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Patriots, Prepare For War With the Very Aggressive People of Montenegro, Also Maybe Freedonia


Patriots, Prepare For War With the Very Aggressive People of Montenegro, Also Maybe Freedonia

Sigh. In his latest circus act of gonzo anti-diplomacy, our imbecilic Peacock-In-Chief has cited as the next great danger to world peace the new proud member of NATO: the tiny, scenic, peaceful Balkan nation of Montenegro, which we're sure he can't find on a map but nonetheless warns has 640,000 "very aggressive people" who also entirely coincidentally have long been targeted by Putin as a key wedge against Russian hegemony. We are in the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup territory: "Calling all nations...We're in a mess, folks."


Re: The GIF of Trump literally shoving the President of Montenegro aside, to make his idiot point of disrespect:

At some point, someone who Trump treats like that needs to swiftly punch him in the face. THAT will be a GIF.


The Montenegro’s are coming, the Montenegro’s are coming!!!


The (Montenegro) Mouse That Roared.


One of my all-time favorites, first as a paperback novel, then as a movie starring Peter Sellers in four roles.


Agreed. If there were nothing else to make me loathe the squirrel-haired furor (sic), that one action would do it up completely. What a brazen pukey brat. Wish I could upvote you 1000X.


Yup. My first thought too. I love that movie. Now, with Ferret Top, we know it was an early “reality” show.


I give it 6 months before all of the former and current “al quaeda/isis/russians - are comming!!!” crowd is on the Montenegro bandwagon.


"Ferret Top! "I love it.


Don’t forget the Republican Childish Choir singing Groucho’s “Whatever It Is I’m Against It”.


It’s articles like this bullshit infested piece of garbage that makes me never want to donate to Common Dreams. THIS xenophobic hysteria combined with NATO (Fucking NATO!) fluffing is despicable.


I do wish Melania would “punch him in the face,” maybe in the Rose Garden or on the stairway to Marine One.