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Partial Victory for Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Richards


Partial Victory for Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Richards

Sonali Kolhatkar

“My goal is to save lives by any means necessary, even if that means putting mine on the line.” — Jasmine Richards, interview on “Uprising with Sonali,” July 22, 2015


A lot of people have embraced the canard that if they're not doing anything wrong, they have nothing to fear with respect to Big Brother listening in on their cell phone calls or reading their emails, etc.

Similarly, the new edict seems to be that so long as one is fully obedient to a system replete with corruptions, they have nothing to worry about.

Ms. Kolhatkar sums it up nicely in this statement:

"As Abdullah, Richards’ mentor and close friend, said at the Tuesday morning rally, it appears as though “the state is coming after those who dare to protest state-sanctioned violence.”

Punishing the anger that arises in people possessed of consciences and conviction at the sight of injustice is really Step 1 in A Behavior Modification apparatus that suggests the place where Orwell's cautionary tales meet Cass Sunstein's published protocols:

"The 52 anger management courses mandated in the sentence are disgraceful, however. Black women have so much to be outraged by, and yet when women like Richards use their voices, they are subject to the ugly stereotype of the “angry black woman” and are told to submerge their rage and “manage” their anger."

So many judges belong in Hades!


What do you mean, the odds aren't good that she'll survive? Three months in jail?

Millions of Black USAns survive jail and prison sentences.

She'll survive, and she will continue to be a leader in her community. Like countless others that have come before her.


I read that yesterday. If the white son of a police officer isn't safe from police violence, it's no wonder that people of color are afraid. And isn't fear the point? Keep the populace afraid, and there won't be uprisings.