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Paul Ryan Has a Plan to Take Away Insurance from Tens of Millions of People


Paul Ryan Has a Plan to Take Away Insurance from Tens of Millions of People

Dean Baker

Hey, no one said Speaker Ryan wasn't a smart guy. (Actually, many people have, but whatever.) Anyhow the Republicans have published an outline of their proposal for an Obamacare replacement. It seems designed to ensure that tens of millions of people lose their health insurance coverage.


Sooo predictable.


Well, this is the pre-ObamaCare plan with HSA tweaks. I would guess that most people will like it better than Obamacare. Too bad about that 20 or 30 million people who are the losers.


Anyone can, in a split second, change from heathy to not, by disease, accident or other.


I was wondering how "compassionate conservatives" view this. Perhaps they think God punishes these "losers" because they are evil. Or perhaps they really do care and will help set up a Go Fund Me for a sick neighbor. That way 20 or 30 million "losers," less one, shows that we don't need no dang big government programs.


Dean, Ryan the Eddie Munster look-a-like, wants the Oval Office, bigtime, my view. Trump will resign or something(s) worse develop(s) that force him out. Pence becomes acting prez, relegated to an "Oatmeal Man" presidency - as Gerald Ford after JFK. That is, if we make it, intact as a democracy past next week in this "shit storm"! lol As Jeremy Scahill called today's news in his 4th week of his new hit: "Intercepted"!


POTUS Pence will be the theocrat that we feared POTUS Cruz would be if Cruz had won the primary. By comparison Gerald Ford was a progressive, way left of more than 90% of current Congressional Democrats. Recall that Ford SCOTUS appointee John Paul Stevens was unequivocally the most progressive SCOTUS justice on the Court at the time he retired in 2010.

With Munster at last postured to execute the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid gutting agenda he brought to DC in 1999, he is happy to see Trump distracting us to give him all the cover he needs. The ACA is Ryan's target practice to make sure he hits EVERY target when he guts Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


No, as raydelcamino points out, Pence will be a true horrorshow to virtually everything liberals care about. (also Ford after JFK leaves quite a few years in the gap)


Ending the ACA simply puts people back to where they were only a few short years ago. In a country that decided that food and shelter are not fundamental human rights, why would we decide that subsidized health care is?


For that matter, on core socioeconomic issues ("economic justice"), Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were well to the left of today's liberals.

Reagan, not noted for his respect for the poor, was once asked if he intended to end actual welfare aid. His response was essentially, "Are you crazy?" He then got into how and why welfare was necessary for economic stability, growing a large middle class, which is necessary to sustain the country itself. He was right.


Republicans are fucking assholes.


Actually, they do, in their little artificial heart candy of candies. It is a product of centuries of belief that money was God's reward for (fill in the blank) and that in turn meant you were superior.


I find myself somewhat vexed by all the good people and organizations taking on the Trump administration. Great! But given the size and effort which must be implemented, not to mention the cost in real dollars, it would seem to make sense that somehow these same "elements: coalesce in some form to build a greater resistance for the ultimate change needed for a better outcome for the average America. Yes, that may be a tall order but ... united as one "front", one great congress of people would certainly be the most advantageous means of getting things actually accomplished. So how do we get all the "grass roots" cultivated for a bountiful crop of results. What I have tried to express here is certainly not something that has gone unnoticed and there is or may be a good network evolving as I write. I sure hope so..


In the meantime, Singforpeace, many poor people vote for them, cutting their own economic thoats.