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Paris Climate Negotiations Won’t Stop the Planet Burning


Paris Climate Negotiations Won’t Stop the Planet Burning

Nafeez Ahmed

The much-vaunted COP21 negotiations in Paris are, despite the claims of world leaders, dead on arrival.

Emissions reductions targets are not up for discussion. Those pledges are already on the table, having been put forward voluntarily by each country.

Government negotiators in Paris are instead looking at banal details of how and when countries should commit to improving their voluntary pledges, and ensuring "transparency" and "accountability".


This is very informative article because it mentions the work of James Hansen and Michael Mann, Unlike most such articles it really delves deeply into climate science and doesn't just say we have to stay below 2C. It does seem clear that there is no agreement about what temperature would be a disastrous level. Policy makers chose 2C as the goal to stay below but that is rather arbitrary. Whatever happens in Paris I don't see any rational choice but keep trying to move forward to reduce emissions. People should not give up because the goal of 2C seems too high or it appears the pledges, if actually met, would add up to 2.7C or even somewhat higher. Given our lack of knowledge about these things it seems we have to keep going and hope for the best. It could be it is really now beyond human control and if that is case obviously there is nothing we can do about that. We will have lost. But as of kow there is still hope for less than a catastrophic outcome. But without much stronger action even this hope will fade over time.


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I also think we keep going which is the only thing anyone can do when there is no way to stop. I mean we can't just say this or that won't work so let's just forget the whole thing and stop trying.

On the other hand let's remember that projections are based on us remaining just as stupid as we are now for another couple of decades without getting smarter! I think though that as time goes on we will continue to smarten up.

People know about climate change now. Innovations and new technologies are being created. 20 years from now we may have invented an effective carbon scrubbing technology that may reduce atmospheric carbon.

The first and most critical step has been successfully reached. The climate change deniers LOST. The world knows it is real. Now we all can focus on fixing the problem. 10 years ago most people were skeptical or denying climate change but that foolishness has ended.

Have some hope ...human beings are messy but we are survivors.

I have less hope for Earth's biological diversity.

We were fools more foolish than any fools have ever been to have lost so much for so little reason.


Those trade deals are the beginnings of corporate fascism. Imagine corporations having the power to overturn our laws. How will that evolve in the future?

Corporate government?


You ain't kidding! Oligarchy wants a one world corporate government. Step one is corporate nationhood. Call it corporate sovereignty.