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Paris Climate Deal Must Not Ignore Billions of World's Poorest: Oxfam


Paris Climate Deal Must Not Ignore Billions of World's Poorest: Oxfam

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"World leaders need to step up," the head of Oxfam declared Wednesday, calling for an ambitious global fund to address a key paradox of climate change in which the poorest people on Earth suffer most from a crisis they did little to cause.

The international aid agency is calling on rich countries to do their part by committing to deeper emissions cuts and higher climate finance as part of the potential Paris climate agreement to be hammered out over the next few weeks.


The hephalump in the rum is an overloaded, infantilized diaper of an "economic" model that demands constant growth (cancer) + planned obsolescence as ubiquitous marketing tool ('carcinogenic' input at every level) + profligate waste (toxemia) + a culture of 'brinksmanship' or 'my privilege is bigger than yours' - and we have all had a chance to see where that gets us, thank you very much.

Its not nice to try to fool Mother Nature. Many have noticed that She is in the process of soaking some places with lots of water and hanging others out to dry. Problem is, She was the very first captive in the 15th century res nullius and enslaved to tend the diaper of the coy and clever Enfant Terrible born of the fecal feudals. After her the FFs went 'WOW' and applied it to anyone living in a place that they wanted and bingo - double trouble - terra nullius. Then 'WHOOPPEE' the ongoing indigenous genocide (you must become me - corporation - or die). Couple hundred years later and 'ZOWIE POWIE' - economic triple play! lets make everything nothing!!!!


The rich nations are rich because they do not, never have, given a damn about poor people. Here in the US poverty has been criminalized. Perhaps a miracle will happen and the results of THIS COP2 will be a good outcome for Mother Earth and the poor but I think we should prepare for the worst and get serious about stopping this parasitical global capitalism through total, rolling non cooperation.