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Paul Ryan Doesn’t Like It When We’re Angry

Right you are! Today I received an email from a “Christian” friend who was passing on an article she received from a right-wing republican church member. I couldn’t believe it! I was so disgusted by the spin! The language was absurd, and this person is passing that information around to all his fellow church members! it portrays the left and progressives as traitors and says we are a conspiracy to help Satan dominate the world! I was shocked! The future is not looking good to me.


Bawly Pauly Ryan is apparently not stupid. He wants to be president.
I watched the whole speech. (I can;t seem to be good for anything this Sunday Morning)

What is clear from the speech is that he does not want to think things through. More than once he touts how he was wrong about things. One thing he says he has changed on is criminal justice and wants it reformed. That must be a tough sell for his base crowd.

Then he goes right back to supporting Koch talking points, and hails the massive dick Reagan.

Keeping it civil in the highest towers of Ivory thought is the only way to resolve matters. Pauly come lately is touting this for trip to the white house.

When every single legislation passed by his Republican party has been with intimidation, bullying, grandstanding, blowhorning and most of all thoughtlessly toeing the party line.

In the speech he touts the constitution. Which his party has circumvented, especially in Wisconsin, to wrest power in the state houses. Which the republicans have pissed on by not doing their job, by not being present when they had to be. They took a dump on the constitution while belligerently stonewalling Obama’s right wing nominations for the supreme court.

The author is correct in stating that angst may get better ideas to the fore, It is also the symptom of the disease - that the system has been co opted, by people like Ryan. However, resolution and policy cannot be drafted in a state of agitation, anxiety and discomfort.

What Ryan is simply saying is this to his base - Take the higher ground, because the other side has no options left. It will make you look good. And I can then be president.


I’ve been making this point for decades, especially when it comes to war. If I curse a politician for being connected to war crimes, there’s always someone who complains about my language and my negative attitude, and I’ve always said, “what the hell are a few impolite words compared to white phosphorous, land mines and depleted uranium?”

They (and their admirers) think that if they speak calmly and wear a suit, that means they are respectful, respectable people. Neither could be further from the truth.

As for the holiday, I think it’s a wonderful idea. The worst that could happen is it would prove ironic when it becomes another 3-day weekend in summer of drunken belligerence and road rage.


We need a society where 90% of our population are self-sustaining without direct government support.

WTF is that supposed to mean? Care to elaborate, because I don’t get the drift.

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Mara Pellittieri Well said.

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Funny how the Republicans never called on their “Tea Party” folks to be more civil during the Obama administration.


Great idea! Let’s start by doubling the Federal Minimum Wage. That would be a necessary prerequisite.


Mr. Ryan, meet Madame Guillotine!

Sounds good to me. We can start by eliminating all the corporate welfare and the special perks of our millionaire representatives in Washington.


Anger is not power. Anger is an energy. It is empowering.

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Isn’t Trump leading the charge against civility? Didn’t he call for violence against protesters at his rallies? Ryan should direct his comments to the President. The same president who has been silent when white racists have committed violent acts. Most of the violence has been on the right during recent decades including he Oklahoma City bombing, very little has been on the left. Hate crimes by the right are an important issue. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a long list of such crimes. What does Ryan have to say about those crimes? Apparently nothing.

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Let us not confuse anger and outrage with incivility and impoliteness. Civility and politeness are marks of someone who can control and focus the energy and empowerment indierocker13 reminds us about. Do we really want people who can’t control their own feelings to have any power over us??

Agreed, Lrx. We can align with with the ideas of civility and politeness touted by Ryan and, thankfully, by you who abhor civil violence, without having to agree at all with the Speaker’s utter hypocrisy in who he chooses to criticize.

"…abhor civil violence…?

I dunno. Full-blown revolutions never go out of style.

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I read Crist’s statement at http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/341546-promoting-civility-and-practicing-the-golden-rule-every-day and my first reaction is he is completely wasting his time on “bipartisan legislation, H. Res 400, creating a National Day of Civility”. I don’t see this accomplishing anything and there are million other important problems he could be working on since this bill if passed isn’t going to make anybody more civil on that one day, let alone the rest of the year.

There is one reason to be civil in political discourse (and I can’t think of another) - it is to improve your chances of winning. I don’t doubt it can be true some of the time and at other times being civil is counter productive. I don’t think people protesting the Vietnam War would have had better luck if there was no “uncivil” part of that effort.

Did the author “take the bait”? Maybe, but even if so, that isn’t very significant either. I suppose she could have written a very civil response where she outlined her overall positions and popular support for those positions (on getting out of war, Medicare for all, Fair Trade, Renewable Energy, you name it) and contrasted those to Ryan’s positions (and lack of popular support) and then finished it off with an "I’ll be glad to hold a civil discussion with you if you are willing to listen and respond to the people’s majority view - until that time, I’m sure you can understand my need to shout.

I personally would like to live in a pretty civil society if important wrongs were righted. I’ve always been one to cringe when a questioner at an event lets their anger interfere with an effective question. But unless I see evidence that screaming is never an effective strategy, I’ll take the screaming over the injustices we have now.

Of course he is wasting his time but he does so as a politician. He tried to take the high road. Ryan took the low road and out maneuvered Crist, pushing Crist into the background. It now became news about what Ryan had said concerning civility not Crist. Ryan pointed the finger and baited the hook with set up questions and comments. Ryan reestablished the context by taking the narrative away from Crist. From that point on, the Repubs appeared to be the ones wanting civility.

Heard the number 1 GOP savior on the radio today, and Rush said, “So the war now is between the patriots and the progressives.”

So you can be conservative and a patriot, or a liberal and a traitor.

It means that <10% of our population should be receiving direct government financial aid at any one time.

Great opinion. 0 facts. Nice try, pal.