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'Patriot Act 2.0'? Critics Call Senate 'Cybersecurity' Bill as Trojan Horse for More Spying


'Patriot Act 2.0'? Critics Call Senate 'Cybersecurity' Bill as Trojan Horse for More Spying

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee approved a cybersecurity bill during a secret session on Thursday, marking the next step in a process that critics warn will nefariously expand the government's already substantial surveillance powers.


It worked in Canada and Britain, so as part of the Five Eyes, the US figures it can do it too.


Meanwhile a Texas legislator introduced a bill that would make it a felony to film Police officers in performance of their duty unless the person filming was an accredited member of the News media.

You see how this works. They want to watch YOU but you can not watch them. They want to monitor you but you can not monitor them. They want to hold you to account and control your behaviour through mass surveillance but do not want to be held to account themselves.

YOU will get to vote once every four years but who you vote for will be monitored and adjusted accordingly in the interests of national security.


Smells like veto bait to me. Craft a bill and attach riders. Send it to Obama for a near certain veto. Claim that Obama is against this or that and foment more cognitive dissonance. It’s all about 2016. Politics: business as usual.


A secret meeting of a Senate committee, at which business was done? How is it even constitutional for a bill to be passed out of a closed committee meeting?


Meanwhile, hackers,spyware, malware, and viruses plague my computer. If we’re going to have cybersecurity, then let’s have something delivered! Oh but its not about that. My personal online security be damned as long as the gov can stick a scope up my … to see my …! That’s just all kinds a wrong. I get treated like a criminal meanwhile the real criminals remain unmolested.


Or as another great amerikan president, GW Bush once said, you just keep shopping and let us worry about it! SUCKERS!


Wyden is one of the few senators who cares about individual freedom, now that Udall has been knocked out.