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Parking Space Terrorism: Time for Action after Killing of Three US Muslims


Parking Space Terrorism: Time for Action after Killing of Three US Muslims

Ramzy Baroud

The murder of three American Muslims at a University of North Carolina condominium on Tuesday, 10 February, was no ordinary murder, nor is the criminal who killed them an ordinary thug.


"In fact, while the cheerleaders for war might change political camps, ideology or even religious philosophy, ultimately, they are the same breed of people: a mostly white, male dominated and chauvinistic tribe of well-funded politicians and media pundits, with an unquenchable thirst for “intervention”. "

Amen to this! It’s the 3rd rail so few reporters, journalists and pundits will honestly expose. Thank you, Mr. Baroud.

It also explains why actions taken by Angry White Guys–whether in military garb, police uniforms, or street clothes–are seldom to never depicted (or defined) as terrorism. As card-carrying members of the oldest dominator group in HIS-story, their violence gets a pass. It’s only the violence of others, those outside this circle of preferential power, that get tagged with the Terrorist label.

With so much cruelty being done unto so many persons of varied hues, global consciousness is rising quickly with the realization that the Old Dominators, “the control group” has lost ALL legitimacy.

Hearing Obama speak at a conference allegedly to fight terrorism while at his command, drones have recently MURDERED 2000 kids and hundreds of women… not to mention any male earmarked as a Terrorist without the slightest evidence of that fact–is sickening. As if the leader not of “the free world” but of an unleashed military empire repugnant to persons of conscience everywhere, has any right–morally or intellectually–to demonize ISIS while his own kill count trumps theirs by orders of magnitude.


In my lifetime, I have seen so much hate and fear, much of it generated by the press and by politicians.

  • We’ve had the Native Americans, “The only good Indian is a dead one.” We’ve had the “Yellow Peril,” with thousands spending years in concentration camps. People were taught to fear the Black Man, followed by lynchings and burnings. Then, there is the fear of Mexicans and people of South and Central America in general. We’ve financed death squads to slaughter people in those countries.
  • Irish, Germans and Poles all got their turns.
  • Now, we have a real biggie, Muslims, two billion of them, all to be hated and feared, destroyed if possible.
  • Who gains from all this hatred and vilification? A handful of extremely wealthy and powerful people who profit from it, who profit from war, who profit from near slave wages for workers around the world who produce what they sell.
  • Then there are the politicians for whom hatred and racism are food and drink. They use it to inflame people and to garner votes.
  • And, of course, the press. It sells more papers and garners more advertising.
  • I’m just scratching the surface here, but somehow this has to stop!
  • The average person on this planet wants to have meaningful work to do, to earn a decent wage to provide for his family, to have a roof that does not leak, to be able to feed them healthy food and have clean water to drink. They would like them to have access to medical treatment when necessary, to be able to educate them and to be free to practice their own religion in peace.
  • This is true of almost all people, regardless of “race, creed or national origin.” All they wish is to be left alone to live their lives, free of terror, harassment, killing or torturing.
  • For quite a while, right up to seven years ago, many people were hoping that the government could be persuaded to set up a Peace Department, but as usual they lost out to the War “Defense” Department, for war and terror are much more profitable than peace.
  • It is time for We the People of the World to stand up to this entrenched money and power and stop it. Just a small percentage of our war budget would solve many of the problems, both here and around the world.
  • Mrs. Minitrue, who was a teacher for many years, taught that “We must all live together and it should be in peace and love, and many hugs should be shared.”
  • I also remember her saying often, “To have a friend, you must be a friend.”