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Paul Ryan Only Ever Cared About the Rich


Paul Ryan Only Ever Cared About the Rich

Negin Owliaei

It feels like a million years have passed since Paul Ryan was Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate. But a story from back then speaks volumes about his legacy today.


He isn’t alone- most of them only care about the rich.


No one else, besides Trump, deserves a beating more for his bad deeds, than Ryan.

This country could certainly use an Elite Hit Squad.


I’d point out that this ‘deficit hawk’ never once opposed massive spending on militarism, or on having the world’s largest prison population. Turds like him are big spenders, just on enriching the rich corporations and not the masses. Burn baby burn


Paul Ryan does not CARE about anyone except himself. His fawning over the Rich is because he thinks they will make him richer.


“What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul,”

You have to admit that Lyin’ Ryan is an expert on the subject of empty souls. It’s the only kind he knows. And thanks to Social Security, he never had the problem of an empty stomach.


Doh! with a facepalm.


To sum up Ryan and his ilk is to say they are rat fukn shit weazels. PERIOD.


The media created the myth of Ryan


Yep. “Conservatives,” Milton Friedman, the philosopher David Hume, they all thought or think people are generally greedy, self-serving creatures. Too bad a large and growing portion of the Left doesn’t think this way to a great extent.


Really? From my position he only really cares about Ryan. He panders to wealth because it pays him to. He probably cares for his family too.