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Patriotism at a Price: US Military Paid NFL Teams to 'Honor' Soldiers at Games


Patriotism at a Price: US Military Paid NFL Teams to 'Honor' Soldiers at Games

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

What better way to advertise military culture—and recruit teenagers—than by staging heartfelt salutes to "hometown heroes" at professional football games in front of thousands of fans?

That, apparently, is what Department of Defense officials thought when they shelled out at least $5.4 million of U.S. taxpayer' money to 14 NFL teams between 2011 and 2014—to pay them to promote and advertise for the military on and off the field.


Coincident with titrated poverty, nostalgia is an extremely effective recruiting tool.


We have fallen down the rabbit hole all the way to Nazi Germany.


This is just advertisment supporting the American mercenary class.


The pro football gladiatorial stadium experience is like a sports version of predatory capitalist gluttony and climate chaos. It epitomizes the sanctioning of ignoring that the “owners” get socialized taxpayer monies to build this version of the ponzi behemoth experience. Its big and by golly life is tough and there is a certain prideful invisibility to have a microcosm of the world you wish you could travel and see, like a soldier. Discuss local, national and international engagement? Heck no, just put your hand over your (broken) heart and shed a tear for that moment of musical patriotic strains by the guys who matter on the really, really big screen. Brruuuelch. All you can adrenalize, all you can eat, having saved for month for this particular conspicuous consumption of the concessions, yell, cheer and curse, then go home a sleep off the beer and junk food.

Co-op development with community well being for future generations, still struggling, holds a special prayer that these characters wake up from the nightmare being bought into.


Do they give the Hometown Heroes a lift back to whatever bridge they’re living under after they’re honored? Do the heroes take their shopping carts with all their worldly goods with them to the game or is someone assigned to guard them until they get back? Do they get to eat something while they’re at the stadium or do they just go hungry, as usual?


Wow. I dig your rhetoric!


I suspected that favors were exchanged or life style perks were given but large sums of hard cash is no real surprise either- the 1% has always relied on stimulating blind patriotism. As a modest act of resistance, I sent complaints to NHL hq and NHL players association- maybe if a million of us did something we could slow this juggernaut down.


Wow, How cynical is that!? I remember during the NBA “Hoops For Troops” campaign, the announcers would say, "this has been brought to you buy the NBA & Dept. of Defense. I remember wondering out loud if the defense dept was paying the NBA, and then getting into a heated argument afterwards about being cynical and for even thinking such a thing! Yes, Iconcur, shades of Nazi Germany…


An all out blitz of agitprop


If you think these ballgame displays are in-your-face, pay a visit to a military town. It is everywhere. Car dealerships, restaurants, local businesses with “Support Our Troops” banners. (Their steady paychecks are good for business.) The local media resembles The Pentagon Channel. Shades of Nazi Germany? The American flags plastered everywhere remind you that you are not in Munich. Though, perhaps someday Nuremberg-style rallies will be in the offering.
Spielen Ball, Jungs!


I was disgusted by the presence of the military at golf tournaments. Gotta keep promoting the patriotic theme!


Exactly, Golf tournaments !!! and pathetic golfers show their ‘patriotism’ by being shamed into shaking the hands of the wooden soldiers. God Bless the Empire…


Check out “Salute from the Shore.”
The idea is that beachgoers are supposed to “salute” the military planes doing flyovers.
Wonder if anyone ever attempted mooning the planes or taking their tops off?


In-your-face flag waving is getting creepy. It seems to stand for 'I’ve got mine." It’s like a magic cloak that allows you to do terrible things.

My 20 years as a line officer in the AF taught me many things. One is that the American flag on a uniform is a badge of FEDERAL authority to kill in the name of the United States government. Since the patriotic fervor began, every security guard, police officer and dentist sports a flag.

That says to me they are claiming the right to kill for the government. Because that’s what it meant when I wore it. Not good for serenity, folks. Scary.


Well folks, this is just who we are. People love the military and anything they do. And that’s just the way it is. (Hmm…can you still sign-up for that one way mission to mars?)


At the Nats game yesterday, Navy day, 35 folks reenlisted on the field, up on the big board, drill teams, incessant standing up and hats off this that and the other (“if you love your country sing the song.”) Everybody selfie sticking themselves up the butt. " Our Navy in all the oceans protecting our freedoms brought to you by UPS" ( they had there finger in there.) I was alone in thirty five thousand not screaming my head off for empire. I come here for sanity.


Is that true? Oh, never mind, I know it is, but it just seems incredible. I don’t watch sports, and these comment just threw me for a loop. So did the article, in fact. How can people who are intelligent and discerning in other areas of life, fail to see this crap for what it is? Brain-washing from an early age, of course, but it’s so damn demoralizing and discouraging. I don’t pray (mainstream religions seem to be some of the biggest promoters of militarism), but I wish, heartily, too, for peaceful revolution.


You go to professional sports games for sanity?


Well what do you expect - sports “patriots” deflate footballs to “win”, military “patriots” deflate the rest of the world for the same reason …never mind asking what is actually “won” …