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Paris Climate Talks gets Trumped on CNN


Paris Climate Talks gets Trumped on CNN

Peter Dykstra

I've been watching CNN/US since just before 3pm ET. The International feed, which I can't access from here, usually performs better than this on distasteful things like climate meetings, but here's the rundown of top news since the top of the hour.

In an hour's newscast, there was no mention of one of the largest gatherings of heads of state ever at the Paris Climate Summit. Here are the things that, ummmm, Trumped the story:

3:01 pm: Colorado Springs shooter arraignment

3:04 pm: Police indictment for Baltimore killing in April.


No surprise here. What does anyone expect from CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc
Wonder what people would do if they got a dose of honest news from the TV....I would think Anonymous had hacked the feed and hooked me up to Telelsur or Democracy Now


Elsewhere at Common Dreams, here's what Bianca Jagger has to say about those "violent clashes" in la Place de la Republique between protesters and police:

"While I was there, I saw no provocation from protesters, masked or not. Later that afternoon I spoke with other NGOs at COP21, who had been there and seen the scuffle. They were unequivocal that the provocation hadn't come from the climate protesters. One said that when the police threw the first teargas, it missed protesters; the wind blew the gas onto police on the other side of the square. Then, he went on, the gassed police retaliated with their own round of tear gas canisters."


What the media doesn't say (what people don't say) indicts us as much, or more, than what we do say.


What is far more amazing, disgusting and depressing is that ordinary USAns - my suburban neighbors - get their news entirely from sources like CNN or worse - they have at least as much time as I do (one is retired) to look for information elsewhere on the web, but they don't so it. I should not be surprised at how their view of current events is so whacked out and totally without context.

Personally, I think the US news medai has a share of blame in these violent-white-man terror attacks of late...


This only covers about one hour on CNN. It's a 24-hour news channel. What was on the other 23 hours?


The other commercial break may have not contained petroleum, but surely it contained SUV's and Pickup Truck ads. I'd prefer to not have car ads at all (put them in the same category as cigarettes) but of all the expensive-car ads out there, why have I never seen a TV ad for any production EV like the Nissan LEAF, BMW I3, Chevy Volt - or even cars in the small/subcompact category? Even ads for hybrids like the popular Toyota Prius ads are very rare to nonexistent too.

The capitalist control of the what the working and consuming masses (be they bourgeois or poor) think and feel - including consumption desires, is sooooo fucking obvious! Yet among real people around me - not ones you all in this the obscure left news-blog sphere - NOBODY can see it! They actually think THEY make independent decisions to buy big SUV's, huge-screen TV's, or among the younger set, the latest I-phone...


I read that the bottle throwing, etc, was not done by climate protesters but by the anti-capitalist so-called "black bloc." All the climate groups signed a pledge of non-violence and as far as I know followed that pledge. The black bloc often shows up at international meetings to carry out some sort of violent activity such as smashing windows. This seems almost like a ritual at these meetings so I would assume the police expected them and carried out the tear gassing and arrests as usual. This isn't the first time that large numbers of peaceful climate protesters received less attention in the media than a relatively small number of black bloc people committed to violent acts and it probably won't be the last.


"indicts us as much, or more, than what we do say..."

To suggest that a wholly captured--by military and corporate interests--media reflects what we, as in The People, say is such bull shit as to warrant that smoke detectors go off.

I will continue to raise my objection to the constant array of new screen names that all conform to the same messaging. It's one that takes what is done by corporations that do direct harm, the military industrial complex, or some other entity representative of the 1% and equates their actions, falsely, with the will of The People.


Interesting... you give voice to the violent white-man actions (is that to placate me, in particular?) while pushing the other odious meme--that the public chooses to be indoctrinated.

The most effective forms of propaganda are those that are undetected as such.

The media has been inside peoples' homes for close to 70 years now. Individuals who have studied Public Relations at the university level are now also equipped with the latest technologies that use particular light pulses, and sounds tested on subjects to effect very subtle forms of hypnosis and brainwashing.

Also to be considered is how strong it is for most persons to belong to a core group. The group imposes--directly or otherwise--standards that all members must conform to lest they be tossed from the group and defined as pariahs.

The mass media SETS the group standards. That's why Official Stories hold so much more clout than the actual truths uncovered by brave iconoclasts.

There IS a power to numbers and when mass media can speak to the majority of citizens and thereby use its overt and covert psychological tools to SET narratives, the small sects of persons who go outside of those orthodox channels are seen as strange, at best, and misfits at worst.

So this paean to the establishment which always blames the viewer for viewing mainstream media is either naïve about the social conditioning mechanisms; or, as is my observation having been a part of these message threads for 9 years... a specific psy-ops device that sets its intention upon blaming citizens for what they have been given... in the way of news, rather than those sources so guilty of malfeasance, lies that set wars into motion, lies that rob the economy of its intended purpose (to serve the greater good), and lies that inflame all sorts of vile and violent outcomes.

Scooter boy, the engineer... who parks in these threads as a self-proclaimed govt. worker. I think I know what you're here to engineer.


I enjoy your comments, but I think, understandably, that you misunderstood my meaning. The "people" I referred to are the mainstream majority that contribute to and support the madness both by what they do say and what they don't. I was not including in that category people like your self that make thoughtful comments that actually address issues. The multivalence of words will always bedevil us lol. Be well.


Corporate news is like frying your brain on steroids. It is not news, it is faux news designed to manufacture consent for the Amerikan Empire; the military dictatorship and its war mongers; American exceptionalism; and the congressional military industrial complex.

One way they do this is like the headline above says: PARIS CLIMATE TALKS GET TRUMPED ON CNN. One way corporate news stations, like CNN manufacture consent is by taking up air time with unimportant or less important news stories thereby: trumping embarrassing or more important news stories that would enlighten rather than dumb down the American T.V. populace.