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'Pathetic': Trump Says No to Additional Covid-19 Stimulus Checks, Backs Cutting Tax That Funds Social Security Instead

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/pathetic-trump-says-no-additional-covid-19-stimulus-checks-backs-cutting-tax-funds


Punish the poor, rob everyone, these are the regressives’ objectives. The Late Great George Carlin was onto their mission* a long time ago:


*with kudos to Naomi Klein for authoring Shock Doctrine (2007), which explains how the big club is trying to exploit the current crisis


He may want that tax cut, but thank God there is the Congress who…will…stand…for… Oh, wait.


Smash and grab my friends.


Trump: SARS-3.


Black is white, up is down, north is south and truth is lies - the trump regime in everything it does and sez; every move to gift crony’s and the uber -wealthy is an affront to every honest person - or should be!. A narrative so at odds with truth and sanity it boggles the mind.

“rump’s allies in right-wing media have defended the president and his response to coronavirus, supporting the administration’s narrative that Democrats are using the coronavirus to further their own political agenda by purposefully exaggerating the severity of coronavirus just to blame Trump for it.” - why is everybody always pickin on me?

The focus by millions that this evil monster cretin and his entire gang must be removed from power must be achieved - the fight with the DINO corporate whores then shifts into high gear as they too are servants of wealth and power, not the republic, people, or planet - not really!



Trump Says No to Additional Covid-19 Stimulus Checks

For the little people… there are still many corporations suffering not to mention the 1%


The back stabs never end with this guy and his sycophants.


Like clockwork, it happens every single election season. The meany Rs want to cut SS and the useless Ds claim they’re saving it. Both sides work together in this facade that intentionally never changes anything. Monthly payments remain too low, living expenses exponentially increase every year far beyond the few dollar (or not) monthly increase in payments. Seniors are forced to split their meds or forgo them completely, exist with fewer groceries, turn off/on utilities, and the band plays on, year after year after year.


NYTs, worth the read:

Why the Wealthy Fear Pandemics

The coronavirus, like other plagues before it, could shift the balance between rich and poor.

Today, America faces a fundamental choice between defending the status quo and embracing progressive change. The current crisis could prompt redistributive reforms akin to those triggered by the Great Depression and World War II, unless entrenched interests prove too powerful to overcome.

Status quo Joe vs. out to lunch Trump. Not a chance, without Bernie at the helm, it ain’t gonna happen.


Torched Earth policy.


Fightin’ words from the NYT. So glad they endorsed Bernie…oh…yeah…never mind.


Time to tell Boeing to give the virus money back, since their financial problems were all about poor engineering that took place long before this pandemic. Yes, it is theft from the public trust.


LameGod ? 1000 laughing emojis .
Well , your comment name certainly fits nicely .
What’s your position in the company , vice president of human trafficking ?


I think when it comes down to turning in my mail in ballot this November, those are the words that may FORCE me to vote for Biden, NOT because he is the lesser of two evils (he is not), but because we have several fights to engage in and the first one is to remove trump and his cult from the halls of power. THEN we fight like hell against the corporatist/establishment dems. And I don’t mean we simply try to shift their policy goals to the Left. THAT ain’t gonna happen. We fight like hell to REPLACE them with Progressive FIGHTERS, in Congress and at every level of government. Right now though my decision is still very much up in the air. Shove hot branding irons into my eyes and vote for Biden or not vote for President at all.


Privatization of social security has been big on the agenda of politicians for decades. And that includes Obama.The first stimulus included a payroll tax holiday. The next one proposes to cut the tax. And even now the chorus chimes of unsustainable debt fueled by social security and Medicare. Yet another classic example of ‘Starve the Beast’. And like so many examples- from education to Cuba and Venezuela- it will almost surely succeed. The vast majority of Congress works for Wall St, not you and me. Raise the ss threshold? Impose a wealth tax? Curtail military spending? Absolutely NOT! As even Warren and Pelosi have reminded us, we are Capitalists to our bones. The wealthy drive the economy. The wealthy create jobs. The wealthy strengthen the stock market. All true. They drive the Main St economy into the ground. They create slave labor around the globe. And they use taxpayer money to buy back stocks.

Who the F cares about seniors and disabled people anyway. Who the F cares about people who can’t afford to go to the doctor. Many will be outraged and screaming to high heavens when the coming slash and burn tirade begins to heat up in the coming months. But it will be too little, too late. When you willfully fail, time and time and time again to speak up for others, you have too be severely delusional to expect anyone to speak up for you. The REPUlsives and the DEMons are two ends of the same broom stick. One end goes up your ass and out of your mouth in full view. The other goes up in a more clumsy manner; with bristles that might deflect attention from the stick, itself.

We ARE in the process of a true revolution. However, it is not a revolution of the people. It is a revolution being carried out by Mother Earth against the most despicable species She has had the misfortune of nurturing in the course of Her entire life. Don’t expect Her to stand up for this species when it has never once truly stood up for Her or any of her other Children.


correct sentiment. But its more than Trump. How about “Neo-Liberalism: SARS-3”?


Right there with you! It’s going to be hard with either puppet at the helm. I’m remembering how impossible it was to get Obama to live up to his rhetoric - He could’ve gone out in the street and killed an American citizen (actually, he did) and the Dems and M$media would’ve had his back.


“A lot of economists would agree with me. A lot of people agree with me.”
At this point anyone who agrees with Trump on anything is probably brain dead. This is the most selfish, stupid idea I have heard of and any economist who agrees with Trump must have had an even lower class standing than Trump.


If we lived in a “civilized” society, folks like Trump would not only be in jail (or a padded cell) for life, but their criminal wealth would be confiscated and distributed to the poor from which is was originally stolen. This goes for all multi-millionaires and billionaires. Of course we don’t live in a civilized society. Once again such a society would not tolerate such wealth inequality. Welcome to AmeriKKKa where Criminals prosper at the expense of everyone else.
“Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” – Balzac