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Partners in Stupidity and the War on Terror


Partners in Stupidity and the War on Terror

John Atcheson

Casus belli anyone? So Obama wants Congress to authorize a war on ISIS. They’ll do it, of course, but not before the usual partisan sniping.

So far the “debate” has been a festival of irrelevance. Should it be sun-setted? Is three years right? What about the open-ended authorization for Al-Qaeda from 1991? Does it limit a future President’s options?

Oh, the self-satisfied sagacity of these people. Why, they’ve thought of everything … well almost everything.


We are death the destroyer of life. Locked in a life destroying Orwellian psychosis. From environment to drugs to food supply. Sleep walking to our self extinction. Unlimited wealth and self interest have brought our republic to the brink. Our psychotic rabblerousers are fond of lofty goals like going to the moon and voodoo growth schemes. Now pimping space dachas and Mars missions. How about a goal of no human going to bed hungry? Or suffering in ill health when treatment is possible? A teary eyed starving or sick child(drinking sewer water) commercial is an indictment of the failed society we are. All while the psychos rant for more weapons and their offensive preemptive use. We have damned ourselves and the world to hell.


Tell it like it is, ccerr, Thanks.


Words and frames matter. If they didn’t no funding would remain in place to keep Propaganda circulating.

In regard to this quote from the article:

“The fact is, terrorism is – by definition – asymmetric. The weaker party employs it precisely because they are not strong enough to achieve their aims either politically or militarily. They count on terror to provoke a reaction, and it is only when they achieve that goal that they can have an effect.”

The observation is true on its face but what’s telling is what it omits. And that’s this idea that drones, weapons made of depleted uranium, land mines, and other “orthodox” components of modern wars are NOT Terrorism in its rawest form.

Unfortunately, to the dominator goes the control of the narrative. Since Western forces–primarily the U.S. and its NATO allies have phenomenal weapons caches at their disposal, by NOT terming the use of these armaments “terrorism,” it’s far easier to demonize that asymmetrical opponent who, more often than not, is the poor shepherd or artisan eking out a living for his family.

So long as Terrorism–as premise–is consigned to “the other,” (and that other represents a citizen of a land under rabid invasion), the moral equation is tossed out of kilter.

To at last overthrow rule by Mars, the ways of war must themselves be discredited at every turn. No force is a greater threat to sentient life at this point in humanity’s collective experience. All of that manpower aimed at the ways and means to destroy others–enemies du jour–could be reverse-engineered to rebuild cities in GREENER ways, and train all the unemployed Youth in the ways and means to repair homesteads, build bridges, and plant trees and gardens… and that’s just for starters.

The military and its war profiteers’ delinquent mega-sales of mega-weapons are a THREAT to life. This Beast must be tamed and its muscle refitted to the life-supporting tasks (and demands) at hand.


“Ah, but what about 911 when nearly 3000 Americans were killed? The fact is, it was very likely preventable – the Bush administration consistently ignored actionable intelligence from the CIA warning that al Qaida was planning imminent strikes within the US.”

it’s seldom strategic to expose one’s own secret particularly if it’s designed to serve as a pretext for already planned wars (these, requiring a believable trigger).


You know you are living in the Fourth Reich when all one ever hears is over and over again the strategy from Congress and the Administration of how to run the wars; never about how to end the wars.

The casus belli? The real justification for wars?

And yes, I am shouting!


Once again, I object to the use of the all-inclusive WE pronoun–as per “damning the world to hell.”

This meme renders invisible the thousands of brave, noble and compassion works of thousands of people.

It equates what is done by the world’s sociopathic, anti-life leaders, with the will of their respective citizens.

Even when studies make clear:

  1. The absolutely propagandized nature of the U.S. (and much of Western) media
  2. The way mind control works
  3. The fact that Big Money determines who runs for and wins office
  4. The proof (Page and Gilens Study) that this Big Money determines policy
  5. That financial implosion aimed at punishing the poor and weakening the Middle Class forces more and more persons to work more and more hours to sustain roofs over their heads and food for their families
  6. The glaring evidence that Latinos, Blacks, and college women are all under virtual attack
  7. The sickening reality that almost half of the nation’s budget is directed at wars abroad and funding militaristic armed agents of CONTROL here inside the Homeland

Still, posters like you take what’s done on the basis of POWER and smear the results over everyone else.

IF we lived in a true Democracy; and if there was an open media that allowed air time for diverse ideas; and if most people didn’t feel enormous financial pressure; and if our Justice system worked as intended… THEN you could make this ridiculous case.

I also object to the use of terms like “We killed ______ number of Iraqis,” or “We droned a wedding party,” or any other pro Mars-rules frame that seamlessly connects the citizenry with ACTIONS TAKEN BY the military.

For a LONG time a Deep State tied to the MIC has run the show. It’s arrogated to itself the right to assassinate other nations’ leaders, spread misfortune and the cause FOR war.

Those dark deeds do not belong, universally, to a people. There are very real perpetrators.

In closing, the individual who is incarcerated cannot be part of the same WE frame that sets up that incarceration.

What is done by Power should not be attributed to The People who are left out of the equation; and when not, propagandized or morally terrorized into compliance with it!


Some time ago I had a discussion here with a long-time poster (sorry don’t recall who) about the many layers that have to be pulled back to get at the truth. Atcheson does a good job here of peeling back the outermost layers to make a case to the chronically misled about the utter failure of GWOT. But there are many layers yet un-peeled that the same audience would never want to see, let alone accept. He states: “The US is ISIS’s best ally,” but the reverse of that is actually the truth. And when we say the “US” we should qualify that we are talking about a circle of indeterminate size that exists on death and destruction, not the long-suffering citizens of this fractured-fairy-tale-land.

If we take our esteemed leaders at their word, that “we” are fighting terrorism, then why is it that with these wars we have eliminated the dams and levies that kept this flood in check; namely the functioning secular societies and nations of Iraq and Libya? Our greatest potential ally, if we are honestly in this fight for the stated reasons, “we” vilify at every turn as (one of - we have many) our greatest enemies - Iran. I do believe that our damnable military leaders breathed a sigh of relief that the cobbled together force attempting to take Tikrit did not ask for or want US involvement. They are laughing up their gold-trimmed sleeves as THEIR bastard offspring are ground to bits in this sick game they’re playing.


Shout away, Shantiananda! I love how we shove trillions of dollars at the Department of Defense and have nothing to show for it, while people die in this country every day for lack of healthcare and we have more children going hungry than any other “first-world” nation. The conservatives need to shut up about reducing “entitlement” programs or griping about the fraud within them until the Department of Defense and our intelligence community can be properly audited and account for every penny of the taxpayer’s money they’ve spent…

That a never-ending war is an unending gravy train for the MIC is increasingly apparent. You never, ever see these supposed fiscal conservatives question if we can actually afford these “police actions”, while every time someone proposes spending money on something to actually benefit the citizenry of this country (universal health care, free secondary education for all, a guaranteed minimum income), the wails about cost immediately rise into the air.


Apart from an errant use of the WE item, the rest of your post is right-on.

When citizens are polled, they do not–as a majority–consent to the amounts allotted to the military.

Polls trend FAR more Progressive. Still, as Citizens United confers upon today’s royalty–the 1%, and the Page & Gilens’ study documents: it is not The People’s will or wishes that is rendered into policy; rather, it’s what lobbyists win for their corporate clientele in “The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy” system.


And the question remains who is winning? seems to me everyone is losing.


Currently, Iran is leading the Iraqi forces against ISIS and has won some significant battles. the combined force may soon retake Mosul, while in Syria Assad’s forces are the mainm force opposing ISIS. The US response?
To treat both of these regimes as enemies.

Neither Syria nor Iran are ideal states but neither are the utterly nihilistic force that ISIS is.


Thanks. Well said!


The future of mankind is being sucked into a pentagon shaped black hole in Washington DC.