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Pathway to Paris


Pathway to Paris

Mary Anne Hitt, Bruce Nilles

The Trump Administration has made no secret of their intent to roll back the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of the climate commitment the US made at the 2015 Paris climate summit. The Clean Power Plan will save lives by slashing dangerous carbon pollution, and Trump’s expected attack on it is yet another effort to boost the profits of his corporate polluter pals at the expense of the health of our families. However, it turns out that the Clean Power Plan is but one building block to meeting our Paris commitment.


"We'll fight Trump in the courts, in the streets, and at the state and local level across the nation."

While this president and his criminal cabinet care only about fattening their bank accounts, We, the People will do the hard work of reducing the damage they wreak.


In addition to the horror that is Trump et al., I would add MSM's role in paving the way for a potentially uninhabitable planet.

This article by Mary Anne Hitt and Burce Niles is great for the choir who get what greed and FF extraction/ burning is doing to life on the planet but in the meantime this is what most of the world is reading:

“Great news for the State of Alaska," Alaska Governor Bill Walker said in a statement. "We must all pull together to fill an oil pipeline that's three-quarters empty."

Let’s talk about MSM’s role in the current sixth extinction shall we?

In spite of the fact that we are pushing 410 ppm of co2 and poles/permafrost are melting due to anthropogenic warming, MSM continues to promote the killing of life on earth by humans.

Wish I could think of an analogy that would sufficiently depict the level of destructiveness that the above CNN article exemplifies. MSM promotes greed and contributes to massive ignorance--- of course for anyone with half a functioning brain, this is a “duh” statement!

No mention in this CNN article of the fact that extracting and burning this oil will contribute to killing most---perhaps all--- life on this planet.

CNN might as well be writing about the discovery of a huge supply of bath salts, heroine or meth to distribute amongst the world’s population without mentioning how deadly they are----but someone will make a lot of money selling them----yay!

Big difference is the damage from ingesting these drugs is only limited to humans-----therefore it is not a good enough analogy that I am using here. These drugs are illegal while oil extraction/burning is not only legal but subsidized and is a killing process that is still celebrated and promoted:

“Marketwatch” describes this oil discovery as a “LIFELINE” for Alaska:

“ First production from the discoveries could come as soon as 2021, with output of as much as 120,000 barrels a day, Repsol said. That would represent a lifeline for Alaska, which has seen oil revenues plummet after prices crashed in 2014. The state also needs new crude to keep oil flowing on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.”

Meet one of the individuals who will play a key role in the destruction of life on earth----he is so “psyched” about this!

Good ole “Bill” Armstrong (doesn’t his name sound benign?) ----speaking below on his goal of finding oil in Alaska in 2016 (http://www.alaskajournal.com/2016-09-14/armstrong-aims-prove-slope-still-target-rich’#.WMVYpunFsy4)

“While fully acknowledging the fact that Alaska is a high-cost environment, the geologist in Armstrong enjoys the relatively simple, shallow, conventional plays the state affords.
“We’re psyched about operating up here, just psyched. It’s cold and it’s dark, but otherwise, from an operational standpoint, its just not that hard,” Armstrong said.
The independent has operated numerous fields in the Lower 48 and the North Fork gas field east of Anchor Point on the Kenai Peninsula, which it sold to Cook Inlet Energy in 2014.”

Armstrong Oil and Gas are partners with the Spain based Repsol in this latest greed fueled murderous project.

Let’s remember Repsol -----an entity that doesn’t give a shit about anything other than making money:


We must take citizen activism to a new level and by all indications is it happening. The key thing now is to keep up the momentum and hope people do not get discouraged when the going gets tough.


Way to go Caroline for pointing out the Truth.
The main thing changing now other than the Climate is all the extra fossil fuels getting discovered, and others getting closer to being uncovered and discovered, in the Arctic region. And, the way MSM, plus politicians, and even us ordinary citizens get hyped as though 'more' of the same stuff will surely solve our problems. Did you see Pruitt telling the World CO2 was not the main driver for Climate change?


Thanks for shining a light on the Captured, and untrustworthy, MSM.


Unfortunately, yes joejo. May have turned to the grape shortly thereafter which only gave me an even worse headache. I know AGW deniers who have "advanced degrees" and supposedly high IQ's (for what "intelligent quotients are worth---- apparently nothing in these cases!)