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Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This


Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This

Peter Van Buren

You don’t want to read this, and I take no pleasure in writing it, and no one really wants to hear it right now. But I believe it needs to be said.


If killing is wrong, than it's wrong to kill.

Even if we're killing out of revenge. Of course, it's easier to say when it wasn't your city that was attacked.

Maybe that's why it's so hard for me to turn my own cheek when I get slapped.


Our country has spent billions of dollars to kill millions of people who've done absolutely nothing to us. We've created mass geographies of terror and armed butchers in every part of the globe for the benefit of corporate profits. We've turned ancient cities to rubble replacing civilization with barbarism. We've created and fed resentments and injustice kindling fires of war. Paris is safer than Sanaa. It's heaven compared to Rafah. It is not threatened with the destruction of Fallujah or Jenin.

I mourn the murdered of all those places and the ghosts yet walking. More of the same will only feed the monster of endless war and barbarism. It is too late in the day for this. Our planet is at the tipping point of survivability and our common existence demands an end to war. An end to war demands an end to injustice and end to debt colonialism and imperialism. It demands an end to arms production and exportation; an end to nation states or the end of humanity is unavoidable -- and not beyond our lifetimes.


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Yes, I wanted to read this and I wanted to hear this because it is the truth and needs to be said.

The pity is that the one's who should read it will not do so. If they would actually take this to heart and change all that warring what on earth would the pentagon and the weapons industry do and the one's who are invested in it?


The US govt has, to my knowledge, never embraced cooperation as a foreign policy. Whether it's providing disaster relief (here or abroad), or agricultural assistance, or attempting to resolve conflicts in other parts of the world, the US govt and the elitists it represents invariably seek to take advantage. And as for resolving conflicts, it seems the only tools in their toolbag are economic coercion and military force - whether abroad or here at home. They are despicable, and show no sign of changing their ways. Why should they? On the one hand they'd have to admit they've been taking advantage all along, instead of trying to help. And on the other hand they'd make themselves vulnerable to the billions of people they've screwed over. The only solution I see is incremental and is coming from abroad. As the American Empire sinks into decline the rest of the world gains strength and begins to slip the grasp of The Empire. We see that in the formation of BRICS, Russian involvement in Syria, in Latin America's wriggling loose from Uncle Sam's iron fist, and the rising popularity of social democracy here at home. The US is going to be one of the last places on this planet where a functional democracy will come into existence. It it does.


One has to wonder: Is the scientist too close to the experiment to objectively determine its cause or outcome? Or is it the matter of a paycheck calling for a certain loyalty and blindness in the way of facts? Or is it reflective of the status of the True Believer?

Mr. Ban Buren begins this piece lumping 911 into the same pool of "terrorist events," each one taken to have come from the same source sans genuine examination.

Then he makes use of the all-inclusive WE frame that falsely asserts that what was done by Power without the People's consent (and consent manufactured on the basis of FALSE evidence and witnesses with reliable reputations who pushed official lies... is not the same thing as consent of the genuine sort) is attributable to The People:

"But it has to be said, especially looking at the sick repetition of the same story, that despite fourteen plus years of a war on terror, terror seems to be with us as much as ever, maybe even more. It is time to rethink what we have done and are doing."

We, which is to say the great mass of persons, is not doing anything in the way of Terrorism. To the contrary, the ABC agency to which you devoted your lifework, Mr. Van Buren, is doing much.

After all, all these planned assassinations that open nations like pinatas and all of the covert weapons sales and all of the inflamed-by-design internecine conflicts guarantee little more than the spread of terrorism; and it's organizations like the CIA that have the actual blood on THEIR hands.

Citizens who do not agree with war and do not practice violence/aggression or terrorism have no reason to pick up the WE banner and wear it like a military uniform.

This IS dis-information! About as accurate as who was behind many of these "surprise" attacks.


Whoever perpetrated these attacks and whatever the back story is, and I know there's a slimy glob of something in the shadows, this piece is right on target.

The impulse for depravity is nurtured by these highly publicized disgusting acts. As well as giving our controllers supposed further reason to intrude into our lives.

More brutality is NOT the answer. Nor further invasion of our lowly and innocuous personal lives. " An end to war demands an end to injustice and an end to debt colonialism and imperialism. It demands an end to arms production and exportation; an end to nation states or the end of humanity is unavoidable -- and not beyond our lifetimes." Seconding that.


Wow... this is on a par with "Columbus discovered America."

More disinformation writ large. Note how Mr. Van Buren here puts forth the utterly ridiculous proposition that the massively costly--and therefore profitable to the MIC and its partners in crime, the weapons developers--Middle East wars were executed to find specific individuals.

Gee! Let's all play "The Military Intelligence version of The Pink Panther!"

"Since 2001 the U.S. has expended enormous efforts to kill a handful of men — bin Laden, al-Zarqawi, al-Awlaki, and this weekend, Jihadi John. Others, many without names, were killed outside of media attention, or were tortured to death, or are still rotting in the offshore penal colony of Guantanamo, or the dark hell of the Salt Pit in Afghanistan."

Here is what a frame like Mr. Van Buren's accomplishes. It takes the heat off:

  1. The lies upon which the 911 fable was built
  2. The obviously unfolding goal depicted in the Project for a New American Century document
  3. The primacy of the MIC in U.S. foreign policy and why it is that new enemies must continually be created to justify the costs of this behemoth
  4. The importance of maintaining the financial hegemonic control set by the Petro-dollar
  5. The clout of the nation's "oil men" like Cheney & Halliburton
  6. The rapacious drives behind Empire building and retaining (U.S. with 1000 foreign bases)

An alternative narrative is also found in the modern Oedipal myth that has Bush, the son, seeking to avenge the unfinished wars of his father, Bush, Sr.

Van Buren sets up a wild, wild west narrative positing that these foreign wars are just another version of the sheriff pursuing the Marked Man.


This is despicable. If I had a cartoonist, I'd show the image of a soldier with a bayonet pointing at a man's head as he's forced to sign a paper. And the caption would read, "We're pleased that you are willing to share your new freedoms with us."

"We gave up many of our freedoms in America to defeat the terrorists. It did not work."

This particular language frame uses what was forcibly TAKEN from the American people--in such legal travesties as the NDAA--and reverses it into what The People willingly conceded.

The Patriot Act was signed in the dark of night. Did you or I vote--via referendum--for such a thing?

The CIA knows full well what trauma means to the optimal functioning of the human mind. 911 was a trauma, and if it wasn't enough, the Anthrax letters drove the terror home further.

Decisions were made under the banner of security which took away civil liberties. During war times, presidents have put this cessation of Constitutional guarantees and Bill of right liberties into effect.

Such a protocol does not mean that WE gave up our freedoms.

That's like saying that women gave up their right to vote when the existing Powers refused to grant it to them! Or that slaves consented to their slavery because they lacked an organized and empowered framework for throwing off their oppressors.

What power does hardly equates with the will of the governed.

This whole article is a quilt of deceptions!

Shame on Mr. Van Buren!


Following the horrific events in Paris, the MIC, aka our government, gleefully choreographs the dance of death performed to a full house, cheering on the brave heroes, bravely marching into an endless battle, ignorant of the victorious villains sipping brandy in their lofty apartments.


The 'war on terror' is a ludicrous concept which has been made into the new 'religion' for the 21st century. 'Terror' is a concept, is an emotional response to a perceived threat. War is a conflict between two nation states. Perhaps a 'war on terror' could be re-defined as a radical search for genuine peace and harmony.
The 'war on drugs'; the 'war on cancer'; and so on... these are ludicrous concepts, and thus can never succeed.
I referred to the 'war on terror' as the new religion. The idea and the practice have been evangelized, prosecuted, materialized into a way of militarily projecting this country's exceptionalist self image (a further delusional ego trip) around the world. And I, of course, do not mean to suggest that this is the universally embraced 'American' sentimenl. It is an orientation managed by the propaganda machine of the sociopathic aristocrats who are directing world events to their own perceived personal advantage.


Thank you for this very timely and sensible article. For a nation that so volubly espouses Christianity, refusing to engage further in the cycle of violence and trying instead to love an enemy, by understanding the why and wherefore of his action is surely the only way for America and the West. Otherwise it is all just hypocritical hot air from people and politician alike. France, Britain, Australia et al may not be as loud in their religious posturing, but the lesson for them is the same. Stop raping, pillaging and bullying the rest of the world and behave as the civilised nations you profess to be. How true it is as Jesus said, that those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. Weep for the victims in Paris, but do not forget to weep for the victims of America and the rest.


ISIS is funded by the Iraq oil fields mostly, making 2 million dollars a day in profits.

Follow the money. Whoever buys that oil is funding these attacks.


ISIS is mostly funded by the sale of oil, mostly in Iraq. It is estimated they make 2 million dollars a day from sales.

The people buying the oil, fund the attacks. Oil is not only destroying the planet, it has also destroyed society leading us to the cult of suicide that is our world.

Stop funding oil, and you have solved half of the problem. The other half would then be to teach people about the limits of growth and responsible parenting.


Every person who speaks up about this makes a small difference.

ISIS is mostly funded through the sale of oil in Iraq. Oil is destroying our planet and our society as humans.

We can do this endless dance of pointing fingers at religions, but there you have it. When we buy oil, we are committing suicide.


Suicide is the politic of the day. We buy oil, we ignore the cost.

ISIS is funded by oil sales. Oil is also destroying the planet.

It does not come cheap, even if it says so at the gas station.


Very well said JP - It is difficult to believe we can survive much longer as a species. The earth will go on.


"Since 2001, the United States has led nations like Britain, France, Australia and others into wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, with drone attacks on people from the Philippines to Pakistan to all parts of Africa. We have little to nothing to show for all that."

So, if all these nations turned into puppet states, then our actions would have been justified???

I think the author misses the point, the assault on the Mideast was part of a plan, hatched long before 9/11. It continues today and my fear is that Paris will only increase the carnage wrought by the planners.


" But I do have this: stop what we have been doing for the past 14 years. It has not worked."

It has not worked! Excuse me Mr. Van Buren, but it has worked very well indeed! And as long as the censorship of 9/11 and the war criminals that were culpable for the murders of 3,000 Americans continues it will keep on working.