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Paris in Shock: More Than 120 Dead in Series of Attacks



War perpetuates war. The horrific barbarism we are stunned by in Paris happens as well in Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq but we don't hear about it in as much detail. That we do not identify as much with the victims doesn't lessen the horror and sadness.

The nightmare in Paris bodes ill for all of Europe feeding xenophobia and nationalism and impacting the safety of those seeking refuge from the violence of war. It also bodes ill for the upcoming climate conference scheduled for Paris later this month with repercussions that may echo through history. Let us hope that cooler heads prevail and that this doesn't just escalate the butchery.


The forces of dissent, division and hatred are mobilizing, this morning, in a call for more war, aided by a world media that thrives on bloodshed. You can be sure that this will be a topic in the Democratic debate, tonight. Will there be a candidate calling for cool heads and a reluctance to add more fuel to the fire or will we see candidates competing with each other to see who can beat the war drums the loudest? Anyone care to guess?


All the "facts" will be known by the time the Demos debate tonight. "ISIS did it!" will be the meme that they will all be debating by. We'll see just how much of that holds up to objective scrutiny in the next few weeks. We could be lucky and find out that ISIS is a construct of CIA/Mossad financed by the Saudis... or not.


In France - as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine - the civilian population suffers the consequences of the Western Powers' wars of aggression and occupation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Not one Western official has been held accountable - not one - for the devastation of Iraq or Libya, let alone the never-ending crimes against the Palestinian people. Not one.

They hide behind us. We are their human shields.


And those running for their lives from the wars to safety in other countries are being blamed for this result of warring.


For shame Sarkozy, "The war we must wage should be total." For shame. I in no way, shape or means condone the horrific destruction by people driven mad and violent by the madness and violence of the hegemonic system(s). One of our greatest challenges today is to continually nurture the elegance of all that the hegemonic systems scorn as needing to be placed under its rapacious control.

The hegemonic powers have been dehumanizing, for centuries and arguably millennia, as core ideology to gain advantage because the abstracted 'values' it insatiably doubles-down on require constant intensifying exclusionary methodologies. It compensates for the waste and internalized violence by twisting that into systemic violent aggression rendering it addictive because it can never generate healthy balances. We have centuries of documentation of this.

In France alone, look at the abundance produced by farmers who in the middle of an agricultural cycle are slammed with denial of expected and planned for exports to neighboring Russia because of the very same 'values' of the hegemon twisted into the latest insanity of 'advantage'. How many thousands of tons of food must millions of people go without because of the demonstrably wasted, twisted, addictive ideology?

The victims are first denied integrity in order to usurp their natural resources. How? By scorning them as already excluded from the metrics by which western corporate nation states define "productivity". To provide abundance to meet need without making a "profit" - is CONSIDERED NOT PRODUCTIVE!! Enter land speculators for land grabs, enter GMO and militarized chemical additives, enter impoverishment, enter monoculture, enter dietary impoverishment and ingestion of utterly inadequately tested biological dynamics of GMOs, enter incapacity to adapt with agility to climate change, enter loss of biodiversity, enter enter disease,enter "austerity", enter genocidal denial of rights to lands of indigenous peoples regardless of ethnicity WHO ARE PROVEN STEWARDS of forest and plain, enter REDD that excludes existing biome dynamics so polluters can keep polluting and claim some bizzare notion of monetary movement under a deadly veil labeled with "green", this list is not even complete!

Now take those instances of "enter" and enter them as deficits in the costs entry column on the spreadsheet. Lets get some REAL ECONOMIC ACCOUNTING !! Real economics does not need to force human genius, adaptability, compassion, productivity down under some wastrel addict of a model feeding on itself and the entire creation only to shit out mountains of waste for some 'giant vampire squid' while poisoning perceptions of alternatives and planet.

Because, ultimately, Mr. Sarkozy et al, the problem is one of a failed and addictive ideology - is it not?


Let us hope that the Europeans see to it that this attack is not going to be used as an excuse to invade Syria as 911 was to invade Iraq. Radical Islam was almost non existent before the US invasions of Iraq and Israeli occupation of Palestine. I am not sure at this point which way Europe will go but with Russia helping to clear Syria of ISIS any unauthorized use of Syrian territory by NATO article 5 declaration will only exacerbate the already volatile situation in the region.


Excellent point, no mention of Latakia mortar attack in western corporate media that killed 26 and injured over a hundred mostly students and bus station passengers, no mention at all.


Superbly articulated, thank you Sir/Madam I couldn't agree with you more.


Killery will have a field day with this, its another opportunity not seen since 911 to further fleece the US taxpayers by expanding surveillance state and military expenditures.


How many millions dead or displaced in the Middle East at the hands of the US and its allies? The voices of the dead speak loudly to their countrymen, but are silent here. They are not real human beings. Their children, bloody bits on a wall, are hardly statistics here. The cries of their grieving parents have been silenced by a complacent, fawning, stenographic press who lead cheers for more blood without consequences to their killers. Bush, the Butcher of Baghdad, has his own library and access to as many coloring books as his tiny brain desires. Cheney maintains his search for a human heart. And the American public, sated on the bloodless violence of Tom Brady, is eternally bewildered and frightened by the the retribution our leaders have unleashed on us. You are 100% correct. We are the targets of an aggression that, unable to touch those who are responsible, speaks for the unheard dead and unleashes its fury on those who empowered the true killers, those ignorant souls who blindly handed the murderous power of the state to men and women who, without mercy, kill children (and mothers, fathers, friends, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, anyone and everyone who has the misfortune to be ground beneath the treads of US policy).


a brilliant analysis was given by Gearoid o' Colmain , author and journalist, about the events in Paris. French neo-colonialism is the reason why France was attacked. Western terrorism of Muslim countries leads to atrocities like this.


superb summary of U.S. foreign policy.


Going to brew some coffee, peck around for some eats, and then read your post again. Enjoy your posts theoldgoat.


Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq - how much of that turmoil is the direct responsibility of the US? I say a lot of it. Everyday we hear about how we respect the troops because they keep us safe. They are not keeping us safe; imo, by carrying out their orders, they are mostly making it worse.


We need to go after all the ISIS godfathers. This includes the Saudis, the Qataris, the Emiratis, the Turks, the Israelis, and last but by no means least, all the US, UK, and French contingents who supported it thinking they could be useful pawns.

Thank the Russian-Iranian initiative in Syria who took on ISIS properly, rather than those never-ending US led airstrikes which achieved nothing, or worse, which strengthened ISIS.


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Well said, but if you can excuse my nit-picking, I disagree with the sports analogy, but regardless, if you bring football/sports into the discussion, you are going to tune out many who might hear your important points which are way beyond football, imo. People can learn and understand the horror of US actions and still like football.


Can you imagine if Bernie actually understood and believed this and came out and said something about it in the debate? He would be history or he would demolish Clinton, not sure which, might depend on how he sez it.