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'Pass the Damn Covid Relief Bill': Shoplifting of Essentials on Rise as Millions Struggle to Feed Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/pass-damn-covid-relief-bill-shoplifting-essentials-rise-millions-struggle-feed


Since the lockdown, I have watched many people fill a shopping cart and walk out of the store. I would say at least once a month. Last week I was watching a man load up his car with “groceries”. His accomplice noticed me looking at them with my phone in hand, he confronted me about making videos of him. I brushed him off.
He was scared and desperate. I felt bad for him. I hope the best for him and his family, they will need it.
I chatted with the clerks trying to watch him from the door and it turns out he stole a full cart of goods, drove around the block, and came back in from the other door and did it again. It’s too bad he had to lower himself to that level and has to hustle those essentials to make some money.


Jimmy Dore and Dylan Ratigan on this issue



Soon they will just raid the stores on-mass.

Expect civility to disappear when people are pushed to the edge.


I think Lenin said something about society being 3 lost meals from chaos.


People can and should set up community gardens and grow food for themselves and their neighbors. Don’t get yourself put in jail to make some corporation rich off of you. Your children will never forgive you for abandoning them.

Shoplifting is a mistake, people could lose their children and basically, lives. Don’t ruin your life by making a stupid mistake. Cut out all non-essentials instead. You don’t need that cup of coffee or that cheeseburger. Cut out meat. Eat pulses like beans and rice, lentils. Make your own bread. Learn how to repair rather than replace everything.


Trump has been pushing all the buttons and pulling all levers to stir up the people. If he can get people to run out of patience before Biden is in, he could stay in power by instituting marshal law.


Just ask Marie Antoinette.


Civility long since has already completely disappeared, except for in the working poor.


Actually, the real people I meet from one day to the next are all civil. Even nice.

Since the start of this epidemic, my neighbors and I have been walking around hanging out outside and talking much more. Which is nice.


“[W]ell, let’s just say I don’t feel too bad about taking $15 or $20 of stuff from Whole Foods when Jeff Bezos is the richest man on Earth.”

From Democracynow–worth the watch:


As Food Insecurity Surges, Leading Scientist Says Hunger Is a Deliberate Choice by Those in Power


Inasmuch as this article is about thievery, We the People know who the real thieves are.

It will take years for investigators to determine how much this administration, aided by Congress and the Senate has stolen from the American people.


I guess its just how we define civility. On the one hand people can be kind, even generous, but then vote for Trump. People can be fair and respectful to strangers but have no qualms about war for oil, or imprisoning children, or killing social security, or allowing a freeze on evictions to expire, or even for the development of a nuclear arsenal. Anyone, nay, every single one who I have just described lacks any real civility. All of those things I’ve described, and hundreds of others, including climate denial, are in fact the antithesis of civility, they are anti-civilization beliefs that well over 50% of American’s hold onto.


I think she got a bad rap and never said the “let them eat brioche”

If anybody indeed said that, the best candidate is a completely different princess during a different economic crisis.
I think what likely happened was people were fed up and people were angry and she and the rest of the French royal family, like the Romanovs, Ceausecus, etc. were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They should have left the country earlier. If it was today, they would likely have come to the US and settled in some place like Miami like Latin American dictators have. Many African dictators go to France too.

Keeping your enemies poor and desperate is a good way of preventing any kind of socioeconomic change.

This is why people would be idiots to commit any crime. Then the 13th Amendment allows them to be literally enslaved. Read it.

Learn basic survival skills. Figure out what kinds of local herbs, roots and tree bark can be eaten. If you absolutely must, catch wild animals to cook and eat. Even insects are an extraordinarily good source of protein. Deep Fried locusts (which are huge) are delicious. Set up a solar PV system and charge batteries and use LEDs to read at night. Stop using your energy hog appliances and use DC powered everything. Keep your house above freezing so pipes don’t burst but don’t heat much above that unless you need to. Snuggle under really thick blankets instead. If you have pets, you can bring them in with you for heat. Dogs body temperature is higher than humans.

Use a bike, not a car for transportation. Or use a high mileage gas scooter or electric bike.


Martial law is Trump’s trump card and I can see him using it as a last resort.


The true thieves have never fretted over getting caught


If your really in need ------TAKE IT! Grab some filet mingon if your going to do it --grab something good--------the 1% write the rules ----they are the thieve’s—


splain it to us Zed . .

People will put up with horrible conditions. The boiled frog effect is real. We cant let it get worse for that reason. This kind of outcome of bad government is why. We should realize we all have a stake in good government. the powers that be are trying to pit us all against one another by trying to exploit wedge issues. But we really do have shared interests. We gain nothing from changes that outsource our jobs to 3rd world countries, or undermine nomatter what they say, these dels they are pushing only help the rich who are oppressing those countries, at the rest of the world’s expense. The big point is this, lowering wages for corporations.
Its a trap.

If the DPRK joins the WTO we can bet warehousing prisoners will be a big business for them, Probably not in the same exact places, but then again, who knows.

We have to stop TPTB’s global grab

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