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Party of Disaster: Explaining the Republican Train Wreck


Party of Disaster: Explaining the Republican Train Wreck

John Atcheson

OK, let’s not be fair and balanced. Let’s be honest. And let’s not allow ourselves to start thinking of these last six months as anything like “normal.”


The Republicans problem is they are always looking behind them to see who is coming from the right to take away their job. Many of them are in districts where most voters are extremely right wing. While they strongly support the military most of the federal government they could do without. For them, a federal government is tyranny. They are fighting against what they see as the tyrannical Democrats wanting to impose even more federal government of their lives. To them freedom means freedom from the federal government. These are the type of voters the Republicans depend on to get elected. They feel they have been sent to Washington to dismantle the federal government. Of course when they arrive they find out the task is much harder than they thought. But they are not giving up. The dream of replacing most of government with private enterprise persists.


“Mitch McConnell and his band of adolescent psychos developing their healthcare bill in closed hearings—you’d think it was a matter of national security.”

Is he being sarcastic in more ways than one? The seriousness of that phrase here, “national security” should tell us how far away we are from an actual democracy at this point.

What is national security? Duh, it’s the security of the nation. On the most basic level, isn’t a nation the aggregate of its citizens? And so, at the most basic level, doesn’t national security, by definition, include healthcare?

If not, what does national security seek to secure? Answer this question, and you’ve answered the question: “What things in this country are more important than the people, of which the country is comprised?”


Great article John.

The Republicans pure Bigoted Hatred for Obama and the Democrats is going to bring them closer to their ‘Come to Jesus Moment’ as did Steve Scalise last week.

Their Bigotry and their Hatred has turned them against the citizens they claim to represent.

Our citizens deserve better. Much, much better.

They will not tolerate the wanton Abuse of Power being waged on them, and they will act.

Instead of all these Republicans ‘Lawyering-up’, they might do better to spend that money on additional bodyguards.

The citizenry of this country needs to sit up and take notice of how disfunctional the Democrat and Republican parties are at this moment in time.

Extreme change is absolutely necessary.

The old adage, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”, well folks, unless you’re in the top 1%, you seriously need to think about choosing a new political party because the Democrats and Republicans are never going to be your friends. Never. Unless you like being lied to.


The jaded Republicans and their donors have three requisites of federal and state gov’t: a low and regressive tax system, a large and energized police and security apparatus and an adequate road and transportation system which moves goods and services in an efficient manner.
So, if the Republicans can cost-shift the current healthcare system back to the county and state level, they get their tax cuts and shrink the federal gov’t. They shift the death cult guilt with it, as well. By increasing the budgets of the DoD, Homeland Security and The Various Alphabets they get an information-gathering overlay system to enhance local policing efforts with potential regional National Guard Units as backups. The Trump Adms. biggest bamboozle, however, is the Infrastructure Bill: Whoa, Daddy!! Pass out the $$$,
a transportation package of new toll roads and bridges is a cost-shifting regressive tax and an investor privitization scheme to ensure massive returns for many decades. A gov’t backed wet dream for people, and investment houses, who love
the first spot at the gov’t revenue trough.:wink:
If all this isn’t enough, building more and more miles of roads, ensures the continued expansion of fossil fuel usage. Which leads to Mr. Atcheson’s foreign policy laments. With very good reason.
We will, as a country, continue to spend huge sums of our Federal budget on the MIC, to protect and exploit the fossil fuels and natural resources of foreign countries/adversaries who have very regressive gov’ts, as well. Saudia Arabia & Turkey, Wahhabist regimes or Russian Oligarchs, anyone?
All this points to a Neo-Fascist/Feudal nightmare at home and a Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy on steroids, around the planet.
The tax-shifting will hit the shrinking middle class and a transient semi-skilled work force like a sledgehammer. It will crimp their children’s opportunities and handcuff their elders.
The Democratic Party doesn’t seem up to the task to reverse these oncoming numbingly disastrous, unnecessary displacements. Time is not on their side, as they fiddle around, and the U.S. is looted.


“It’s high time we took government seriously. And that means electing people who know how to govern.”

This will be impossible as long as the stripping of voter rolls and flipping of votes via black box voting continue to be the norm.


Wow Ann. Real doom and gloom.

Ya think the population will stand by and do nothing?


It will mean a large portion of the electorate never again votes for a Republican or a Democrat in a National or State election.

Until that comes, we’re pretty much Clucked, as the Chicken would say.


They’re stymied in a representative democracy where the political and economic stew is always stirred, but never served. The sign always says, " Worker’s Special-$12 Today, Free stew, tomorrow ".
It’s meant for the 80% to smell and 20% to get the big red, white and blue bowl with the silver spoon.


I don’t the population will do anything until one or another of the Life Support System systems breaks down first. The economy, based as it is on “fake money,” is on the edge of a collapse that will make 2008 – or 1929 for that matter – seem soft and easy, climate change will st some point turn weather into conditions that will not be conducive to a population of billions maintaining itself, the infrastructure is at any number of breaking points, the growth and distribution of food crops will be adversely affected by the systemic breakdowns, people stressed out beyond their limits by any and all of this will look to warlike activities to give themselves a false feeling of doing something about something,

Then we will find out what the real bottom line of human nature is – will we earthlings put aside our differences and work together to create conditions that humanity can live with, or will we go down with the sinking ship of civilization?


As I see it, the problem with your argument is that we are highly unlikely to see a catastrophic collapse of our economy anytime soon. “Fake money” is a fake argument. It has been near a decade since the last recession, so we are soon due for some kind of slow down, yet the long economic expansion has been so slow that we could certainly avoid another recession for quite some time yet. It does appear that climate change will cause massive hell on Earth. Hopefully, we can avoid something even worse than that…


I very much hope you’re right. If the future I see coming is a delusion I shall give prayers of thankfulness.


Please read the just released AP analysis of the real effect of gerrymandering and Federal elections. The report is a prima facie case for immediate Federal intervention in all 50 state’s voting laws.
The country is truly run by a white elite cabal, mostly male, of wealthy bigots and misogynists. They’re actually criminals, or should be, in the eyes of people who are not insane. I think they’re tactics are dangerous and unpatriotic, bordering on actions more often associated with the KKK. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this politically arranged legal garbage.
The Democratic members of Congress should walk out their chambers and picket the SCOTUS until this situation is rectified and enforced by the full power of the courts. But, they won’t.
The Democratic Party and all their apparatchiks, every damn one, will instead send out e-mails asking for yet more $$$, They’re not interested in changing this god awful thing called gerrymandering. They’re interested in a Jobs Program for themselves, and not much more.The list grows ever longer on why the Democratic Party is unfit to lead the progressive movements in this nation. They’re enablers of the same bunch of people they claim to be running campaigns against. Kabuki on a grand stage and a grand scale. Throw away the popcorn and bring out the bowls of sticky rice.


You seem to think that the democrats have all this hidden power that they just don’t want to use. You don’t seem to notice that huge numbers of truly goofy Americans vote for republicans even with gerrymandering. Most members of the democratic party are reasonably decent people. However, that makes it tough to fight the Devil’s Spawn.


The Democratic Party is the party of ultimate accomodation. They’ll allow room for split the difference poliicies until. the policy becomes a difference without a distincion. After a while, it gets tiresome watching them word pander the population they say they support. Over and over, too. The litany of their conservative wins in the last 3 decades is a Replubican’s dream wish list.
" If you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything" . The Clintonistas and Obamobots have reached across the aisle to the right so much, their left arms are no longer needed. They’ve wasted so much money, with it now being documented that the Ossoff campaign spent over $200 a vote to basically trend water in the Atlanta Congressional contest. R U xxxxxxx kidding me?
As Dr. Stein said, the Democratic Party’s leadership is trying to scapegoat their failures of the last 10 years, on the left. The progressives are tired of it.


Q.: How is control of Congress and the White House a “train wreck?”
A.: It isn’t.