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'Pathetic': Congress Passes Covid Relief Bill With $120 Billion Gift for the Wealthy, $600 Checks for the Working Class

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/pathetic-congress-passes-covid-relief-bill-120-billion-gift-wealthy-600-checks


Not surprising at all, but will the rubes ever learn that a large portion of elected officials (ALL Republicans, and sadly many of the Democrats) don’t care about them. Much hay will likely be made of the the Democrats who voted against this bill by the media, but will they ever explain in detail how sick this really is. 900 billion with 120 billion destined for the 1% and Corporations leaving 780 billion for the 99%. The Trump Tax cut was 1.5 Trillion and went to the 1%… Now, these numbers sound bad on the face of it… but when will they every try to educate the masses, that the 1.5 Trillion was for 3 million Americans, and the 780 billion is for the other 330 million.


Of course the majority of democrats signed off on this. After the GOP once again dropped their balls on the democrats collective faces, and they were nice enough to leave enough money for cab fair and maybe a cheeseburger, those same corporate democrats are now cheering the “big win” they think they negotiated.
Still don’t have a job, or are now working part time instead of full time? Months behind on your rent or mortgage? Deciding whether to keep the heat on or feed your kids? Knowing that, if you’re poor, you are probably going to be last in line for coronavirus vaccine?
Here’s $600. Now fuck off.


This giant eff-you to We, The People should underscore the necessity for an immediate unveiling of the Redefinition of Communism to all of my incrementally-progressive, pacifism-minded friends.

21st century Communism =/= Soviet-style socialism or Chinese state-run Capitalism.

Liberate your minds of the Cold War propaganda that’s infiltrated them and realize: 21st century Communism is the only systemic antidote to the Capitalistic Oligarchy (i.e. Feudalism) that’s currently killing off the planet’s biosphere. You can work to bring Communism into the political dialogue…or you can resign yourself to dying without having ever had your voice heard. Those are the pacifists’ only options, at this point.



Or peaceful protests. :))


Peaceful Protests = anarchist rioting, looting: once the first cops kettle us, agents provacateurs entrap us we become terrorists assulting cops’ batons, gas, flash-bangs; TV lights go out and ORDER is reestablished! Now, we’ll have cops & OathKeepers beating us on one side, and cranked-up MAGA nazis poking us with automatic rifles on the other & “liberal” media SQUEALING “BernieBroSuperpredatorRooskiBots!” They don’t need their Walmart rifles, they can kill us by loud mouth-breathing (peaceful protest = sadistic beat down?)







It’s funny how many progressives have this delusional view of Ghandi and MLKs struggles, genuinely convincing themselves that non-violence led to the victories of their movements. Of course, that was poppycock.
Ghandi’s movement to free India from their brutal British overlords took decades, cost many lives, with Ghandi’s victory ultimately being a pyrrhic one, as the British only really abandoned India not in response to political pressure, but out of financial expediency because the British were broke after WWII and could no longer afford their 19th century “empire”
The American civil rights movement started with abolitionists protest prior to the American civil war, and continued until after the inadequate civil rights act was signed in 1964. Civil rights protesters were beaten like mangy dogs for generations, with their only “victory” being the civil rights and voting acts that in realty didn’t grant anyone either.
Despite all the actions of MLKs movement, Jim Crow is alive and well, and thriving, in many corners of the USA. We are arguably just as segregated a nation as we were in the 1950’s.
While I would like to believe that non violent protest could change America’s sociopolitical shortcomings, the realist in me knows that the guys with the biggest guns usually win.


The latest arrogant insults to the masses of working class and poor Amerikans by our corrupt misleaders prove that Chris Hedges has it right.

Only major work stoppages and sustained national protest will ever turn this banana republic around.


Excellent rebuttal to BigB as he seems to incorrectly think that taking to the streets with guns is the answer to this country’s problems.

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It is simply absurd that the world’s richest nation cannot give enough funds to its citizens so that they can survive during a pandemic. If other countries can do this [the U.K., France, Denmark, etc] then so can the allegedly greatest country in the world.


That’s why i put the smiley face. LOL


Don’t know who “BigB” is, but Hedges correctly points out that resistance must always be peaceful, else the state will use the violence to not only demonize and crush the protesters, but to usher in real, permanent fascism. We saw a tiny foretaste of this last summer, when Trump deployed federal goons in Portland.


What I still do not understand is why no one is protesting in Kentucky. The teamsters should be organizing and doing daily sit ins at mitch’s home.


I don’t think BigB was advocating violence per se. I understood he meant peaceful protesters would be quashed, as has been demonstrated in the past.


I’d been in NYC, at Occupy’s Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge & one of the pre-dawn attacks; a shitload of locals here (all mixed up) spontaneously started walking down to the Lincoln Tunnel when two Black men were openly murdered by NYPD and we’d gone to that 430K yuppie march for AGW action. But, NONE of us EVER mistook Resistance® for anything besides the blob’s media & DNC trying to get actual, life-long Black, Hispanic, working class, FEMALE, LGBT… victims to put our aged, destitute asses on the line to hoodwink the petit bourgeoisie, that it was fine by us that they’d pulled up the ladder, abandoning us to indentured 1099 gig serfdom, fed us to their 0.01% masters (even buying their pink pussy hats & iPhones made by Chinese slave children, where they’d sent our jobs). I’m simply too OLD & fucked-up 9 months after COVID our commercial class infected us all with, two DNC hopefuls, tasked to LIE to us & keep their money machine working, as doctors skedaddled and vulnerable non-white nurses, au-pair, transit operators, teachers, clerks… as the working-class, they’d disappeared 40 years back was suddenly rechristened “essential” so they could monitize a blatant “herd immunity” scheme on US, from their vacation cottages. Fuck liberals.


Neoliberals flexing their new presidential muscles thinking all is back to normal now.


I agree with you here - the rose-tinted glasses through which the Indian Independence and our own Civil Rights Movements are viewed may be a bit less than wholly realistic.

To conflate the two movements, however, would lead to all sorts of unfair comparisons that may draw the ire of some here such that this is best left alone.

Still, it wasn’t Satyagraha so much as it was the fear of two million battle hardened Indians returning home after demobilization that finally led to the Brits packing up shop.

Gandhi wasn’t merely a figurehead - he was brilliant - and did play his part.


"In late-night votes just hours after nearly 5,600 pages of legislative text were released, the U.S. Congress on Monday approved trillions of dollars worth of government funding and coronavirus relief that …provide billions of dollars… in handouts to the rich.

So you see them at work right? A problem that has been discussed for months renders a solution that is dropped late at night with 5600 pages that Congress people have no time to read and then a vote is forced and surprise, there are billions in giveaways to the wealthy and corporations AGAIN. A solution has been sought for months but a vote has to happen urgently before anyone can read what has been tacked on to the bill. We can’t fix this system. It must be asphyxiated.


General strike would give the needed leverage (the PTB only understand the language of $) but how is one to get people to understand their collective power with all the delusion going on and thew fear of ‘socialism’.

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For the recored, it’s $600 and $300 a week plus the UI benefit extension. That’s not nothing, and a lot better than traditional UI, which only covers about ~50% of wages. I posted a link to economists yesterday who expect this to cover ~85% of lost wages.