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'Pathetic': Sanders, Khanna Slam Trump and GOP for Spreading Election Lies as Pandemic Surges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/pathetic-sanders-khanna-slam-trump-and-gop-spreading-election-lies-pandemic-surges

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See here is the Problem for the GOPoopers…Mathematics.
As a Scientist, one Cannot Ignore, Fake, or Lie about Mathematics.


It doesn’t change the equations, it doesn’t change the convergence towards the Truthful Answer.

And Based on the Infection Rates of Growth we are seeing.

A Whole Lot of People are going to Suffer and DIE this winter.
You Can’t just Stop these Growth Rates.
There is No Magic Bullet.

These Infection Curves are going to play out to the Catastrophic End.
It’s Mathematics.


Great comment.

Yet it doesn’t take a mathematician to see a severe lack of humanity in/by our government. This can be seen on an energy level as well. Consider some of the best mathematicians ever designed the pyramids too.


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The treason is if the GOP does not believe in the MATHEMATICAL, science of global warming, they have no choice but to lie and ignore the Mathematics about Covid-19…Global warming is " A CHINESE HOAX" COVID-19 IS A CHINESE PROBLEM!


It is Indeed TREASON


Straight to the Heart isn’t it
Seeing the Wreck in Slow Motion

Knowing the Outcome will be Massive Pain and Sorrow

Knowing it’s Dereliction of Duty


Yeah, for me it has been like watching a blind man cross the street at a busy intersection. It has been coming for a long time and now it is here.

All hope is not lost but it is hard to see so much grief.


Too bad we do not have firing squads anymore, like in Benedict Arnolds time.


I disagree. Not if there is a swift and strong national intervention (leadership) and lock-down, intensified contact tracing, etc., and paying people not to interact. Super-spreader events, like human interactions, are not, in and of themselves, mathematical. Curves can be flattened. It takes will and funding, neither of which is entirely constrained by mathematics.

And the real beeotch of it is, no matter what form this relief takes, hedge funds that now own the majority of rental home property in this country, along with “gubmint welfare queens” like the Walton Klan will, in the end, benefit the most as this money “trickles up”.

On Covid’s coattails, fascism sneaks in through the back door.

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That’s so far, and that’s exactly why Orangeman encourages the devastation: because our system is especially designed to benefit the vultures exclusively, in the event of any catastrophe. There’s some chance people could grow weary of getting squashed, and start pushing back. I thinks that’s already happening, and I call it the George Floyd Rebellion.

George isn’t going anywhere, and great plagues have driven history in completely unpredictable directions from time immemorial.

CDC just reported 194,610 new cases for USA on 11/12. Utah joined my roster of state-outbreak basket-cases, in ninth place:

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      52.1        125.1         0.89
>  2. Iowa              45.2         88.1         0.57
>  3. Wyoming           39.2         82.1         0.55
>  4. North Dakota      14.7        142.8         1.10
>  5. Idaho             38.1         57.1         0.84
>  6. Kansas            37.0         49.4         0.82
>  7. Wisconsin         15.2         92.9         0.55
>  8. Montana           15.9         74.6         1.09
>  9. Utah              17.1         63.4         0.29

I agree. We are in a refusal to understand the urgency of the intensity mode. Trumpism.
Our state has a thoughtful dem. governor. But that is overshadowed by a screwy republican state house. It even got the governors mandates thrown out. That with super spreader events in major cities sealed our present fate. More cases than New York. No available ICU beds. Fuck trump, Wisconsin republicans, and Fucks Noise.


For the record, The Atlantic magazine just let everyone know that Covid death-rates are about to soar in USA, because we’ve finally run out of everything, including doctors and nurses. Mortality for hospitalized Covid patients has dropped to 1/3 of what it used to be, worldwide. In USA case-mortality has dropped to around 2.4%, but now it’s primed for liftoff, because adequate care depends on people and equipment, and all we’re left with is shortages. We have only begun to experience the havoc covidiots have wreaked.


I feel very fortunate to be retired and not faced with the mingling that workplaces have. Fortunate that many of the normal everyday exposures can be avoided.
I hope we can be even more careful in the upcoming weeks.

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Absolutely curves can be flattened
It’s just that we have nothing in place to do that

Anything done today takes at least 14 days to affect the curve
And until then we have 14 days of momentum

And that is if we do something TODAY

US response time right now is in months not days
And still the inertia increases

We’ll get there but until then we still have places like S Dakota
who has no infrastructure and they are in runaway conditions
And they still voted down a mask mandate

The Community Suffers and Dies

Because of some Jackasses Partisan Opinion

Are we ever going to realize that using pejoratives to describe DT and/or his party is entirely useless?

Precisely. In the same way that if The Powers That Be decide that DT will remain in office, that will be that - 76 million votes for Biden aside. That may not happen, but as far as known, there is no guarantee that it won’t.

Your comment reminds me of something that keeps popping up in my thoughts. I’ve heard multiple people from the Biden camp, pundits, and Biden himself suggest that they have been given a mandate. With half the vote going to the other side (dark side)?
Trump claimed the same, a mandate with that close 2016 election as well.

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Right. 71 million votes for DT - and what he represents. That’s hardly a mandate for Biden.
Parenthetically, perhaps it’s just me, but this how our system rolls: One candidate, one act, is less grievous than the previous, so therefore we are supposed to be glad - if not grateful - to return to neoliberalism.

Even-steven party votes keeps everybody a little bit sane, non confrontational, and perhaps hopeful.