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Paul Ryan, Iron Stache, and How #WithaBuckFiftyAWeek Was Born: A Short Story

I agree with you.

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Your response is confusing. But yes, an organization is ultimately not to be confused with an ideology, organizations are, first and foremost, resources - office space, desks, PC’s mailing lists, and bank accounts - and people. The left - by which I mean socialists and social democrats, need to take over those resources. If you are going to dismiss the Democratic party as just this hopeless ideology that cannot be changed, then why don’t you dismiss the whole USA an ideology that cannot be changed too becasue, the sad facts are the current Democratic party IS the “left” by USAn standards.

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Or to put it another way: Amerikan justice lives by the golden rule. The more gold you have the more you rule!

While I agree with you, I would change the words to “Paul should be tried for war crimes”. The chances he will be tried for war crimes are not very likely with the government we now have.

I guess you are right. These guys can continue their crime spree as long as the US government is there to protect them.

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Has a single Demicrat in power promised to take back the tax cut for the rich?