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'Pathetic': Democratic Leaders Called Out for Betraying Vow to Fight for Dreamers


'Pathetic': Democratic Leaders Called Out for Betraying Vow to Fight for Dreamers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Congress shouldn't leave town to celebrate the holidays with our families while 800,000 Dreamers fear being ripped apart from their families."


Jesus people. You haven’t figured out by now that the Democrats work on behalf of their oligarch owners, just as the Republicans do also. Seriously?! Both parties are two sides of the same coin and that coin is minted and owned by the oligarchs. Calling out the Democrats for betrayal is like pissing into a hurricane.


Thank you for saying what needed to be said.


What else should we expect from a party that does not really fight for much of anything, or anyone, especially progressive issues? If Schumer and Pelosi don’t have the gumption/courage, integrity or resolve to keep their so-called members in line they need to resign as their "leadership is worthless! What would LBJ have done? He would have ripped the sellout DINO’s a new one!

The DNC has been complicit to accepting, funding, and coddling DINO politicians like those who voted against the Dreamers. While the DINO DNC and its establishment/elite hacks from the Clinton/Obama sellout camp sabotage and purge progressives and sellout progressive issues.

The timidity, collusion, complicity of the fake opposition party is not acceptable - their failure to challenge the likes of those who sided with the trump regime against the Dreamers and so much more should not be tolerated regardless a “D” after their names on paper. Those politicians are Quislings that cannot be trusted or counted-on when it matters most. They and all their ilk should be challenged by true progressives and supported by a reformed Dem Party purged not of progressives but RepubliCon lite sellouts!

Its obvious the Dem Party is not representing the 99%, or progressive issues, or its base supporters, but serving much the same destructive corporate. banker, wall st, health insurance and big-pharma predators and big-money campaign-contributors as the fascist Republicon swine!

With an “opposition” like those, who needs the trump regime or republicons to screw us and sell our issues to the highest bidder?


This time the article is just a little bit exaggerated.

The only power that the Dems currently have in Congress is the power to shut down the government every time the budget comes up. Last night the Dems had two main priorities, CHIP (Medicare for kids was expiring) and the Dreamers. The Republicans and the Dems preferred to cut the deal for CHIP alone.

Yes, I understand that it’s hard to think of little diaper-pooping infants as committing felonies because their parents brought them over the border to the States. To commit a real felony you need a developed brain, language and a knowledge of good and evil, otherwise there’s no criminal intent. I also understand that typically these guys don’t belong in the old country if they never learned the old country’s language. Some of them might be cool, some might be a bit dorky, but they belong with us and with nobody else.


The US has never honored promises to anybody. Ask the first American nations if the US is kind of country that honors promises and treaties.


I absolutely agree, but I would also say that “shutting down government” - even a threat to do so - is bad policy and bad politics.

  1. It is a standard “Republican” threat that fits into and conditions people to hate government itself;
  2. Hundreds of millions of people would be hurt in terms of loss of Social Security, assistance payments, interruptions of tax collections, multiple VA problems, loss of many other services and increased general governmental chaos;
  3. The global Permanent War State and domestic National Security State would be immune;
  4. Numerous new avenues for increased austerity would reveal themselves.

Government shut-down, as a tactic, is short-sighted, classist and would be devastating to the vast majority of people in the U.S. Only the bourgeoisie members of our capitalist Duopoly could consider it as anything but a horror.


Democrats just don’t care about their former base.

How’d that Latino vote go in 2016 compared to 2012? Glad you asked:

Obama 71%
Romney 27%

Clinton 65%
Trump 29%


Don’t hold your breath. The Democrats want to be back in power-- to slow-walk the ongoing decline (slow boiled vs. deep fried frogs) and serve their true base-- many of the same corporations that also support the GOP.

By just sitting back and doing little to nothing beyond a few perfunctory statements they expect things to become unbearable for voters-- and that gives them hope for the 2018 midterms.

Just think back to the last time the Dems had real power-- waaaay back in 2009-2010-- how did they they use that public granted power? They bailed out Wall Street and left pretty much everyone else to twist in the wind.

The GOP serves the top .1% and the Dems handle the top 5% of us. Not you? Tough crap-- but hey we’re not the GOP!!!


The most important lesson We the People can all agree to have learned from the events of 2017 is that both parties of the Duopoly, the Republicans and the Democrats are useless to the majority of us.

Corporations, banks, and most importantly, the Military, are their primary interest. We, the People come second.

This is not how Democracy works.

To support either of these two parties, for even one more day, is, destructive.

Destructive to us, our children, our opportunity for Peaceful Coexistence with all nations, our planet, and the human race.

Those Americans who continue to vote for either of these two parties are supporting the destruction of everything We hold dear.

Please, read the Green Party, Green New Deal, and read it to your children, your friends and co-workers, and come to the realization that We the People have the power to create a better world.

Each and every one of us must make a conscious choice to reject the “lesser evil” mentality that is destroying our lives, our country’s standing in the world, and our Mother Earth.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sane and compassionate comment. The Dems are pretty well ham-stringed by the obstreperous and punitive GOP controlled Congress. The GOP has shown over the last two decades that they do not cut deals, they set mandates while changing the rules to suit their agendas. Our system is broken and the GOP with its almighty dictator is gleefully dismantling our democracy


Whether it is the Greens or other parties and movements, this statement is extremely well-stated. Good Winter Holidays, Happy New Year and



Demoratcy in action


The Dems are just as complicit. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, the Welfare to Work Act, the Crime Bill that incarcerated many on behalf of the private prison industry, etc. Barak Obama gave us NDAA, gave Wall Street a pass on their crimes and appointed them to continue their crimes in his administration, etc. And Barak deported more people than anyone before him. And his SOS was responsible for the Honduran refugee problem and wanted to send them all back. How about Libya. And the Dems had the WH and Congress for two years and did nothing of consequence for the citizens other than passing a Republican think tank ACA. Stop putting it all on the GOP. That is simply a lie, or fake news as the deranged Donald might say.


The Democratic Party has officially changed their name to the Origami Party since all they do is fold, fold, fold. Hey Schumer, all we want for xmas if for you to resign from leadership so a women with a spine can take your place; like the junior senator from New York as an example. You have proven yourself worthless.


NAFTA was a done deal under Poppy Bush’s admin…Clinton was just the signer within months of taking office. The W to W and Crime Bills were tradeoffs with Congress…granted, they were/are horrible but the carryover from St. RR’s eight years of horror jumped over Poppy and landed in WJC’s lap with all the political payoffs contained in that Raygun eight-year debacle. Recall RR’s mergers and acquisitions mania? Remember all the privatization of prisons and closures of federally funded hospitals/home for the mentally ill? Ronny and his pals started that parade to privatization…big time.

You have to admit that when WJC left office there was a SURPLUS so he did something right. His international diplomacy was remarkable!


The only thing Clinton did was to further the oligarch’s agenda. And he signed all those bills. He could have vetoed them. He didn’t. He was fine with them.
Bill Clinton:
Took office 20 January 1993. Total debt: $4,188 billion
Left office 20 January 2001. Total debt: $5,728 billion
Percent change in total debt: +37%


allowing a continuing resolution to pass both houses of Congress and heading home for the holidays while leaving thousands of immigrants in “legal limbo.”

I’d be interested to know if any Senate or House Republicans vetoed the “resolution”. I assume no Republican Congress critters that voted had voted against it.