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Patriotism in the Trump Era


Patriotism in the Trump Era

Katrina vanden Heuvel

In one of his first official acts upon taking office, President Trump designated the day of his inauguration a "National Day of Patriotic Devotion." While it's not unusual for incoming presidents to issue symbolic proclamations, Trump's choice of words reflected the extreme nationalism of a White House that "


Praise must given to those who would give Peace a chance, rather than those who would fight and cause human suffering and death.


Too often flag waving has become associated with supporting wars and the latter has become associated with patriotism. The same for shouting USA. At the most recent Democratic convention there was an obvious effort to stop the Republicans from monopolizing these patriotic symbols. Shouts of USA were heard in the convention. It was as if somehow it was okay again for the Democrats to embrace the flag and shout USA. The right to protest against the government is in the First Amendment and this right is particularly important when there is a protest against war. There are always going to be war supports labeling the protesters as unpatriotic and it is necessary that the protesters defend their right to protest. That right cannot be compromised. People must stand up for their rights. And with the possibility of fascism looming this could not be more relevant than right now.