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Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump

Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump

Robert Reich

Because patriotism isn't mostly about saluting the flag and standing during the national anthem.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like the time to grease up the guillotines and get the heads rolling.

If they’re going to screw me, my children, and my grandchildren, they had better prepare for the next revolution.

We won’t be late.


But but but, BOB! Obama!

On Morning Joe(I was surprised to see this,but Joe was off) Economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs stated that this tax cut was nothing but “theft”.

This isn’t the Donald its the Republican party who are trying to do one of the largest transfers of wealth to the top. Of course this has been on going for decades.

The people of this country need to understand that they are the owners. The people of this country should get a dividend from all those who profit from the wealth of this country. And this divided should go directly to the people not the criminals in Washington and the state houses.


There is no ‘Patriotism’ of the wealthy. There is only the eternal “me me me me me me me!!!”



Exactly. I guess you could call me me me me me me me me the ongoing meme of the wealthy.


In his article Reich says:

What I would like to know Mr Reich, is if in your documentary “Saving Capitalism” you will be mentioning about ending the perpetual state of war and about winding down the Empire. I cannot see how democracy and freedom can be restored to us in any significant degree unless we end the wars and begin dismantling the Empire. The citizens that participated in the war effort in WWII were not fighting to save Capitalism, at least I cannot ever remember anyone promoting that idea. What I heard was that we were fighting for freedom and democracy and the American way of life, and a dream that it would be an end to war. I suppose that Capitalism could be included in “the American way of life”, but then so could the New Deal reforms and the unions and the American school system and equal opportunity. When profits are a concern Capitalism has little use for the New Deal reforms, unions, the American school system, equal opportunity, freedom, democracy, and peace, so I trust that you will be giving in your documentary a convincing reason why we should want to “save Capitalism” when it seems quite happy and willing to take away from us what we want and the things that we fought for.

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I wish I could see a way to revise the distribution of wealth and power, but as of now I can’t see a way it could happen other than maybe through a global banking and currency and total economic collapse.

Unless something along those lines happens, the wealth the wealthy have will enable them to stay in the positions they’re in and buy the protections they’ll need to keep from having to share the wealth. They aren’t going to change their values nor will they lose their sense of entitlement.

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“More and better jobs depend on increasing demand for goods and services.”

I stopped reading when I got to that. Many here claim not to watch the video slime (aka TV,) but if you do then you have already seen the almost desperate pleading from some quarters to “buy, buy, buy!” “It’s Black Friday now until X-mas!” Effing Christmas music, heavy on the minor keys. There is an air of desperation in the current advertising, methinks.

Makes you almost believe that even if just a portion of the “consuming” public just said no, the whole ugly thing might just collapse.


Maybe some may realize how their lives of privileged luxury are an illusion, their isolation from the rest of humanity, other than as servants, as unfulfilling as being denied some pleasure. For instance, the atrocity of homelessness. Wouldn’t their occasional ‘slumming’ in urban areas be more pleasant not having to endure the stark presence of human degradation? How they disdain the feeling of insecurity with poverty so near their towering condos, so close to their limousines and luxury sport coupes.

Excellent idea Man,

Let us all commit to only giving cash to our families this Holiday season.