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Partnering with the Devil


Partnering with the Devil

Jim Hightower

As a raker of muck, it’s my job to root out the nefarious doings and innate immorality of the corporate creature.

But these days I’m being rendered obsolete by how ordinary corporate nefariousness has become. The wrongdoings of major corporations, and even entire industries, are now so commonplace that one hardly has to root them out at all. Their corruption is constantly oozing to the surface of today’s fetid corporate swamp on its own.


The mandate that CEOs have the legal obligation to the shareholders to maximize share prices seems like an amoral pursuit if appropriate regulations were in place and enforced. However, insufficient and unenforced regulations, usually under a wink and nod of the revolving door governmental accomplices, render this mandate immoral in nature. The corporation is a beast that may contain many people who consider themselves moral. Upton Sinclair said this best: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Edit: Please check out Mairead's reply to this post correcting my premise of the obligatory nature under the law of maximizing share price.


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Central to this impunity is the biggest cover up, that of CIA involvement in the earlier elections which might have produced change. These cover ups are most important because they preserve our entire Outdated Model of Power, Checks and balances and the entirely fake elections.

Read The Devils Chessboard and JFK and the Unspeakable. It is not fake centripetal dissidence which carries the left AWAY from the rest of the spectrum, where they have had no effect on anything for the last 45 years.

It is centrifugal dissidence. It matters for the entire system. Its what PBS censors while they allow the OSTENSIBLY "further left" (not really IMO) Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose.


Of Course the Koch Brothers originally funded the Clinton's DLC. Until the Dems had moved so far corporate-Right it was no longer necessary.


A good addition to this piece is here. Abby always does a good interview on a Sunday.




Ah, yes, evil--and money the root, and still, after oh-so-many permutations,

Money would measure value, but it does not measure value;
Money would measure merit, but it does not measure merit;
Money would measure well being, but it does not measure well being, whatever the relations.

Money does provide
some measure of iniquity--and so the supplanting of value, of merit, of well being.

I am amazed at how well the old saying works, after all these years. I imagine that American and European and generally imperial corporations are probably not the Great Satan, exactly. But you really have to admire the likeness.


I always read the Hightower posts. Goddess knows he's been watching the sleaze ooze for years. He and Molly Ivins, bless her beautiful ball busting soul. Has she really been gone 8 years?

What to say about the disgusting amount of no caredness and folly that characterizes politics these days. Partnering with the devil pretty much covers it although a bit on the religious side for my taste. I'd tend to say something like partnering with the dark side. Same thing I spose when all is said and done.

What to do what to do. I always figure that in order to heal a wound, you first have to clean out the poisons. And Goddess knows that we are sicker than shit on this planet. Let the oozing continue then until we can begin to see healthy tender pink skin and are then able to lay claim to the healing and the light that's been waiting in the wings all along.


For as long as this forum's comment threads have existed, I've mentioned the same climate of trespass although I think it's most appalling when it comes to the commonalities that allow corporations to poison persons (not to mention animals and ecosystems) with impunity.

Since the many toxic agents that minimize human health cannot be easily isolated in ways that meet "the burden of proof," the many offenders protect one another.

And missing from this article is the terrifying fact that IF TIPP and TPP pass, no longer will any fair arbiters of law exist. The only aspect exalted to a seat of prominence is profit--and if a company loses profit due to pesky things like labor laws, environmental protections, or other hard-won bulwarks to all-out corporate plunder, the courts arbitrating will be obliged to rule FOR those claiming a loss of said profits.

NOTHING is more sickening to the would-be rule of law than this latest global protocol... and what it will mean (and do) for genuine laws that protect human life, liberty, and whatever pursuit of happiness still exists on a planet so dangerously imploding at the seams.


Poor attempt at sliming Mr. Hightower. Since corporate power, money, name-brand, clout, and influence runs both parties... the NEED to demonize the Dems is quite amusing, asymmetrical in its taking of aim, and all too frequent in these threads to suggest anything but Koch Brothers' paid message massaging... by stealth.


So, Siouxrose, how is this different for Wall Street's casino corporations than it is for the Democratic & Republican parties: "Blatant lies, PR cover-ups, and a culture of total impunity are now central to the corporate business model." Which of those corporations does the statement not fit?


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Why don't you state the reasons for your 'IMO' or do you think people will see through your pouting act and not agree with you any more than you find Chomsky agreeing with you. People were publicly stating on the airwaves a half century ago what sob(s) the Dulles brothers were. But this is new to those newbies who believe they've discovered the ultimate truth and are crushed that Chomsky didn't give them his blessings. Grow up.


Most of us here vaguely remember the Clinton name being tied to A scandal called "Whitewater"- I personally never fully understood what one of the prime contenders for the Presidency, one Hillary Rodham Clinton was up to in that day- it was as if her and her husband were exonerated of any crime and it was all just A publicity stunt by the Republicans-
I read the following story by Jeffrey St. Clair at Counterpunch and found out quite A bit that wasn't covered by the media of the day.....

"From 1993 to 2001, Alexander Cockburn and I wrote dozens of articles on the political corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies in DC and Arkansas. In many ways, those years represented the golden age of political journalism, with a fresh scandal ripening each month. As Hillary cruises toward the Democratic nomination, if not the White House, it’s time to dig into the Clinton Files and resurrect the stories of sleaze, malfeasance and transgression from that feculent decade". — JSC

"Of the thousands of stories written about the Whitewater scandal, some 90 percent have concerned themselves with the cover-up question: if or how the Clinton White House suppressed evidence in the wake of Vince Foster’s suicide. Almost all the remaining stories deal with the efforts of Governor Bill and the First Lady of Arkansas to keep their friend James McDougal’s Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan afloat. Meanwhile, one of the great untold stories of Whitewater is the chummy nexus of the Clintons and big timber, which may have played a role in the original Whitewater Estates deal and certainly was evidenced in a subsequent transaction that amounted to a last-ditch effort to save the Whitewater Development Corporation from bankruptcy".

Paper Trails: Big Timber, the Clintons and the Origins of the Whitewater Scandal
by Jeffrey St. Clair


That's actually not true, as it turns out.


Thanks for your reply. It is going to take me awhile to unlearn this untruth as it has been rattling around my noggin for quite some time.


Isn't it amazing how effective their cursëd propaganda is! Sickening, too.


Sounds a bit too much like wait and do nothing. Where is the antidote? Where's the debriding?


I like it; it's funny but as there's no such thing as the devil, oughtn't we to be thinking about expanding all that's great about people? After all, what else is going to save us?


Coincidentally, I am reading Michael Hudson's Killing the Host, and just read Part 1, Ch. 7, in which he points out the origins of this type of financialization by banks. He describes this as ". . .Anglo-Dutch-American collateral based lending. . . ." and contrasts this to German banking that was equity based and favoured long-term planning and lower rates of return. I found it interesting to see that there was/is an alternative path within the early stages of the capitalist system.

All of this to say, this idea of the maximization of share price is not the only possibility, even within capitalism. Hudson says that the German-style banking was what may have lead both Marx and Veblen towards their more optimistic views.