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Patriotism for Sale: The Pentagon's Pro-War Propaganda Scheme with Pro Sports



The $$$ amounts climb, more teams get into the mix, the Pentagon misleads with incomplete reports, etc. etc.; SOSDD, please. Just stop lying to us that you're not robbing the taxpayers blind at every possible turn. Wrap a flag around it, boys, maybe two or three, eh? When the sunlight of this world is strong enough to penetrate the depths of malfeasance in the halls of Congress, the MIC, the caverns of Wall Street and every other captured gov't agency; we'll witness monkeys flying out the arses of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, as they dance and sing at halftime on Sunday Night Football. Casino Capitalism and sports gambling, indeed. It's a rigged game; whoops, maybe that should be " rigged games ". Place your bets now! Everybody's a winner! Step right up! Nobody lives forever, anyway! Step right up!. Yeah, that's the ticket. :wink:


Interesting Story and it may explain what I saw. I watched a Commercial that I was sure was a recruitment advertisement for the military. Father drives his daughter to leave for the military. She has her camouflage clothing and they give each other a tearful glance as she walks into a building like a bus station or recruitment office. Then you see the Toyota logo and music and it fades to black.
I just wondered how or who managed to convince Toyota to agree with it.


Are you kidding, do you know how many Toyota trucks have been purchased by DOD and given to ISIL. My kids would get embarrassed when I wouldn't stand for "God Bless America" at sporting events. It's all too much to be believed and yet, there it is right in front of our noses everyday.


The bread paid for the centurions at the circus


God Bless America? No, that's the National Anthem that is played before all NFL games.


An antidote. :smile:



Did you try using the hyperlink function in the editor (the chain icon at the top)?


Oh, that is a good one. Thanks.


When the Dems and Republicans agree on the need for accountability by the Pentagon, you know there's a problem. Good to see Republicans on the bandwagon.

Pentagon Dark Money is so taken for granted as OK these days, that we need a kid to cry that the Emperor is naked. The assumption that it's normal for a federal agency to hide its spending mechanisms is similar to the assumption that it's OK to hide the TPP text. We start to accept it. There is little justification to hide part of military spending on the bogus pretense of "national security." It's disgraceful.

So maybe after McCain and Flake take care of their present expose, they could tackle dark money spending in general by the Pentagon.


I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran and am deeply disgusted at this vile morphing of so-called patriotism.

Gold Star Families and Veterans should Occupy and Surround the teams' owners and demand full repayment and a national apology. The funds should be then be allocated to protect The Children of The Fallen with every single dollar publicly accounted for...Americans, Get 'R Done.

Semper Fidelis.


Three cheers for the NBA. Looks like they turned down the cash...