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Paris at Midnight: Attempt to Push France out of Anti-ISIL Coalition in Syria?

Paris at Midnight: Attempt to Push France out of Anti-ISIL Coalition in Syria?

Juan Cole

Paris was hit by at least two well-trained and -equipped terrorist cells in a coordinated attack on 6 or 7 soft targets on Friday night. The attack that took the most lives, over 120 according to a high French official, was the assault on the audience for a musical performance by the Eagles of Death Metal (not actually a death metal band) at the Bataclan concert hall.

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Aphorisms exist for a reason. Do not stir up the hornets’ nest comes to mind. The neocons did and the ramifications keep coming. Probably to their delight, support for more war may be coming. Evil begets evil, as has always been the case.


And, as France careens towards more war and more backlash, it’s useful to recall the genesis of the monsters in Paris. They exist only because of the policies of the madmen running Washington, and by extension, NATO.



This attack wasn’t an attempt to push France out of the Anti-ISIL coalition, it was an attack that was designed to provoke maximum outrage and a reply that will be disproportionate.

The lovers of war don’t want peace, they don’t want victory, they just want more war.

‘They’ win if ‘we’ give it to ‘them’.


Thankyou. Now why cant Juan Cole see that?


You shill here for the erroneous WE-frame taking the covert decisions of muscular elites and attributing them to the vast amorphous WE, the People.

You are an apologist for the military state.

This will be just the crystallising event that will justify thousands of NATO troops to descend on Syria. Russia has managed to rescue Syria - twice. But given the events in Paris, it will not take a month for NATO countries to send plenty. And while they are there to fight ISIS, they will most likely impose their no-fly zone on Syria.

I dont really know how things will pan out, but I would not be surprised if former ISIS troops are re-grouped into more “moderate rebels” that will overthrow the Syria government aided by NATO fire power. I am no conspiracy theorist but … yes I am a conspiracy theorist, and without knowing who did this, I would say that the timing of this act is convenient indeed for overcoming the obstacles that have occurred in the Syria part of the PNAC plan. The “who benefits” from this terrorist act is the USA/Isreali neocons.


So am I!

I see nothing but conspiracies in this attack. It’s organized. It’s coordinated. It defeated French intel! A bunch of Bedouins on Camels can’t do this!

It’s got to be state-sponsored terrorism, like 911 absolutely was. The exact same Bush Crime Family is probably behind it. The demon spawn of bush is losing the Presidential race. He needs a world of hurt to declare that the Conservative War Hawks who claim GWB’s Iraq War “was absolutely worth it” prevail in the general election.

The Bush family IS See-Eye-Aye. Their fingerprints are on every big war and assassination we’ve ever had. Where some see coincidence, I see Moduis Operandi.

modus operandi |ˈmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē, -ˌdī|
noun (pl. modi operandi |ˈmōdē, ˈmōdī| ) [ usu. in sing. ]
a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established: the volunteers were instructed to buy specific systems using our usual modus operandi—anonymously and with cash.
• the way something operates or works.
ORIGIN Latin, literally ‘way of operating.’

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Realizing that you don’t want to think and act in ways as others or the majority, may keep you guilt free, legally and subjectively.
However if your born, or reincarnated in your case at this time on this planet, then every thought word, action and most importantly, Being, places you inescapably in the collective consciousness of humans.
You may distance yourself by way of creating an identity that does not seem to resemble the WE, or you can just deny that you are immersed in a vast ocean of people and ridicule those for not following the arrogant exclusivity of your delusional mental concoctions.
You occasionally speak of the the unity of wholeness, but use this term to describe that which is good, excluding that which is by polarity, bad. If consciousness is whole then the parts, good and bad which are relative, can only be found INSIDE of that wholeness. Separation from the WE is impossible, but believable when one is so strongly afraid of shifting ones identity off of the individual and realizing WE are all in this moment together.

I love this. Our newest Presidentwannabe’s want to close the borders. Stop taking Syrians (as though we were going to do that anyway. We didn’t do that with Afghans or Iraqi’s although we made promises that we would). One or two “radicals” might slip in with thousands of others who have no dog in the fight. Let’s punish them all as if they haven’t be punished enough. We have killed their parents, their children, wives, husbands, entire families…destroyed their homes, their jobs, their professions, their country, so now let’s leave them without a safe harbor, without refuge, without asylum. I do believe this is the American/West way. Except for 9/11 (and that was the work of the Saudi’s who are our BFF), the attacks here have been home grown. Others were stopped by citizens–Not the FBI, NSA, or some other bullsh** intelligence oxymoron outfit. Do any of these people who are elected leaders have IQs over 100? Let’s settle on 90. A 4 year degree doesn’t imply street smarts or intelligence. I usually implies being drone, one who survived the tedium, one who lost the ability (if it was ever there) to be a free-thinker. All these years later nothing has changed to convince me otherwise, that those who pursue being a professional politician were those who could not make (financially successful) in the real world. I have a rule about bullies, but that was stated elsewhere in regard to cops and prosecutors, law enforcement as a whole. We need to be very clear: Arabs don’t matter. Muslims don’t matter. Blacks don’t matter. We are Exceptional and very fuc**** proud of it.

“…realizing we are all in this moment together, is a fallacy”
Intellectually and when one identifies with the " I " as who they are, yes.
However,You and I , the illusory identities, will insist that there are separate entities of consciousness appearing in multiple moments, believing that it is theirs and theirs alone. There is that as a very real experience, BUT, there is also the experience of consciousness awake to itself in a singular moment. When this is ones subjective reality, then one observes all individual identities as appearing INSIDE of that singularity, as that singularity. To the mind this is a complete and baffling contradiction yet it exists.
Consider the possibility of there being only this moment in this way-
1- When reading this, when are you reading this? well, now.
2- When formulating a reply to post in the future, the reply is being written, Now.
3- When I read your future reply, i am reading it Now. I cannot read it in the past because it no longer exists and I can’t read it in the future because it hasn’t arrived, so all thought words and actions are,appearing in this moment, Now.
Likewise, all creation and maintenance of individual identities are being experienced now in this singular moment. The fallacy, is the belief that there is singular identities appearing in isolated moments outside the field of boundless consciousness.

Now I get it. It’s the World Cup Of Arrogance. It’s the final match between the self ordained King and Queen of the Right Games.
But wait, it shouldn’t be a match of the witless twins, but a Match made in heaven, After all don’t Pricks and cu#ts have an affinity for each other.
you seem to have a problem with the subtle , so yeah that was about you And SR going on a date that ends badly.