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Paul Ryan: If Republicans Lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders Wins


Paul Ryan: If Republicans Lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders Wins

John Nichols

Ryan is famously described as what Republicans think a smart person sounds like. But sometimes the speaker of the House outsmarts himself.


Awesome is right! But does this mean we should vote for Hillary?


Nah. Vote for Stein, and for Democrats running for Congress. God forbid Hillary should have an excuse to think she has a mandate.


But if Trump gets in won't he veto more of Bernie's bills?


My recommendation to Ryan is to get his own House in order before trying to manage the Senate, A Sanders win is good for the nation. There aren't too many politicos one can say that about. Mostly we are offered a choice that is like a steady diet of pizza and kaopectate.


John, I want some of what ever it is that you have been smoking.
All of that speculation about what may happen in the senate is moot if the democrats don't actually win it (and even if they do, they won't have anywhere near 60 votes) most of the races that only months ago appeared to be lay ups for the democrats have nearly all turned sour. Hillary and her DLC brethren have sufficiently poisoned the well by running Clintonites in key races all over the nation. A group of candidates that draws a tangible yawn from the democratic electorate. Pa, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and North Carolina should have been no brainers for the dimmos. Rotting republican fruit, overripe for the plucking. But no, the democrats go and nominate a bunch of tired old party hacks and Clinton simpaticos, and then sit back while their lead candidates sleazy past and inability to tell the truth or show an ounce of empathy, dooms them as just another group of DLC lemmings. You know, the kind that have sold the party out to big monied interests ever since Slick Willy first darkened the door of the White House in that dark year of 1992.
I live in Pa. Pat Toomey, GOP hack and all around Wall Street whore, should have been beaten by a bag of hair. But enter the ex governor and Clintonite scoundrel Ed Rendell, and out pops Katie McGinty (who?) as the designated candidate, and all of the sudden a sure thing turns into another case of democratic blue balls. McGintys claim to fame is that she was fast Eddies chief of staff, and as pro fracking a prostutute as they come. You know, a true democrat.


Vote for ANY Green running - I don't trust "prog" Dems as afar as i can throw them ...


First - does one really believe they would give Sanders any power if he really were the knight in shining armor his supporters believe him to be?

If he "wins" what have we won - not much, IMO ...


If anything a Hillary administration would just keep a Republican senate.

Jill/Baraka 2016


WTF?!! He ran as a Democrat because it was his best chance to get some media publicity, for, since having caucused with them his whole career he had legitimacy and they maybe even feared him a bit. As an independent with little name recognition out west, not but .1% of the phone-addled Gen X-ers, Y-ers or Millennials would have a clue who Bernie is or has been his whole life! (Present company is excluded, as likely being well within the .1% range! ...unless you're not! :smile:)

Too many folks buy into the old bull shit about: no 3rd party, and resort to using their votes like gambling on a super bowl, ...and how they like to gloat that "their candidate won!" ...not that it'll help improve their lot in life one iota.


This is the ONLY bit of good news I have heard since Hillary's stealing of Bernie's chances months ago!!!
Go, Dems, vote for your local Congress people and Senators if you can find any decent ones.


Why would it keep a Republican Senate?



If Bernie does indeed become Chair of the Senate Budget Committee that means he will be doing Hillary's heavy lifting. ie Bernie does all the work, Hillary takes all the credit.

IOW, make this thing as close as possible to show the DNC that we're just not that into you anymore. Had Hillary's emails (w/Podesta et al) been leaked during the primary Bernie (aka "doofus" by Hillary&Co leaked emails) may have won. 'What planet is she on?': Clinton adviser mocks Hillary in latest #PodestaEmails


Well aside from republicans supporting Hillary, her being the "leader" of democrats for the next 4 years might damage the reputation of democrats even further. Hopefully the opposite becomes true and more progressive democrats and independents will get in but it is hard to be optimistic these days.


I have heard a few reasons why the Podesa emails weren't leaked during the primary. One is that they simply didn't have the emails at the time. Another reason I heard is that if Assange had leaked all the emails right away, he would have lost all leverage, the corporate media would have just forgot the single dump then and there and the Obama/Clinton administration would be free to execute Assange and the first opportunity. Personally I think it wouldn't have made much difference in the primary anyway. The corruption is so total that Clinton could announce that she would order a nuclear strike on Russia the first day she is in office and she still would become president.


Yes, I've heard pretty much the same. It would appear though that Assange either did not have control over the emails at that time or if he did it was lousy timing to leak them now - he has no leverage anyway. Had Bernie won the primary Assange would have fared much better with Bernie in the White House than Clinton, I believe she was on the "shoot him" on sight committee.

I only disagree in that I do believe it would have made a lot of difference. Democracy Now (and I did not see it) had a segment on how Bernie might have won the primary had the emails been leaked. They certainly would have thrown cold water on Hillary's claim that she's a "progressive that gets things done."

This interview was prior to the most recent leaks:


I saw that too. And yes it probably would have been harder for the DNC to claim that Hillary "won" but I still think they would have found a way. Either way, we now live in the worst case scenario of Hillary as the nominee and like president and Bernie supporting her. What do we do now? Aside from the obvious of voting for Stein/Baraka.


Worst case is right. "What do we do now?" Your guess is as good as if not better than mine! What a mess.