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Paul Ryan – Liar, Hypocrite, Charlatan, and Right-Wing Extremist


Paul Ryan – Liar, Hypocrite, Charlatan, and Right-Wing Extremist

Peter Dreier

Paul Ryan wants to be Speaker of the House but he wants a coronation, not a contested election.


Ryan is a dreamy fool/tool/puppet for the Koch types. Unable to disengage his ego to allow reality to seep into his thinking, he plods along in an IQ-supressed delusional stupor. The Koch types love these fools for they can be easily manipulated not only by money but also by a sense of "mission" (that is where the Ayn Rand narrative fits in). He is able to consistently demonstrate fealty to the talking points of the Koch types. "Liar, Hypocrite, Charlatan, and Right Wing Extremist" are all good descriptors for Ryan to which I shall add "Dangerous".


"The mainstream media routinely give Ryan credit for being a serious budget guru and social policy expert."

A media operating under corporate capture will effectively do the bidding of the 1%. And since that ilk has looked for ways to rescind "The New Deal" since its inception, they now have control of media, too much of academe, too many judges, and they also manage to bankroll public officials ranging from local school board goons to presidents. That allows them to CONTROL policy. The media is used largely after the fact to provide faux rationales (dressed up by P.R. professionals) to the public "being done unto" by their new corporate masters. Ryan is loyal to his highest-paying sponsors.

In a sane society--which is to say, one not continuously indoctrinated by Mars rules values (in accord with homage to Mammon), Paul Ryan would be kept in a mental institutions where so profound a level of depraved indifference to human life belongs!

This statement, taken from the article is just as "lazy" in that it shies away from mentioning just how controlled U.S. major media are; and how--as Robert Parry often points out--its legion of pundits all operate from the same Standardized Storylines:

"As he seeks to become House Speaker, nothing that Ryan is saying differs significantly from what he's been espousing throughout his political career, but the lazy mainstream media keep giving him a free pass."

The media, part of the military-industrial-media complex now is captured; and as such, it is anything BUT honest. Mr. Johnson surely knows the score here!


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This is from Ralph Nader's article on C.D. today:

"Instead, the corporate bosses prefer to apply such profits, derived from the sweat of their workers and also government provided corporate welfare, to reduce the earnings per share ratio which enhances the criteria for increasing their already sky-high executive compensation. Stock buybacks rarely sustain a higher share price."

Mr. Nader's topic is the practical meaning of prosperity.

Imagine a debate between the ever-sagacious Mr. Nader and the right wing baboon, Ryan. THAT might wake up some still-asleep right wingers!


I'm no fan of the Democratic party leadership, but regarding domestic policy anyway, to say there is no difference between Ryan and Pelosi is ridiculous.


Pelosi isn't setting her fangs into shutting down Food Stamps or cutting Social Security.

You could say we all have to take a piss, too.

Some studies try to say that benign foods cause Cancer since everyone eats them and Cancer rates are rising.

The point being, analogies are only useful to a point.

Posters like to turn U.S. politics into a "People Magazine" style personality contest; or otherwise, they use the framing of the Sports World by focusing on teams.

MANY times I have pointed out, correctly, that due to the infusion of enormous sums of capital, the system is corrupted. When a system is itself corrupted--which is to say, corruption of the financial bribery sort has become systemic--then it hardly matters whether or not individuals are at fault.

Both "teams" now MUST serve Big Money because it costs a billion dollars to run for the Presidency and still great (if lesser) sums to run for any other major office.

Nonetheless, in spite of the MONEY TAINT which is built into the system today, many Dems still give a shit about human rights, environmental laws, labor rights, etc. Republicans are transparent in their homage to Big Business moguls and most don't even care (presuming they understand it) about global climate chaos.

Paul Ryan is the worst of the worst and the fact that this imp is being propped up as a leader, while the mass media goes to work lionizing his despicable policies... IS different from Bernie Sanders, and to a lesser extent, Madame Pelosi. It is a distinction worth pointing out, and one that just might mean the difference between a planet burning up and one that CAN sustain life... as we know it.


Sorry, to compare Pelosi to Ryan is just garbage crap. There's no comparison, Ryan is a far, far right wing libertarian filth that wants to totally dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment insurance or any social programs that help ordinary Americans. Stop trying to equate the present day crazy GOP loons with corporate Democrats. As bad as corporate Democrats may be, they are no where as bad as the GOP and the ilk of Paul Ryan. Stop this equivalency shit because it underplays just how bad the GOP is.


Thanks for summing up my feelings perfectly.


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There is no waking up of the right wing. They are spiritually and morally DEAD. Even Jesus can't raise these dead souls. With apologies to "The Far Side." What does a politician hear? Blah blah blah blah Pelosi, blah blah blah blah Pelosi. What does a republican politician hear? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Republicans are incapable of debate with those who actually have a moral center.


It's pretty bad when neither the right wing or the left wing likes you.


One doesn't have to look beyond the TPP to demonstrate the Democratic Party's sell out to the multinational cartels. That said there is a ray of hope in Bernie Sanders with Clinton as VP. Sanders has the message and Clinton has the intelligence to learn what the Party was built on. This is a pipe dream I know but when you get down to the real nitty gritty what else have we got?


I am really looking forward to those debates.


If Ryan turns out to be the next Speaker, which I strongly think will be the case, the Tea Party right wing extremists will have found their "yes" man. I have nothing to say good about the man, most sane people know what his "ideology" is, and it is neither beneficial to the common man, nor is it realistic unless you are living an the world of Ayn Rand, which he seems to have never outgrown.


I'm showing my age when I say I remember Nelson Rockefeller, John Lindsay, Dwight Eisenhower: Republicans, yes, but not insane. IMO "the foxes are guarding the henhouse" if the best these loonies, miscreants,criminals can come up with is Ryan. My compliments to the precise postings that preceed this. Nail on the head.
I do wish to disagree with the idea that ALL politicians are liars, hypocrites, charlatans, etc. I believe that Bernie Sanders is an honest man. Ditto Sherrod Brown. And as for Honest Women, I offer Donna Edwards and Elizabeth Warren. And there are oother honest MOC. Please do not paint all politicians with the same dirty brush.
OAT, surely there must be a way found that 40 flaming fools cannot hold the rest of the 435 hostage? IF one wants to find a way, that is.

Go, Bernie! Feel the Bern!


Come on Peter,tell us what you really think.


Paul Ryan with his Meg Ryan eyes should go to Hollywood. Maybe he could have a career there like Omar Sharif.


Anyone in a leadership role who is checked out in the empathy department is not only worthless but dangerous.

A little history here that I found on Ryan and the Koch's while poking around looking for more back story on this cadaver of a human being.

"To understand the Koch motivation to get Paul Ryan a heartbeat away from the Presidency, it requires listening to this brief tape, featured at the libertarian Cato Institute web site. On the tape you will first hear Herman Cain, the man the Kochs were backing for President last fall, pushing the privatization of Social Security. Next, you will hear from the global pied piper of social security privatization, José Piñera, a so-called Distinguished Senior Fellow at Cato Institute and Co-Chairman of Cato’s Project on Social Security Choice.

The tape is a WNYC radio interview of the two men on the Brian Lehrer show on September 9, 2011. Listen carefully as Piñera tells you how wonderfully the privatization of social security in Chile has worked out. Piñera was the former Labor Minister in Chile under the brutal military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet."


What a lovely model Pinochet's Chile is for our pseudo Democracy.


Hmm, not bad. It only took some of our liberal bourgeoisie 10-15 years to figure this out. Didn't you notice back when he began serenading us with love songs to Ayn Rand? That could have been a clue, you know. The Ryan Plan is known by another name: fascism.