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Paul Manafort "Flips": Former Campaign Manager for Trump Now Cooperating With DOJ Probe


Paul Manafort "Flips": Former Campaign Manager for Trump Now Cooperating With DOJ Probe

Jon Queally, staff writer

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Considered a major development regarding President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, his lawyers on Friday confirmed that prior to pleading guilty to charges at a court hearing Friday he has entered a cooperating agreement with the Department of Justice.

According to reporting, Manafort has already prodived information to federal investigators – part of the ongoing probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections.


What the MSM tells us over and over again is that Manafort was guilty of making millions of $ off of his ties to the Ukrainian, government. But I have never heard this: many reports claim that Manafort was working with the extreme right-wing Svoboda party in the Ukraine, which is a violent party comprised of neo-Nazis.


Manafort flipped.


A good chess player builds their offensive board before before the lesser player hears the word, “Check.”


Manafort may be able to count on a pardon from Trump, but the huge legal bills he’s facing, to be made even huger by a second trial, can he count on Trump for monetary help?–No way!


It is my understanding that pardons are only available for people convicted. If you plead guilty you can’t get a pardon. I


I’m pretty certain this is not correct. The President can pardon anyone for federal crimes. Doesn’t matter if the individual entered a guilty plea or went to trial. In addition, the President can commute a sentence, which does not pardon the crime but ends incarceration.

That said, if Manafort sings and Trump or his campaign or his businesses or family are in the lyrics of the song, it’s highly unlikely Trump will either pardon him or commute his sentence.


Do you make a deal with Mueller or do you make a deal with Trump. Who can I really trust?



Nixon was pardoned without any trial or conviction.


i hate to concur with Trump but i have long held that the “plea bargain” is unconstitutional.

Government wants to allege a crime, it has to prove it in court. Accused wants to plead guilty, they have that option. But the court and the accused cannot “bargain” those rights and responsibilities.

Of course the “work-around” is that the plea bargain is not between the accused and the court, but between the accused and the prosecutor, and that the court is not obligated to honor the plea bargain. But in the real world the court virtually always accepts the terms of the plea bargain.

The practice smooths the way for many many many more prosecutions, since the system avoids the trouble and expense of criminal trials. Over 90% of all cases are resolved through plea bargains. It grants far too much power to prosecutors, and puts far too much coercive pressure on the accused. Actually and factually, many innocent persons have plead guilty under a plea bargain.

All that said, fuck Trump and fuck Manafort.


It’s funny how we are now witnessing the end game of libretarianism. What did you think they would do when they got finished taking over the USA? Why they’re doing what all good Rand acolytes would do, they are turning on each other like rats.
The problem is that, while they chew on each other, the USA declines even faster.
The most heinous and unrepentant addicts need to hit absolute rock bottom, destroying everything and everyone around them, before they even consider changing. That’s where men like Manafort are now.


I see no definitive political affiliations
Atributing this behavior to a particular philosophy misses the fact that
These are common Criminals hardly capable of a Philosophy


Downing continued by saying, "He’s accepted responsibility. This is for conduct that dates back many years and everybody should remember that."

"any and all matters"

The gateway to Trump/Russia deals?


Here’s a breaking news story: Republicans and Democrats are invested in arms manufacturing, big corporations, and get tax breaks that the President has been signing through Executive Orders. Oh, nevermind, that’s the reason why he’s still in office. Trump will complete his term unhindered and has a damn good chance of winning a second term. Corruption runs deep in our country. Capitalism has produced levels of corruption that surpasses any Communist or Autocratic state, not because there is involvement by our politicians, but because our politicians are involved. Why would any of them want Trump out? He gave them major tax breaks. At the last survey a couple of years ago, there were only 6 politicians that weren’t millionaires. There are 100 Senators and close to twice that many Representives for the House. On top of that, who ever is voted out swings through the revolving door as a Lobbyist. So, Trump won’t be nervous, nor should he. He has committed crimes and evaded the 25th Amendment unscathed. The Op-Ed bullshit is just that, bullshit other than proving that someone else is admitting to running the country in THIER interest, not the people. Whatever…


Frankly I don’t trust the system. Just look at the amount of time that has passed. Should we believe that that one juror in Virginia wasn’t bribed? That the clients and lawyers are not cavorting behind the scene? Are any of these guilty plead Trump gangsters going to get any real time in jail? If found guilty of crimes will Trump see any punishment? I start to get this nauseous feeling that little price is going to be paid by anyone? Is that what you get with high priced lawyers?

If little is done to these law breakers what precedent is set for up and coming administrations? G