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Paul Ryan Demands the Work-Life Balance His Policies Crush


Paul Ryan Demands the Work-Life Balance His Policies Crush

Joe Hines

"I cannot and will not give up my family time," Ryan told reporters following the House GOP meeting.

That statement set off a firestorm of criticism, from the left and right.

As the heir-apparent to Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan made his need for work-life balance clear. As the father of three children, he’s right—Americans work too hard, for too long, and for too little (and inequitable) pay.


White, Conservative Christians hear a dunce like Paul Ryan talk sentimentally about "family values," and/or being a "good Christian," and that marks him as THEIR BRAND. That is all that's needed to convince a certain demographic that Ryan--in spite of his odious policies--is "their man."

Of course, if major P.R. companies weren't on the payroll of those backing Ryan and thereby producing stellar sounding, glib titles for policies that MEAN the opposite of what they say (and/or advertise) and other evocative sound-bytes, there'd be a chance for some of this demographic to wake up from their stupors.

Any Defense Attorney who takes on a client who's obviously guilty recognizes that he only has to convince PART of the jury to buy his legal argument. That's how today's mercantile mercenaries think. To win an election, approximately thirty-three percent of voters must identify with said candidates' cause and stated platform.

If more than half the country identifies as Conservative Christian (or something along those lines), odds favor this "brand." The fact that The Big Money is behind it, because authoritarians don't ask questions of Big Daddy, follow routines, and LIKE order, grants to candidates of this "persuasion" boatloads of financial backing.

"The House always wins" when casino capitalism is the game plan.


Paul Ryan is guilty of nothing more than living by the Republican philosophy: " To Hell with you, ' Cause I got mine! "


This hideous beast is just the tip of the iceberg of the crazed loony far right wing GOP with huge raw bloody slabs of libertarianism and Ayn Randism on steroids. If they gain total control over the country, there will be nothing left of the New Deal and all the positive programs of LBJ. Unions will have been totally blasted into oblivion and the USA will become a right to work (for less) country. Not to mention that these filthy scum will criminalize abortion, will promote creationism and intelligent design and will privatize what's left of our public schools. There are too many Americans who fall for the gays, guns and jingoism bilge spouted by the GOP and keep voting against their own best interests.


It would be bad enough if Ryan's vitrol was limited to work/life balance issues. Worse yet is Ryan's zealous ongoing promotion of privatizing earned benefit programs like SSI and zealous promotion of TPP and other "trade deals" that will result in more US jobs being offshored, and expanded corporate control of the judiciary that will eliminate more US jobs to the point that far fewer murkins will have JOBS let alone work/life balance.


Ryan is an avid Ayn Rand fan so expecting him to change is ridiculous, and the writer should know this and not be so naive. He became a Rand devotee at an early age and that belief has not changed, but has become his Bible as it is required reading for anyone who works for him. It seems the writer is well informed on what Ryan has done so far, and that is who the man is. He doesn't believe in family values, basic human rights, women's rights--None of that only as it applies to the 1/10 Percenters,the elite, the wealthy, not the rest of us.