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Patti Smith, Edward Snowden, and Noam Chomsky Agree: Trump Must Halt Prosecution Against WikiLeaks


Patti Smith, Edward Snowden, and Noam Chomsky Agree: Trump Must Halt Prosecution Against WikiLeaks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Legendary singer and artist Patti Smith, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, world-renowned scholar Noam Chomsky, and acclaimed filmmaker Oliver Stone are among those asking President Donald Trump to put the brakes on the escalating war on free speech and stop pursuing charges against WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.


Trump may try, however, in America, nobody can successfully prosecute the Truth.


Julian Assange seeking sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy; Snowden seeking sanctuary in Russia; and Glenn Greenwald living in Brazil; what do these three people have in common?


Meanwhile, James Clapper, who should be in jail for perjury when testifying before Congress, is often interviewed as a credible expert by the corporate media.


Thanks for the story, CD. I've signed the letter and donated to the fund.


Yeah, as long as you do not speak the embarrassing truth, you are a credible expert according to the corporate media.


Have the spooks already hacked the link? I tried to download the letter to sign it, and all I get is the message: "import error" with fortran-style gobbledygook!


They were smart/lucky enough to get out when they could. There are plenty of others rotting in in U.S prions and jails for political activity, truth-telling, whistle-blowing and/or committing the crime of poverty.


Why doesn't the Democratic Party agree?


Ironic to say the least, that so many political, criminals like Clapper, and too many more like Kissinger ect. that belong in prison are walking around free, while so many other people that are politically, innocent are in prison.


Julian Assange. Chelsea Manning. Ed Snowden. Noam Chomsky. Daniel Ellsberg. And MANY others. All Heroes. Nelson Mandela. Some in jail. Some not. ???? Some dead. Some not. Some wanted. Something is "rotten in Denmark!" ?banksters? You bet!