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'Pathetic': Romney, Cotton Condemned for Offering $10 Minimum Wage With Added Xenophobic Touch

Keep in mind mitt is one of the ‘good’ republicans… Pretending to be an ‘Adult’

This guy believes he’s going to get his own planet when he croaks - AND THIS is the best they can do.

It’s a very sick Death Cult

Lets not kid ourselves. In many areas $15/hr is just enough to get you kicked off of assistance programs but not enough to survive on.


It is time for undocumented humor.
Refugees from deadly violence are welcome.
Immigrants having specific education and experience are welcome.

The undocumented mexican drug lords in chicago should have been arrested, prosecuted and housed in a Gitmo tent. But no, they are valuable resources.

And the team of undocumented Mexican workers pleading ‘no english’ to shingle my roof also asked for $20 / hour cash. They also think that six guys can use the same social security number.

Many immigrants do work hard. In home care people are from Nigeria, Poland and Phillipines.

‘Migrant’ definition should go back to define agricultural who come north with a visa and return home with money to live on.

Texas has Flyin Cruz as senator. He is a Canadian. That is why he can blow off ice, snow, cold.

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Two among many senators supporting slavery for those driven from their homes and neighborhoods in their country by US colonialism.

So the colonial masters send disruptors and extractors into a country and the people flee into a waiting wage-slave corral built by rich capitalists spouting prejudiced propaganda. The colonial masters run for political office and press austerity on the north Americans too. 25$ is a better minimum number, adjusted for inflation from 1-1-2021…

Remember when Romney showed up at the Florida republican convention to run for president. He arrived in his huge white boat flying the Cayman island flag. Thet’s where he registered his boat to avoid taxes.

The story is old now. Capitalist centrally planned free marketism is falling. Will the people devise a new and more fun way of life that shuns oligarchs as proven incurable? Or, will people continue to bow in deference to pirates and imagine a future that looks like today?


the most dangerous thing in the world is a donkey riding on top of an elephant - screwing everything in sight. A fair description of govt of the us , I think.


the voters are ill informed. They watch tv. Most have the attention span of a retarted slug ( no offense to slugs). Most of them are single issue voters.


There is no forum on the topics I want to discuss today. The over-coverage of Tiger Woods who I personally admire as an athlete, but he’s not a head of state.

And our disgusting Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson.
At long last senator, have you no decency?
He fits in perfectly with our tail gunner Joe McCarthy.


You don’t want to hire “illegals”. Do you have a definition of illegal capital, or do you just use that word when applied to human beings? Capitalists want to commodify everything, so this way of thinking probably confuses capitalists. Okay, are you going to concurrently address the free flow of capital? What do you think happens when you stop the flow of labor but allow capital to cross borders (which it can do much faster than labor can flow across borders)? Guess what happens? You give total advantage to capital. Want to do an organizing drive? Great, by the time you vote on your union I will be setting up shop in Vietnam. I can also transfer financial capital across borders in less than a second. So, if I already have a factory, guess what I can now do? If you want to try and challenge capital, me the capitalist, I will lay workers off and increase production in a factory I have overseas. As far as financial capital goes, forget it. The average stock is in the hands of investors for seconds. To not touch the flow of capital while focusing on labor is insane. Sorry, just is.

Explain to me then how you think for a second you are helping workers by just focusing on the flow of labor, while not touching the flow of capital. And don’t tell me that you care so much about both, but want to do one before the other. Attacking vulnerable populations is easy and as American as apple pie. But most people that make similar points are cowards. They are really tough when it comes to going after vulnerable groups, never get around to challenging the more powerful capitalists.

If you want to really get down to it, you have to start to talk about who actually owns the means of production. Worker cooperatives and publicly owned enterprises are necessarily placed based institutions. So, you can solve this problem by supporting worker ownership and public ownership.

My guess though is that you will just talk about the flow of labor. Who knows though. Fact is, a working class American has a billion times more in common with a working class person from Guatemala than Bill Gates.


By the way, if you want to know who is the strongest supporter of actual open borders, it is libertarians. The labor market is, well, a market and the government interfering with the flow of labor is the government intervening in markets. The leading libertarian thinkers regard nation states as outdated institutions. So, after posting this on lefty sites, go to libertarian sites and make your case. Cause they are almost entirely committed to actual open borders, and many capitalists are too.


Maybe time to get on the mayflower and go back. The native Americans think the pilgrims are illegal.


The Dems need to hold steady with $15, Manchin or no. If Manchin votes against the entire bill and crashes the needed relief, let the responsibility fall on his head – crushing any potential political future he might have.

While this relief is urgently needed – and months ago would be better than a few weeks from now, I don’t see any reason the Dems couldn’t try again with another bill if Manchin betrays the people… After all, how many times did the GOP try to ax the Affordable Care Act?

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Here is the plan.

Claim a higher minimum wage will cost low wage workers their jobs.

Have two tiers of workers one not making minimum wage but substantially less because they deemed “illegal”.

Businesses higher the “illegals” because they are cheaper. This puts a pile of people entitled to minimum wage out of work.

Point to all of those unemployed who now complain they can not find a job and say “see I told you raising the minimum wage would costs jobs”


I like your putting “illegal” in quotes.

  1. It is hard to get through to those who know everything.
  2. People who vote “democrat” seem more willing to accept facts and see wrong doing by “representatives”.
  3. People who vote “republican” have a “republican good. Everything else bad” attitude.
  4. There is no hope.

For a while now I have talked to people about voting for the one who raises the least amount of corporate funds. Ears are closed.

This move reveals the dirty little secret that you never hear anyone mention. Corporate America loves undocumented workers because they are workers that can be exploited. Who else would pick our crops and make the beds in our hotels? These poor folks pay into a tax system from which they will never benefit, and the same forces that exploit them whip up fervor against them so that they can keep them undocumented and continue to exploit them. You never hear any mention of that. What a dirty little game they play. And most Americans are clueless.


And that is precisely why employees need to be verified and businesses severely penalized for paying below the legal minimum. That is, rather than checking the immigration status of employees, establish that the employees are being paid according to law. Also, the whole stratagem of the DP’s Dream Act and the like is to bring millions of people into the party fold without tacking even in the barest sense of the word to the left.

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Exactly. These guys are proposing this not because they concerned about “illegal” workers , but because they want to ensure those workers can be exploited which in turn keeps the rest of the working poor in check.

They want to ensure the mechanisms that allow exploitation remain in place because the system they champion is about one small group exploiting the rest. Romney was doing this at Bain Capital. Ruining lives to line his pockets.


to be clear --there are NO moderates in the Republican party–few who support the Constitution as the recent crisis shows–and the other party? they have a handful of moderates posing as progressives --the rest of the party is closer to the Republican agenda than we think–on most of the major positions the two parties are tied together at the waist–this is why we have no health care in time of pandemic-no relief from the parasite corporations controlling our economy for their benefit(see the increase in wealth of the capitalists during the pandemic) and on and on with unmet needs after decades of neglect and decades of fruitless destructive wars(that are making billions for the corporate arms industry) that have sucked up the dollars that could have given the people of this country the things they need–like universal health care–this is the true face of the Democratic party and all their fancy speeches and proposals that they know will go nowhere are one big gas light


Certainly your description is accurate for far too many, but not a majority I believe.

Everything really comes down to this, doesn’t it?

Yes, if Biden wasn’t what we expected, Bernie would have been POTUS!