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Paris, Orlando and Turkey: Displacing the Narrative of Western Innocence


Paris, Orlando and Turkey: Displacing the Narrative of Western Innocence

Ajamu Baraka

What is clear is that there is a context – no matter how painful to admit – of U.S. and Western complicity in creating the very forces that now terrorize the imagination of publics in the West. Just a cursory glance of that sordid history reveals the baselessness of the assumption of innocence that makes up the dominate narrative being pushed by the corporate press in the U.S. and inculcated as a part of Western commonsense.


Hillary will double-double down on this neocon hubris.


Hope does spring eternal:




These imperial machinations are killing us and the world. They created the enemy everyone loves to hate. Then when we are deeply embroiled in war all over the world they blame Republicans for generating hate towards Muslims. This is the world Hillary is involved in, neck deep. That's why she must be stopped.
The plan to go upend Iran is not surprising as we know. Israel has been pushing this idea for a long time and if HRC is in office she will do their bidding, she's already announced her total commitment to do just that.
War with Russia and Iran and Syria sure seems like hubris beyond compare. Like Bush, she sees the beginning of these things but never the end and the blowback. It's the neocon way and it's not complete until she can be the one calling the shots, or should I say the kill list.
To say she is the most qualified candidate is to say you agree she should do these things, because she will.


Powerful analysis, Mr. Baraka.

The chief points raised in this paragraph are most compelling:

"This “blowback” theory is controversial especially among some who view all of these attacks as part of some grand design to manipulate public opinion to support the permanent war strategy being operationalized across the planet in the name of fighting terrorism. While the forces of domination can tactically take advantage of these attacks to further that agenda, the position that this is all part of a grand plan gives those forces a ubiquity and level of competence among the people making policy that the evidence of how policy is developed and executed does not support."

I believe that there is a grand design; but I also agree that the breadth of its operations cannot be tied to this singular source.

I notice that Mr. Baraka never presents or denies the (false flag) causative agencies behind 911.

Also, when he mentions the Puerto Ricans who died in the Orlando nightclub, it might have been added that the mercantile arm of global rule by force has likewise taken aim at the entire island of Puerto Rico.

Lastly, I would submit that at least some of the aforementioned attacks were set-up by the same forces covertly employed to sustain the war on terror.

One of the most maddening things in this era is that truth has been so fully wedded to false narratives that, in everything ranging from the food we eat (much of it genetically altered and marketed as "the substantial equivalent") to the ideas and news stories we take in as "food for thought," the genuine and the artifice have been melded together so thoroughly as never again to free the wheat from the chaff.

Translation? It can no longer be known with certainty which attacks are choreographed by covert players who find ways to benefit from them, and which are organic, that is spontaneously occurring.


Finally someone not mind controlled by the treacherous MSM! The US should be roundly castigated and censured by the UN for its duplicity and betrayal.


It is worth reading Mr. Baraka's opinion piece. IMHO, it serves as a reminder that one should also read other perspectives on the same issue. His views are quite different than the view of many other informed people.
-- Offhand, I think he would find good company with the conspiracy nuts who think that nefarious persons in the bowels of the US government (intelligence agency arm) had assassinated JFK, MLKJr. and RFK.
-- (Amazing that those same nefarious characters don't get blamed for the shots fired at George Wallace, Gerald Ford or Ron Reagan...)
-- He may attend the same social functions as those 'birthers' who claim that BHO was born outside the U.S. and isn't eligible to be President...
So what now? He says (like many) that these attacks on the USA are 'blowback' for our attacks over there. Does he, do many people believe that if we stop attacking over there, that they will stop attacking over here?? -- After all, he strongly implies that by its very nature our USA government and the forms by which successive governments come to power, is evil, and deserves to be attacked until the people violent overthrow it...


► The Corporate Press just can't push back

If Boy George says, "WMD!" then WMD it is


I wouldn't place the Orlando horror in the same category as others mentioned, as there's no evidence of outside direction, or even that the killer's motive was indisputably aligned with those of such forces.

Such a construct plays into the hands of the security state and its corpress colluders, who use such tragedies to their advantage, and our and innocents' abroad deadly detriment.


Well said - and this is a substantial part of the undermining of democracy, or should i say the impossibility of democracy in a political system where untruth is business as usual.
There is no democracy without full public access and participation in all governmental matters, including foreign policy.


"the Gurkhas from Nepal"

What has the USA done with the Ghurkas from Nepal? I thought that after the Nepali-British war of around 1815, the Ghurkas offered their services to the British and those services were retained until the 1960s.

Yes, well; as usual Uncle Sam has stuffed it up thoroughly since 1979 and all that has happened since has been remarkably predictable in broad tenor by anyone with a brain.If Madam Clinton becomes POTA and Aunty Sam decides to take on Iran she will certainly get a bit of the common-or-garden blowback, and with the Chinese now starting underwrite to Iranian oil production perhaps they might have a word to say about damage to their investments.