaver are on our board directors. Essentially, we are trying to crowdsource a carbon-sequestering, plant breeding revolution. We have some great momentum right now. You learn more about our organization in this link. There is a video and more info. Please share far and wide to people that you think might be interested. We would welcome your participation in the network.

We just launched a big Indiegogo, which I can't post on here because I am a new Common Dreams user. If you search "Indiegogo Experimental Farm Network" it will come up. There is a video and more info in the link.

You can also find us on Facebook and find our website by searching "Experimental Farm Network".

Hope to hear from you! Let's go change the world!


I also, would like to thank Amy Goodman for her long hard work over time. She was my first introduction to alternative new radio, through NPR... She had educated me on subject/issues, that I didn't know were issues... What a professional she is. Thank you Amy.... everyday.


They are about how to cope with the changes... how to find the money, for those countries that had no or practically no part in creating the problem... to cope with those changes..... So, that's a start... but, let's talk about how to STOP ... The absolute worst, extinction... at this point, that is all we can hope to stop... Tim Garrett... 2009 study... Civilization is a Heat Engine... So, what about it?


This may be obvious, but I take it that the seeds are all heirloom?... you've just been using hybrids to work with?