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Paul Ryan, Iron Stache, and How #WithaBuckFiftyAWeek Was Born: A Short Story

And this is true also for building a true left party or co-alition as it happened in Europe. The problem that might get in the way is the fact that the US is a reactionary nation.

So, a left, assuming you mean socialists and communists and perhaps shades in between can take over a party, Democrats, that, frankly are also not challenging the capitalist system? The “progressives”, perhaps even the Greens, are they in the end actually challenging capitalism? If you can send financial support to bolster the campaign of a non corporate Democrat without actually joining the D’s why not do so?


The “dirt” on Ryan keeps accumulating. Soon there will be enough to bury the bastard under 6 feet of it!

I predict that he will remove his ideological blinders this spring, and realize that there’s NO WAY that he will win again. However, asshole that he is, what he’ll CLAIM is that he always discusses the matter of running again with his wife, and they make a joint decision on the matter–which will be FAKE NEWS!!!


…a joint decision made at church while they prayed about it. What a hypocrite!


We are in a reactionary period not really seen since the 1920s. We shouldn’t be surprised: the first black president was going to cause some of the populace angst. The thing is, if left of center Democrats start taking legislatures and seats in Congress, that will change the party and policy. That is what happened in California in the progressive era, it’s what happened in the mid-twentieth century regarding civil rights, and it’s what happened after the Republican Party was taken over by rightist ideology. What I see here at CD is just excuses to give up, step out of power, and ignore history, largely because progressives didn’t get what they wanted from Obama, much less Clinton. No nuance, just reaction—right here at CD.


Clueless, heartless oligarchs.

“No, I’m not. I jumped ahead. Climate change is of course real”
stated, an appointee denied for not being anti-global warming enough.
Trump worries the votes aren’t there, a White House official said.

Well, I’m getting older now. Could be sidetracked. Justice and the meaning of justice have been front burner topics since civilization began. Probly south of Egypt somewhere in deepest darkest Africa. Many civilizations have come and gone since then and justice has been debated in many languages.

Oligarchs may dispense justice in rubber courts as you alluded previously. I agree with you and only wish to stress that some form of meager justice administered by oligarchs enforcing austerity is not all there is to the subject of justice. This is backed up by modern writers such as Amartya Sen and Carl Sagan; No tyrant has ever conquered the little blue dot. Why? Justice is required to do that and justice cancels oligarchic empire.

I sent in $27. I’m an old carpenter and steel worker on drilling rigs and sent $27.

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It’s total absurdity.


I know nobody will read this so FU, your tax scam and your poor horse you rode in on, apologies to the poor horse. The tax scam, the gift that keeps on talking from the poor and giving to the rich. Oh yeah, one of my inhalers costs almost $500 dollars if I didn’t have Medicare. I have to have two different ones I need to live, they cost me $5.00 total in '12, now they cost $30.00 each. Yeah keep taking…

Actually justice is a commodity in capitalist capital USA. The more money you have the more justice you can buy. Explains why the prisons are full of the poorest people instead of the all rich mothers that tanked the economy, sold faulty ignition switches and started illegal wars.


My point was that the US has always been a reactionary nation.

I hope you are successful in converting your party and sincerely wish you luck. I, as a socialist, will do what I can to eliminate the cretins in both parties but advocate and agitate for the eradication of this system of exploitation that is served by both parties. The idea of a two-party system to represent over 300 million people is a tad absurd and no way to fight the Electoral College system.


For myself I chose to be a socialist (don’t know exactly what you mean by “progressive”, aren’t they still working within the framework of capitalism?) because of the unforgivable US history founded on genocide of the First Nation Peoples and the enslavement of the Africans the repercussions of which are still being felt by these original victims. While we cannot undo this horrible past we confront it with eradicating the very system that was responsible for the racism that sought, and still does, to rationalize the exploitation and murder of these people. We must needs work toward true equality and allow what remains of the indigenous tribes to live as they please on their own ancestral lands.

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Sadly, a great many will fall for it.

I agree with you.

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Your response is confusing. But yes, an organization is ultimately not to be confused with an ideology, organizations are, first and foremost, resources - office space, desks, PC’s mailing lists, and bank accounts - and people. The left - by which I mean socialists and social democrats, need to take over those resources. If you are going to dismiss the Democratic party as just this hopeless ideology that cannot be changed, then why don’t you dismiss the whole USA an ideology that cannot be changed too becasue, the sad facts are the current Democratic party IS the “left” by USAn standards.

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Or to put it another way: Amerikan justice lives by the golden rule. The more gold you have the more you rule!

While I agree with you, I would change the words to “Paul should be tried for war crimes”. The chances he will be tried for war crimes are not very likely with the government we now have.

I guess you are right. These guys can continue their crime spree as long as the US government is there to protect them.

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Has a single Demicrat in power promised to take back the tax cut for the rich?